My Smart Home Tech Tour (2021)

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Hello everyone it's SpawnSoiint and today i'm 
showing you all of the smart home tech that i   use around my house so this is my kind of 2021 
house tour i did a similar video last year but   since i've changed and added a lot of new things 
plus so many of you wanted to see this video so   here it is as well as showing you where i got 
each item from and how much it costs i've also   put the links to everything in the description 
along with timestamps if you wish to jump ahead   today's video is in partnership with Boundary they 
are a wireless smart home alarm system that i've   recently had installed if you want to know more 
about what this does i will explain that later   but you can also click the link in the description 
and use my 30 off code so i mentioned last year   that was looking for a new doorbell something 
smart something i could see the front door and   something i didn't need to hard wire in because i 
needed a wireless connection and this is what i've   gone for this is the hey doorbell so it's battery 
powered so you don't need to worry about having it   installed i've just stuck this to the side of 
my wall it also comes with a chime bell which   i know a lot of the other brands charge extra 
for it's got night vision two-way audio full hd   video and it's waterproof it works with alexa and 
google and the video that it records can either   be cloud-based or it can be stored via the microsd 
the quality is okay at 1080p it's nothing special   but it's enough to see who's at the door plus you 
can see this all from the app you get notification   each time someone either rings a doorbell or 
there's motion detected plus it adds like added   security when you know someone's at your door if 
you do choose the cloud subscription which i have   it will cost you around three pounds 50 per month 
so if someone did steal it from the side of your   house well it doesn't matter because the videos 
are still there it's only 80 pounds for the kit   which includes the doorbell and the chime now 
let me show you the lights i'm using around the   house so i've practically replaced every single 
bulb with a smart bulb that includes lamps and   ceiling lights and strip lights and even the bulbs 
in my loft and garage all of these lights are   controllable either via the app voice commands or 
routines this means if i say turn the living room   lights on it will turn all the lights on in that 
room there's no need to turn three or four lights   on and off each night so i've got a mixture of 
bulbs throughout the house i've got some philips   hue lifx and hay so all of these have their own 
apps to get set up but once you've actually synced   them all with your own smart home assistant such 
as google or alexa they all work exactly the same   prices for bulb start from around 10 pounds or 
15 but this varies depending on the manufacture   you go for and whether you want it in white or the 
full rgb bulb so as well as using my voice or the   app to turn lights on and off i also have a few of 
these around the house so this is a smart sensor   that you can configure however you'd like i have 
one of these set up in the kitchen for example so   it means that when i walk in it actually detects 
movement and then it will turn my kitchen lights   on the same goes for my garage and the loft as 
soon as it detects movement the light will come on   these are great too as they are battery powered 
so you don't need to have them near a power source   they cost around 16 pounds or 20 dollars and they 
definitely make that light setup even smarter   so the doorbell works for seeing who's at your 
door but i've also installed one of these external   cameras now one of the reasons i've actually held 
off installing one of these in the past is the   wiring that's required but this is battery powered 
and wi-fi so it can be installed anywhere it has   the option to save footage onto the internal 32 
gigabytes memory card which is included in the   box or via that same cloud service i mentioned 
before it's waterproof has night vision and it   has a built-in mic and speaker plus not only does 
it record the footage you can view the live feed   at any time for me this is awesome as now it means 
i've got that extra security outside my house and   i'm able to see who's on my drive these cost 
around 80 pounds each and i've already ordered   a couple more now this next one is massively 
underrated and that is a leak or a flood detector   basically these have a metal prong on the 
bottom and when it comes into contact with water   it will notify you via the app perfect for 
in bathrooms or the kitchen where sometimes   by the time you notice the leak is already too 
late you could place it under the bath the sink   or under your water tank these are really 
sensitive and the notification is instant even if you don't use these on a day-to-day 
basis it's ideal for when you're away on   holiday they only cost 17 pounds and again 
they have a rechargeable battery built in   okay so not everything around the house is smart i 
mean there are some things that will either never   be smart or there's just no need for them to be 
that's where these smart plugs come in handy so   i've got five or six of these around the house and 
these are ideal for controlling certain items when   they're plugged in in my garage i've got my two 
super 73 electric bikes now these get charged up   about once a week but i'm not keen on leaving them 
plugged in all night so i use a smart plug which   means i can turn them on and off while i'm in the 
house and set a schedule up so i know that they're   definitely switched off every night they still 
work like a normal plug so you can still press   the button to turn them on and off or use voice 
commands now these multi-socket extensions are   awesome as well because you can either turn the 
entire socket on and off or control each socket   individually again all through the app or voice 
commands now these plugs are great for christmas   so if you've got likes around the house outside or 
on your tree instead of climbing under the tree or   going around the entire house and turning all your 
lights on and off just use these plugs instead   now although last year i actually picked up some 
twinkie lights which are awesome so these are   smart and they can be controlled via your app 
or your voice commands and you can also create   any theme that you'd like i didn't make a video 
about these but i did a reel over on instagram   so with all of the tech and the items i got around 
the house especially with showing it on youtube   it's important to keep my home and family safe 
so earlier this year i started looking into smart   alarm systems something that i can integrate into 
