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hello everyone here we are with an
interesting product such as the zigbee home automation kit compatible with your already smart in this box everything you need
to introduce you to the world of home automation is included but first we are going to explain briefly what
zigbee technology is you will need a wi-fi router in which to connect to the home automation center
or gateway via rj45 cable in this model so you will have access to the internet and from another place
you can see the status of the center you can install different accessories such as motion sensors
compatible zigbee with the center alarm and opening sensors temperature sensors that
will help you to carry out different actions depending on what happens, such as
if the temperature rises above a certain value that the air conditioning turns on or if it detects a movement
a sensor turns on an electrical product, although it is a very basic summary,
zigbee technology is interesting because it has very low consumption or batteries and a large number of manufacturers such
as philips ikea samsung or xiaoming all of them have products for this system this product
is not an alarm system as such since it does not allow arming or disarming modes nor do they have
remote controls its objective is to connect with other zigbee products or other technologies
as we will now see to do different actions since we briefly know what we can
do we are going to take a look at the products included in the initial kit to be
able to make your home a much more intelligent place the home automation central or gateway
is the part that will connect to the internet and to the different wireless accessories
on the back you have their connections reset button to restore
factory settings power connector with 5 volts lan connector to connect it
with your router via rj45 cable now we are going to see the different accessories
including the temperature and humidity sensor that informs us Use the connection button to
connect the opening sensor

with the gateway central it is also
very small compared to other detectors and will help you activate a
product if a door or window is opened use the infrared motion sensor
to make motion detections here is the connection button rotate the base of the
bracket to access the battery that, as we have mentioned, will last longer than other
sensors due to its connection technology, use the punch to reset the
alarm center if you need it 5-volt charger for the alarm center micro-usb cable
approximately half a meter long lan cable for the home automation center, all the sensors,
being wireless, use a battery in their inside but they are small in size and with
a low voltage because they have a very low consumption compared to other types of
detectors of other technologies such as Wi-Fi the temperature sensor also has a
battery inside to connect the accessories in the app download and register in the smart life app
click on the plus sign at the top right use the upper tab that appears as an
automatic scan check that we have our mobile phone connected with Wi-Fi to
our router and to the home automation system and that in addition to being connected to power it is
connected with cable to our router after a few seconds it will detect the central zigbee gateway
in the mobile application press next wait a few seconds while
it is configured in the application once configured press
finish later we can modify the name of the device
or the room where is found wait a few seconds while
it is con ect for the first time if you have alexa linked it is possible
that at this moment it recognizes it note that we only have it
configured with the motion detector although we can add
many more accessories from the upper icon of the pencil you can enter
a basic configuration of the home automation central The most important thing is to always have
the updated firmware update the system keep in mind that this process can take several
minutes depending on the type of connection you have we already have it updated with the
latest version to be able to use it click on add device
and in the orange box take the product you want to
add and keep pressed for a few seconds until the
zigbee accessory you want to connect flashes quickly when it flashes quickly it will be detected by
the fix central and will appear inside the home automation central and independently we will repeat the process
for the temperature sensor when flashing fast and being in
programming mode the ce ntral will recognize it so you can add other zigbee accessories to
nuance your home and connect them to each other the central unit and the app will inform you of the status
of each sensor as soon as a detection occurs or, for example, the status of the
door to see if it is open or closed the motion sensor works exactly the same sending information about the
detections and the status of its battery uses the temperature and humidity sensor
to know the real values in the area ou are in and to be able to connect other
accessories to your home automation system we ha e seen how to add diff
zigbee accessories but what is really interesting is that they can connect with other accessories and not
only zigbee but also wifi since the smart life app acts as a gateway that allows
different systems such as zigbee or wifi to connect with each other depending on the state of
a device a scenario may occur or another product may be activated in your home depending on the level
of humidity battery level or temperature when a door is opened or when the battery runs out
or when a motion detection occurs before finishing the video we want
you to see how it is compatible with alexa and how each of them appears separately from the list of devices
them each sensor will show you information
about the last detection or the current real temperature of the sensor
but not control the functions of the home automation system with your voice we hope
you liked the video and the product to understand its operation and the
main functions that it will allow you


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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