Multiroom Soundsystem im Bad | für unter 15 € bedienen | Smart Home und ikea tradfri mit node red

Today I'm going to show you how I asked him to
control my music with a deformity. First of all, let's see what a multi-room
music system can look like. Then we'll examine the interaction of the components. Let's take a
very close look at the setup in the bathroom. Here I show you you how to install a logitech
yourself and in the fast player how to integrate the whole thing into foxconn and above have 3
comes next then there is the fillet piece the icing on the cake i will show you how
you can program the ikea connection with emergency rights to the music control like this that now an
overview of always in the apartment i only have three rooms the living room bedroom and
the bathroom in the living room have raspberry pi zero with a hifi barry dark card also extra for
the four of us with active speakers and i switch them on with an osram zigby socket and From
voice commands I then also built myself the little gimmick an html switch t with
which I can switch the player on and off from the desk in the bedroom I also have
respect but only a threesome also in the hifi barry attachment and here I have a large
monitor as a video screen where a cow runs the instance and for the knockout the authority uses
the interrogation that you can see or the keyboard, better said, which also has a built-in
trackpad and as a special feature i have in china for four europeans the whole thing runs with
bluetooth so in the bathroom i have the control of the system through ikea on the most precise
dhabi nbad i will go into more detail later how do you see the interaction of the individual
components in the different rooms i link this overview under this video yes how
should i do it here only in the bedroom where i use both hand exits like barry carter
jeans as well as the jack output as well as previously announced here
you have a close look at my audios system in the bathroom where we are in the bathroom and the manhunt is on
and the speakers and the amplifier that is on it as a card on the west wall are two from hifi
berry they are in the hallway in front of the bathroom and I also put the speaker cables in the bathroom
a Logitech is running on this spd servers that also have a logitech players crisis player who communicate
with open ab in the bathroom, of course, I then, as I said, have the ikea connection that is
connected via combi 2, the connection now between the remote control and the sck visa player
that works via an emergency call, which is also at the very end see this video how the flea is, which will
of course also be linked below.

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In the next chapter we will take a closer look at this
raspberry pi with the amp expansion card, as well as the installation of the logitech
servas and the logitech players like amex to play here it is the raspberry pi with the
amplifier card from highgate berry and this is operated with 12 volts And the special thing is
that you can also operate the refs directly with these 12 volts because there are already voltage converters
on the card with linux programming or where I don't have that much to do I
found a good solution for myself to work with so easy the players and these would have
to install all the stories there i have max to play dot com here i think i found that i
would use the link below many of the functions work for free but to be able to use us fully
i think five euros a year or I've now for two years euro pays
in any case gets a lot for its money and makes a good feeling to support such a great
thing it's really not expensive and it's basically a framework that 1 the
maintenance and the reinstallation of the program relieved and it also specializes in the
various sound cards for the rest repower and that you can put it directly
sa Depending on which card you have and the different drivers are already available there and
are then automatically installed Installation us really just a few from max to
play the complete image an sd card starts because raspberry pi quite normal i like to do it
first have from the network When you start it for the first time, the sound card is queried here on the page via the
raspberry pi expansion cards and then, as I said, all drivers are installed automatically.
We can simply select a name in the player.

This is an e-mail address with which you bought the license
and activated the whole thing and you can also
connect the whole thing to your router here via the point in the wifi then you can simply connect the whole thing to your router under the sub-item crisis server
you can install it or stop the server or restart the server
and start here by auto national crisis was automatic then you come from here
also with the blue button on the squeezebox there s web interface and can set it
up or install applications. The same applies here to the audio players
and Hirscher players are already installed automatically. You can stop or turn them on and off or
start them via autostart, and you can also use airplay for the Apple network I have
unfortunately never really started graphics like this so I can only recommend
you to take a look at play and it saved me a lot of time and also has
specifications for different player systems which then basically
install everything that for the system is necessary here is the fine etf mention and each
press of a button has a different short we will need it later if we
want to program it in not red I will also attach this overview to you below then you will be
able to download this figure the whole thing works like said about my zigby server via a
combination and very old raspb erry pi 1 is running the connection is installed quite normally here in frost com
and jesus important that you give your interrogations names which
you then immediately find in open also change me to above has that is in open has
three really easy to do go to the left here and in the inbox the
digestion should already be here with me there are still old changes so normally
the name will be displayed here now and you would have the whole thing simply as ten whereby the whole thing
is not absolutely necessary to put it in later not also to be provided with rules because, as you will
see in a moment, I directly use a de cons event g the complete flow that I have linked to you below
here at this point we first have to consistently filter out the right idea
and personally I always do it that way that I that I pull myself into de cons event here and
combine this with an element the banknote gave me the Show complete message I do that
and now press a button on the remote control and so for me it is important for now
this id number with this button you can I can copy over the entire trip
check here again here and now copy here takeover not forgotten and if
I now press any button on the remote control her directly the id is displayed so back
to our flow we below as I said I catch the idea of ​​art events then I have installed a filter here at the
moment that is a switch where I am now 27 which I remembered
filtering out the id then I have a large filter element up here that lets the
message through depending on the button that comes through.

Each button group simply gets its own exit. The individual
codes are linked below and I also have the message drive I have again by copy ride over the gebag
not get out now let's concentrate here on the upper one n part here I turn
my music on and off I then did that by having double transmitters here so the cellar
the trockel about the topic was able to see which topic in which the money is needed and I
simply have two opposing gates that will work switches back and forth what is connected
and one goes is already open at the beginning of another and so I can simply
switch back and forth between and then it is actually basically quite simple the money is open sends
to an open main element simply on or off depending on and already switched player or lower
part it would be the less to set volume and favorites because we first have to
find out the mum tooth status of the favorites like also volume then the principle right here namely
simply with the small short time out the numerical part because it is displayed as a string
I need it but as a number right away here you write as a number and this little function n ot
i just write the value because i just pulled it out into the file i do the same
with view so that william and favorites more or less end the first thing
just the value just described out of necessity here it is with boys for
what favorites and is there a variable in the variables that has upper and lower limits that
already reach 0 when I downshift or when I shift up whether the maximum will already make it
easier to enter your maximum number of favorites here then you can enter the the in increments
specify step size so how much should be switched on per keystroke that is
for me with volume 5 and with favorites of course 1 1 favorite switches on yes that can then be
the small function simply depending on whether I switch up or down here it will just stop
one font size subtracted down and the opposite is of course that basically gen If
my stand number is switched up and I then simply send this result on to
my open up element, which then either switches podium up or down because long then just
pass on the number here we can say everyone the maximum go in good wood it's quite
clear that 100 percent but with the favorites it's with me i have eight favorites it starts at
zero something from 0 to 7 7 it almost overnight the favorite so much fun with a deformity
and the player control that's it let me in [ __ ] thumbs up and bell will tell you
what's next how to close a gap

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