my home see notifications on my phone and set it   remotely this is where boundary comes in that does 
everything that i need and is pretty impressive   i started building my bundle on their website 
choosing the number of motion sensors and door   sensors i needed plus a siren and key fobs then 
as it's a wireless setup i could either install   it myself which is what i did or i could pay 
for a pro installation the keypad which is the   main hub of the system well this connects via 
wi-fi and it needs to be near a power socket   this hub then connects to everything else in 
the setup via a z-wave it does not use wi-fi   which is end-to-end encrypted now once it's 
paired with the boundary app you can scan each   motion sensor door sensor and the siren using a 
qr code you can pair it with the app remove the   battery tabs and install them in the rooms you 
need coverage the setup process took me about   two hours from start to finish apart from the 
central hub everything else is battery powered   which should last you about 12 months but that app 
will let you know the battery status of each item   the main hub does have an internal battery that 
will last about 12 hours in case of a power cut   now when it comes to using it instead of just 
using the keypad to set the alarm i'm able to   either use the boundary app or voice commands 
and that's because the boundary system actually   integrates with alexa google and if this then 
that i can arm the entire house or use a knight   set where just the downstairs is armed this 
is perfect for me as if i'm sitting at my desk   upstairs i know that the doors on certain rooms 
are protected and i've also got a cat so the fact   that i can actually enable the pet friendly mode 
is really useful for me through the app i can arm   and disarm it on the go and i can check the house 
while i'm out and about if the alarm is triggered   i will get an instant notification on my phone and 
the siren at nearly 100 decibels is extremely loud   the system also has geofencer which means 
when the last person leaves the house   everyone will get a reminder on their phone 
if they wish to set the alarm there are so   many more features of this alarm i would love to 
show in greater detail like the police response   the clever routines panic mode if there's then 
that and giving neighbors or visitors temporary   access while on holiday so if you're interested 
in knowing more about this awesome alarm system   make sure you click that link in the description 
you can then go ahead and design your own bundle   through boundary's website or choose a pre-built 
bundle you'll get 30 off if you use my link and my   code spawnpoint which is exclusive you will not 
find this offer on their website when it comes   to heating or hot water i'm using the hive system 
which still does everything that a normal heating   system can do but it can also be controlled via 
the app voice commands and routines within the   app you can schedule your heating and hot water 
as you would expect you can also manually turn   it on and off this doesn't only work while you're 
in the house you can actually control the heat in   the hot water while you're away the thermostat 
can still be used just like a normal thermostat   if you've got pets or children and you want to 
keep an eye on them when you're not in the room   or just for added security these inside cameras 
are really really useful now i don't usually have   this on it's not actually switched on day to day 
but it means if i'm away from home or i want to   keep an eye on the house this is a great way 
of adding that little bit extra security these   are mains powered so they will need to be near a 
socket but they are wireless so if you added these   around the house you'd have full coverage inside 
and out if you combine that with those external   cameras and if you pay that monthly subscription 
well again everything is stored in the cloud as   well as on the internal sd card when it comes to 
controlling and managing all these items around   the house i use google home as i mentioned before 
or google assistant i personally prefer that app   layout over the other options that's out there 
it also means i've got several google speakers or   google compatible speakers around the house this 
allows me to use my voice for certain commands as   i've shown already like turning the lights on and 
off but it also means i've got a music speaker in   every room my favorite speaker is definitely the 
google max this is one i've got in the kitchen   it's pretty big but it sounds awesome but with 
all these smart items it could be overwhelming   keeping track of what items are switched on or off 
so i've gone ahead and created a few routines that   will take care of all of that for me so here's 
an example i've got one routine that's scheduled   for midnight every single night and it will turn 
every single light off around the house whether   i'm awake or not the benefit to this is if i've 
accidentally left a light on say in the garage or   in the loft there's no worries that that light 
will be on for days on end as it will turn off   every single night i have recently started 
playing around with if this than that and   different smartthings apps now this will 
allow for integration and automation with   every item in my house i've done this already 
with my alarm and some of the hay products   but i definitely need to spend more time with 
this to make everything a little bit smarter   setting all these things up can be a little 
bit time consuming at the start but once done   it is so much easier to manage another smart 
thing that i use around the house are my tvs   they integrate with google home and i can control 
them via my app or voice commands again if i had   a routine setup i could have the tv switch on 
switch over to netflix and even dim the lights   the possibilities are endless once you start 
adding more and more into your home automation   but i still have plans to add even more over the 
next six months i want to add more security items   but i also want to look into more smart home 
appliances what do you think is there anything   that i've missed or that i really should be using 
around my house or anything today that you might   pick up after i've mentioned it remember if you 
are interested in knowing more about the alarm   system that i'm using from boundary please click 
that link in the description and you will get 30   off build in your own bundle well you've made it 
to the end of the video so thank you for watching   if you drop a smart home 2021 in the comments i 
will give you a thumbs up for staying to the end   don't forget to hit that like button subscribe 
to the channel and turn notifications on so you   don't miss my next upload you can also follow 
me over on instagram and twitter until next time

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