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[Music] Guten Tag aus Frankfurt after four 
long years we are back here at light+building   the show has been postponed two times because 
of Covid and we're really happy it's happening   now once again we are scanning the booths 
looking for novelties so you don't have to   [Music] light+building is by far the biggest and 
the most important show in KNX it's been going   on since 2000 and happens every second year all 
the big names from the KNX industry are here and   many many integrators and distributors from all 
over the world travel here to see the novelties   and to conclude the deals for the year ahead 
light+building normally happens in March but   this year it's been postponed to October not to 
miss another episode of this year we decided not   to expose the top products like we did in the 
integrated system report but rather tour the   booths that we find the most compelling let's 
go now we're starting the tour with the always   beautifully designed and awesome Gira booth 
and yeah Gira has really dropped the bomb   this year with many many novelties presented 
and we see they really put a lot of effort   into really simplifying the process of doing 
a KNX smart home and let's talk about it with   Marco Trelow of the sales manager for southern 
eastern and central Europe let's go find him   hi we're here with Marco from Gira 
hi Marco hi nice to see you finally   a lot has passed since the last show like four 
years and it's nice to be back and how does it   feel and what is your aim for the show so here 
we are after four and a half years it's been so   long let me tell you at Gira we were so nervous on 
Sunday when we started how many guests will come   will people come are they interested how will the 
interaction be so we were very very curious let   me tell you after a few days we are so happy so 
relieved so all is perfect it couldn't be better   if you're happy we're happy as well now Gira has 
really dropped a bomb at this show with all the   novelties presented and we see a lot of effort 
is being put into making the planning process   and the installing process of getting smart 
home more easier more efficient and if you had   to highlight one thing one product what would it 
be and can you maybe demonstrate a little bit so   here we are I'm not highlighting one product I'm 
highlighting a new system so we at Gira we have   a new smart home system and the system is called 
one so basically we're at one product again but   no it's one system like I just said so what's the 
idea Gira uses the KNX standard system as a system   for smart home solutions and now we've developed 
a system on KNX basis where you do not need the   ETS to program it so there are no special skills 
required to program this system how do we do it   very quickly explain the Gira One System uses 
existing devices that we have in the KNX system   for this new system and it's programmed only 
with the GPA with the Gira programming system   so there's no need like as I said of special 
knowledge or something you just buy the devices   install them and then very quickly you can 
upload them into your system by using a QR   code so very unique very easy and then the system 
tells you exactly where are you how many rooms do   you have how should they be connected so 
it's basically smart home for everybody   so basically now my kid can do it basically so I 
don't know your kid but let me tell you something   my son is 11 he could do it okay last question 
the way we do business has drastically transformed   during the pandemics now a lot more is being 
done remote by now so with that in mind do you   feel like there's more people or less people like 
compared to the last show and also has the Gira   strategy changed drastically during the pandemic 
that's a complicated question I'll try to answer   it as universal as I can are there less people 
here at the trade fair this year yes why is that   so okay we're still at the end of the pandemic if 
you want or in the middle nobody really knows then   we have a crisis in some parts of the world 
where traveling is a little bit stressful in   the moment as well so you have to take that into 
consideration of course in last years we learned   to become more digital to show products to explain 
products in a digital way but nothing nothing can   come up with meeting in person showing talking 
touching really understanding a system so at the   end meeting people in person that's the most 
important thing couldn't agree more well I'm   all out of questions Marco thank you for having us 
and good luck with the show thanks a lot my friend just a few steps away from the Gira stand we 
find another design powerhouse Basalte now   we've already featured their mirror remote in 
our ISE report but this time they've given us a   really sleek intercom aimed at large residential 
buildings let's take a closer look we are joined   by Domin from Basalte Hi Domin hi now everybody 
knows Basalte is excellent design wise but what   about the technical side of your ecosystem how 
does everything work together well first of   all it's true that we have a design solution for 
the intelligent home but the thing is we want to   make sure that all the technology works together 
and how do we do that we have our own server to   incorporate all those technical systems if it's 
in door phone if whether it's scenes lighting   even music we want to have everything in one 
app and that's actually done by our server so   we have a very powerful server which includes 
not only security cameras all the KNX lighting   shades thermostats but also your intercom 
and we've now designed our own intercom where   we'll come to that later and we want to have 
everything in a nice design of course with our   own displays with our own nice looking switches 
made out of aluminum and brass and centralize   everything in one app that's the most important 
thing I guess because we want everything from   your house in one app instead of having to look 
around on your phone for five or more different   apps we want to make it intuitive we want to 
make it one coherent story coherent system   I think that's awesome and it's the right way to 
go and now like you mentioned earlier you've given   us what I believe is the best looking intercom 
