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[Music] is it going to happen now it's so beautiful [Music] [Laughter] [Music] ever again but i okay that's enough now sit down and start drawing okay mom and if i see a stain again wait wait wait [Music] [Music] what [Music] [Music] arms up honey that's my kid let's go get you a treat huh [Music] [Music] mommy's coming honey [Music] ew what's gonna help you i know one trick [Music] drink it honey it'll help really cool [Music] it works [Music] [Music] no mine they think i'm gonna eat it [Music] [Applause] one two three four [Applause] [Music] yes it does [Music] what's wrong huh who is there get me out um there is nothing here [Music] [Music] no worries we're here give us a minute and we'll clear this room see anything not yet the entrance detected cover my back [Music] [Music] oh i see [Music] i know how to solve this problem all clear come with me [Music] i'm so happy our kids are friends wait what's going on [Music] here you are [Music] what shall we do [Music] let them be look they're so happy bugs don't have all the answers wow dada hooray our special dinner today [Music] hello we decided to make a surprise visit that's so great welcome to take this [Music] hey mom would you like some sauces don't tell me you eat this unhealthy stuff its place is in the trash i knew you were eating junk food in here huh no no no no those were eggs what's wrong with them [Music] here we go [Music] tata fresh veggies that's what we're going to eat [Music] isn't it perfect [Music] nope [Music] no respect [Music] hmm how about we watch no way that's mine huh i'm older i've had enough and that's when my boss told me this really and she didn't argue with him well i had no choice [Music] oh please really please get out of there i can't anymore a bathroom line oh no [Applause] [Music] again [Music] we won't get any sleep tonight bye mom have a safe trip bye bye bye bye see you later bye remember to call us freedom our life's back to normal huh [Music] it's too messy in here but i know how to deal with it huh mom what are you doing here mom don't touch anything here no no no i have to help you ah you don't have to i don't need help but of course you need help uh what's this um mom leave my stuff alone this lot is going to be amazing [Music] hmm what's that smell [Music] oh no oh no mom no need to cry mom i know we'll order pizza can i order one pepperoni extra large thanks lunch safe [Music] i think i see the problem stop it let the professionals deal ouch [Music] but i think you've done it great job bye-bye [Music] i hope they'll come again soon [Music] [Music] oh no eliza wake up the little one get lost [Music] calm down [Music] coffee has to help it just has to maybe he's hungry oh wow here you go oh [Applause] 1 2 3 [Music] [Music] hmm you'll like it [Music] be a good baby daddy's gonna take you on a trip it's working [Music] no problem it's not as if daddy wants to sleep finally lucky you good baby keep sleeping [Music] good job hero now i can catch some z's [Music] how are you sweetheart come here let's go to daddy come on huh [Music] piro that's enough stop it why's that i'm gonna lose [Music] wait why do you look like this huh a instruction book yep i'm gonna go to the office today [Music] just don't burn the house down okay [Music] seriously do i look that dumb [Music] no easy peasy come on done we go tada something's gone wrong ah i know i'm sure this is gonna work just like i said [Music] now it's time to close your eyes and catch some z's [Music] [Applause] twinkle twinkle little star [Music] [Applause] what's wrong let's check sleep done food huh um wasn't there some milk oh no [Music] ew i'm doomed [Music] it's my lucky day [Music] what now uh whoopsie here [Music] oh no that's what happened [Music] oh [Music] [Music] luckily this is not the last diaper [Music] huh my poor tired babies come to mama

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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