Nuki Smart lock 2.0 Langzeit Test – Endlich ohne Schlüssel!

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Hi folks, I'm Jonas and for two
months now I've exchanged my apartment key for the Smart Door Lock from
Nuki. You can find out in this video whether this experiment went well, what exciting functions the
lock offers and what makes it better compared to the competition
. Have fun! Since moving into my new apartment,
I've been trying to expand my smart home more and more. My thermostats are now smart
and close automatically when the windows are opened. And now I also wanted to turn on the door
lock and finally make it smart. For several years now, Nuki has been offering a
practical system that is also compatible with other products from the Nuki family.
In my case, the Nuki Smartlock 2.0 is the basis.

The smart lock is
basically just a motor that turns the key. In this video I show you how the lock is installed and set up
, so please take a look. Suffice it to
say, the installation was super easy and the method with the adhesive pad that I chose
is really absolutely bombproof. And Nuki made the products shown available to me, which is
why there is advertising up here. However , the video here is of course a test and I
can still say anything I want.

The design of the Smartlock 2.0 is pretty simple
and classy. The rotating knob is made of aluminum and the black part is made of plastic. There
is a circular LED in the knob, which not only looks very futuristic, but also
shows you when the door is closed. In addition, the LED flashes, e.g. when the door is being
closed. At first I have nothing to complain about the design and I don't think the “block” on
the door really bothers me now.

Only I would be happy about a white version.
Nuki released a white version last year , but this is limited
and is no longer available. In the middle there is another
button which, when pressed once, either opens or locks the door.
Pressing it twice activates the “Lock and Go” function.
You can still walk comfortably through the door and the Nuki Smartlock will automatically lock
behind you.

And thanks to the supplied door sensor, this also happens immediately after
the door is closed. And to be completely honest: this is one of my favorite functions. Because if you are
late, it can really give you the seconds to make your
way around. The function worked absolutely reliably for me.
By the way, you can always open or close the door manually. The knob on the
Smart Lock can be turned by hand.

The door can be unlocked and locked using an app, among other things
. The motor is powerful enough to unlock a triple
lock without any problems. Unfortunately, the motor is also quite loud [sound] and can also be heard in the
stairwell, despite the massive door leaf. Nuki should really improve this in the next
version, but it's not a deal breaker for me.
The lock is supplied with electricity either via 4x AA batteries or rechargeable batteries, or
via the separately available Nuki Power Pack. That's what I used here
and it's supposed to last about twice as long as normal batteries. So 6-12 months.
I can confirm that too. The Power Pack arrived with a 70% charge and after two months it still lost
45%, i.e. already 25%. Accordingly , I would come to a term of around 8
months. To be fair, I used the Nuki Smartlock more than usual at the beginning,
simply because I wanted to test various functions.

And by the way: according to my YouTube analytics
, over 98% of my viewers have not subscribed to this channel here. So do
something good for the algorithm and me and subscribe to the channel and activate the bell.
The Powerpack is then charged directly on the Smartlock via USB-C! And if that's not
exemplary enough, you can even charge it from both sides and thus, for example, connect a permanent
power supply to your Smartlock. My recommendation: Please use at least rechargeable batteries,
this is kind to the environment, or the PowerPack. By the way: After removing the power supply
, the Smartlock can be easily removed by pressing the pin.
The Nuki Smartlock is controlled via your smartphone, both Android and
iOS are supported. The app is a bit confusing for my taste,
many functions are hidden in submenus. Nevertheless, the app offers
a lot of setting options : You can optimize the locking path so that
the lock opens and closes faster.

Adjust the holding time of the trap if your
door swings open a little more slowly and much more. I would say that everyone can
adapt and optimize the Nuki Smartlock 2.0 for their door . But now let's
get to the smart functions. Probably the biggest selling point is
the so-called auto-unlock function. In other words, when you leave
the house or apartment with your smartphone , the door is automatically locked. And when
you approach the door again, the Smartlock unlocks automatically. Of course, this is
generally an absolutely practical first – and somehow also a pretty cool function.
In addition, the function is also helpful when you have both hands
full, e.g.

From a purchase … To simplify things, it works like this:
First, you specify the location of the Nuki Smartlock.
A geofence is then set up around this area. The size can be set in the app.
So when you leave the apartment and go out of the geofence,
the Smartlock locks automatically. So after shopping or work
you approach the geofence again. When you enter, the lock opens the door
as soon as there is a Bluetooth connection. Of course, this prevents the door from
opening if you just walk past the house. However, it also has the small disadvantage
that it sometimes takes a few seconds for the door to be opened for you.
You can accelerate this by waking up the smartphone in the stairwell, for example once.
Then the door is always opened immediately.

With my OnePlus 8T, I rarely had the case
that the door did not open automatically, even when I unlocked the phone.
Of course, I could still open the door with the Nuki app, it just didn't work automatically.
Unfortunately, I cannot say why that was. In most cases the “Auto
Unlock” function works quite well under Android, the door is usually already
open when I walk to it. With iOS, however, it looks even better,
since I've never had any problems with. The door was always opened on time. Apple devices
work a little more reliably here. The next function I
want to show you is the night mode. Here you can set a time at which the
lock will automatically lock. You can also deactivate auto unlocks within this time.
The automatic locking in particular is extremely practical and you no longer have
to think about it yourself. I would like the option if the Nuki
Smartlock would automatically unlock the door again after exiting night mode. But that can also be set manually via time control
, that's how I solved it.

In fact, it has to be said that some of the
functions mentioned do not work here without the bridge . The Smartlock connects it
to the Internet so that you can access it from outside . In other words, auto-lock –
i.e. locking after the geofence has been left, or unlocking from a distance only works
with the bridge. That's why I would really recommend the Nuki Combo Set to everyone, which includes both
the Smart Lock and the Bridge. Of course,
several people and devices can access the door lock, provided you have sent an invitation code.
A Nuki account does not have to be created for this. In this way, you can also
time-limit individual accesses, e.g. to let the cleaning staff in on certain days and times.
You can also use the function to give your neighbors a virtual
key so that they can water your flowers when you are on vacation.
Alternatively, an optional keypad can be attached in front of the apartment door.
But you should discuss this with your household insurance, with some you will lose the
insurance cover if you can see from the outside that a smart lock is installed.
The Nuki Smartlock 2.0 supports all common smart assistants, i.e.

Google Home,
Amazon Echo or Apple Homekit. The door can also be opened by voice command, but
only after you have said a security code. Unfortunately, the assistants do not know the
difference between an unlocked but closed door – and a door that is really open.
This is why the door can only be opened or closed completely using voice commands.
Hopefully Amazon, Google and Apple will follow up on this. So let's come to the conclusion: The Nuki Smartlock
2.0 in conjunction with the Bridge is a really great – and above all, reliable system.
There are other locks on the market that you use to lock yourself out, but that was
never the case with the Nuki.

And I think that's exactly what justifies the rather high price.
Coupled with the many practical functions such as auto unlock,
assigning access or night mode – make the Nuki Smartlock 2.0 a really solid system. Only the
volume of the engine should be improved. Otherwise I'm really happy with the Nuki Castle
and the ecosystem. Sure it 's gimmick and a little bit of luxury – but
that's something we technology enthusiasts like. If you are still interested in installing
and setting up the Smartlock, I can recommend this video.
Otherwise there is only one thing left to say: subscribe to the channel, activate the bell and
then we'll see you next time. Ciau!.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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