on the market so can you tell me a little bit   more about that yeah we have five key features 
on the door phone first of all it has to be nice   looking so we're bringing the nice finishes of 
our products from the inside now to the outside   we have solved the issue with the cameras we have 
two cameras built inside the first camera is a   selfie camera to have a FaceTime experience so we 
have a good overview from for who is at the door   um it's a modular design so we can 
incorporate ekey finger scanner   batch readers lights so you have a very modular 
system and it all integrates with our Basalte   home system to have everything in one app like 
I've explained to you and another thing is yeah   the display there is a display on the front so 
the person that rings the door can see himself   and instead of having no clue where to look so 
he can make sure that he's in a nice picture   so not only beautiful but nice character as well 
and for the last question we cannot ignore the   fact that Basalte has raised an additional 
round of financing with your EMH partner   so how come you decided for this step and does 
this mean that you have some serious plans for   the short term future we're always serious for 
the future so what we want to do with EMH they   invested a significant amount of money in our 
company but we want to make what we actually   want to do is to create visibility it's the 
right moment we've been expanding exponentially   almost things are going very well but to have 
that extra boost that kick start it's always   nice and helpful to have some extra budget 
and that's exactly what EMH is doing for us   well that's it from our side thank you for joining 
the talking smart home podcast again and good luck   with the fair and I cannot wait to see what comes 
from Basalte in the future I'm excited as well now one of the companies that always goes an extra 
mile is also Divus our friends from southern Tyrol   four years ago they used this exact same spot to 
launch their red dot awarded Circle door phone   and this year they're back with an updated design 
and a bit more affordable price point we are here   with Federico from Divus Hi Federico hi nice to 
see you again yeah nice to see you too nice to   be also back in light+building after a long time 
isn't it and it feels like forever from since when   you launched the Circle intercom in 2018 but now 
you have a new upgrade and can you tell us more   about it and also what is the strategy for this 
kind of products in Divus for the coming years   okay well first of all yes it's been it seems 
to have been forever for this and we are happy   to be back here and to show our products 
the Circle has some novelties especially   so the let's say this is the father of 
the Circle family and so the main update   the main new things are the cloud access for 
mobile devices so it is now possible to have   two communications one locally with the panels we 
use which also work as internal intercom devices   and in parallel you can now have also your mobile 
devices connected on the cloud and we introduced   a new version of the Circle which uses not the 
black glass which is very nice and which people   like and are attracted to our stand for that 
but we use we have introduced also a version   which is using Corian so Corian introduces the 
possibility to have a lot of different versions   of Corian it's a very nice material which looks 
natural although it isn't and it has most of the   functionality of the glass version but it maybe 
is more appropriate for certain buildings for   certain situations so we are presenting that one 
and you can see it maybe later we go there you can   see all the different versions here exposed good 
job guys I mean it looks great but this is not the   only novelty you're presenting here right because 
you also have the new touchscreen with integrated   server and with KNX data secure so can you tell 
us maybe a little bit more about that also yes   this is the Divus KNX IQ we are very happy with 
this new product it won a KNX award recently just   a few days ago it's the first panel wall mounted 
panel to also support KNX secure that data secure   so you have a all-in-one device which 
allows to control your KNX installation   and at the same time you have the possibility to 
use it as an internal intercom device to integrate   also IP cameras so security cameras and it's 
completely made by Divus so this means both the   hardware and the applications are developed 
by us and this gives us a nice possibility   to get feedback by customers and to integrate new 
things and to also solve issues when they come up   which is obviously very much harder 
if you rely on third-party apps   and yeah I mean I can give you a brief 
overview if you want to have a look to see how the application looks it's very easy 
to control it's very fast you move inside the   rooms you have the elements you can command 
them from here or you can go one level deeper   and have all the controls this is for example 
for a tunable white light so of course you have   the on/off you have the dimmer and you have 
the temperature and you can say okay I like   this combination of brightness and temperature 
I'm going to store it so now this is protected   so this also means you can protect everything 
so if this is something uh you don't want your   kids to mess with then you can protect it by a PIN 
code and so only you will be able to to command it   so I repeat it because maybe if I was not clear 
before this is a server and a controlling device   at the same time this means you can have 
the same visualization on other panels maybe   you like a big panel also the app and also you 
can have it on your mobile devices which means   for sure you will have it on your smartphone you 
can have it on tablets and control it from there   using the cloud this means you are independent 
from wherever you are you will always have   all the control of your home one tap or one touch 
away so well congratulations for the award and it   looks really really nice user interface and thank 
you last question you know Covid has transformed   a lot of businesses from offline to online and 
in that light how do you see fairs like this   in the future and has your company strategy 
changed because of this in the recent years   well we try to adopt of course when we were 
bound to our homes or to our offices and couldn't   meet in person other people we tried to adapt in 
organizing webinars and I think in general our   sector got used to communicate our webinars which 
in part is something good but then again for sure   you are missing the human contact and meeting 
people in person and having a drink together   after the business talk so we missed fairs 
for sure and we are happy they are back and   fairs are important for us so we missed this 
fair and we are happy to be back and we are   happy to see people for sure the level is not 
exactly the same we had for the pandemic but   we needed to start somewhere 
and so we are here and   yeah I think they will surely remain important 
for us the fairs so we will be here and we will   be happy to talk and meet people in person we'll 
be here as well and yeah it's nice to do some   business and have some fun as well as you do it 
so thank you Federico for your answers and your   demonstration and we wish you good luck with 
the fair and good luck with your products and   see you on the next fair thanks to you for the 
interview thank you guys thank you all the ones   seeing or listening to the podcast and if you 
want to visit us we are here until tomorrow   or otherwise through our website or just call us 
up and we can get in touch bye thank you bye bye the next booth that we are interested 
in is this mega huge Schneider stand a   global player and a regular attendee here 
at light+building we're really happy they   decided to join our podcast this year and 
let's go see what they have in store for us   so we're here at the beautiful Schneider booth 
here in light+building with Annika from Schneider   and Annika hello first the first thing that caught 
our eye is the modular push buttons from Schneider   which actually allow the customer or the end 
user to actually do the reconfiguration of the   buttons after they have moved into the house 
or the apartment so can you please tell us a   little bit more about that yes sure so we have 
a modular ability concept with this push button   you can buy the universal module and have up to 
60 different combination of the rockers you can   position so if you have a change during a project 
or after the customer moved in you just need to   switch the rockers change the configuration in 
the ETS and you have a complete new push button   without need to buy a new one and this is really 
important because like that happens all the time   like the KNX plan and the end situation is never 
the same so thank you for this answer and the   second question is okay so we know that Schneider 
has the KNX system on one hand and then you also   have the Wiser system on the other hand but now we 
heard that you merge those two systems into like a   hybrid solution so can you maybe tell us a little 
bit more about that yeah sure so we have our Wiser   for KNX logic controller for several years now and 
we now build a hybrid module we can integrate or   attached to the Wiser for KNX and then integrate 
the whole Wiser portfolio into the KNX system   this is really good okay now let's go search 
for Jürgen so he can maybe explain a little   bit more about the Wiser let's go okay so 
we're now joined by Jürgen hi Jürgen hi   and he's gonna explain a bit more about Wiser 
now we know that Wiser is based on ZigBee but   we heard rumors that it might get Matter support 
shortly so is there any truth in that yes so sure   that's correct and the new Hub the generation two 
is meta-ready and means we are compatible for the   new smart home versions and you can connect more 
Matter devices on own system great let's retrofit   with Schneider well thank you Jürgen thank you 
Annika for all your answers for your time and I   wish you great success in the show and see you 
in the next fair yeah thank you for your time next on the list Vimar an Italian company that 
started out with switches and push buttons but   is now moving more aggressively into smart 
home market and security market as well   now we know based on our experience that full-on 
lighting automation based on presence is easier   said than done but now Vimar has provided a 
solution that might radically improve this process   so let's check it out we are here with Matteo 
Pagotto the product manager of Vimar hi Matteo hi   all we think you might have launched a revolution 
in presence detection so can you tell us more   about your amazing line of radar based sensors yes 
maybe you had the first or not but we think this   is a good product because it can detect the real 
presence and not the presence made by the movement   so we have the solution for mounting it on the 
wall and also the ceiling solution that has also   the capability to detect if a person has fallen 
down on the floor if this solution is studied for   energy saving for example in hotel rooms or 
for the residential market for assisted living   applications wow this is amazing functionality 
what about price positioning of this sensor   the price is a little bit higher than a 
standard sensor but we think that these features   can justify this positioning I would pay more 
for this product so with the Covid scare kind   of gone the faires are back so can you maybe tell 
our viewers where you will be exhibiting next so   they can come and check out your cool products 
okay okay maybe the Covid scare are gone but the   Covid still remains in Italy I mean you can find 
this in our next fairs you can find the fairs the   entire list of the fairs in our website and sure 
we will exhibit and we will try to push or this   year the next year because we think that is a good 
product well Mateo thank you for all the answers   and we wish you good luck with your new products 
and we cannot wait to try it out in real life   you're welcome thank you I hope it 
will be a success for us thank you [Music] and that's it once again we were amazed by 
the show here in Messe Frankfurt and all the   novelties presented thank you for all the 
exhibitors for having us and thank you for   watching follow us on the socials subscribe to our 
channels and of course see you in the next episode   of "Talking Smart Homes"
Auf Wiedersehen!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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