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So soft. So squishy. Oh no, look out little guy. Oops. Mwhahaha. This is so much fun. Are you ok? Huh? What was that? Yoo-hoo. Wake up. What's going on? Where… where am I? Try this. It feels amazing. This is such a cute drawing. I love this glitter. It's so sparkly. Weeee! One more time. It's so messy. This is the best. What the… Wow, so much glitter. That gives me an idea. Hello, any one in there? Hmm, I think it's empty. Oh. Come on… I need that toilet roll. But the smell…

Urgh. Got it. That was bad. What does Kevin eat? Act cool. I'm just a plant. Nothing to see here. Yes! I think I have everything I need. Oh, what are you doing? You'll see. Wrap card around an empty toilet roll tube. Next, draw on the card, just like this. Then, place a balloon inside the tube. Pull the base of the balloon down, making sure the balloon is secure. Use a pen to draw a face on the balloon. Be as creative as you want. Insert some paper around the rim of the tube to create paws. Now you have your own squeeze toy. Look. Wow. Let's play together. Oh no. No toilet paper. Well… this is going to hurt. Behold… my magic powers will make the ball move. Whoa. How are you doing that? Take it. I wanna do magic too. It's not moving. I think it's broken. I'll let you into a secret…

Try this. Here goes. It's moving. Are you doing that? Oh no, look out. Duck. Wow, that was close. Now I can't play with it. It's gone. It's ok, don't get upset. I can fix it. Cut and score a piece of paper like this. Then fold it into a cube. Use tape to hold it together. Make a second cube and tape them together. Fold the cubes on top of each other and place tape on the other side, creating a hinge. Repeat this process three more times, using different coloured paper. Arrange the cubes into one long rectangle. And start to tape them all together. Fold the cube over. And apply tape to the other side. Continue this all the way around. Once that's done, personalise the cubes with emoji stickers. You can pick your favourites. You'll have a different combination of emojis anytime you flip or fold the cubes. Check this out. Mmm… I'm not sure… What is it? Hmm. This is actually quite fun. This is great. You made this? Yeah… whoa? Aww. Huh? What magic is this? Sssh.

Look what I have. Want to try it? They're the best. I like the blue one. Hmm… I'll pick you. In you go. I'll just close the cover. This is the fun part… squishing them. Oh that feels good. It needs to go into the cloud. I'll squeeze it in. And now to wait… I'll do my make-up. That should do it. This is so exciting. Aww, it's so sweet. Now that's adorable. Cuteness overload. I could do this all day. Nom nom. Can you take a photograph? Smile. Let go, it's mine. Whoops. Pineapple! Where did this come from? Hmm. I think I have an idea. Take a piece of cardboard and cut into a shape, like this. Next, use hair straighteners on a small square of foam. Place the foam on a circle template and push a marble into it.

Make an indentation on the foam. This is perfect. Repeat this until you can fill the holes in the cardboard. Now, apply edible glue to the cardboard Work your way around the edge and the foam. Place the foam on top and press to secure. Flip the cardboard over and push the other piece of foam onto it. Carefully push the foam bubbles through the holes. Then use a small strip of foam to create a border. Wrap it around the cardboard. Place more small strips of foam horizontally. Cut green foam to look like the leaves of a pineapple. A tropical, pineapple pop-it. It works. This feels so good. Here, you have a go. Not so fast. Hmm, this isn't the suspect. Now this is more like it. We got our guy… I mean pineapple.

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Uh… hello? Mm, this lollipop is tasty. Oh hey you, what's happening? Ooh. Shiny gold food. I need to try them. Get out of here lollipop. Nice and quiet. I don't know what it is, but I want it. Here goes. Hmm. That is… disgusting. Yuk. Oh, you need to see this. Pretty neat, right? They're so gooey.  Try it. Uh… geee.. thanks. You… you have a little something on your teeth. Anyway… give it a squeeze. Oh, you're right. It's so soft. I like this. Huh? There's none left. I have an idea. Come here. Oooh. Right. I see. Yoo-hoo, servant. This is just what we need. First, take a bowl of white chocolate buttons and melt them. Inflate a balloon and pour the chocolate over it. This might get messy. Make sure to cover the balloon. Once that's done, allow the chocolate to set. Take this. Wow. Oh, listen to that crack. This is so good.. I told you. It's so easy to make. I love it. That was fun. Great idea. My work is never finished. I'm not paid enough for this.

Hmm. That's kind of relaxing. Is that…. chocolate? Mmm. I'm bored. I don't want this. I'll take it. Oh I know. No…  That's the one. Aww it's so small. This was a good choice. I'll wind it up. Whoa. It keeps changing. It's a dinosaur and a car. Wow, that's so amazing. No, it's mine. Aww, I just wanted to touch it. Although… I think I have a better idea. Cut a circle from a sheet of plastic. Make a hole in the middle and then place on a sheet of paper. We've drawn a unicorn and made sections the paper. Trace over the unicorn. Remove the paper and paint the unicorn. Remove the centre from a fidget spinner. And place it into the centre hole in the plastic. Give it a spin and the unicorn will move. Like my unicorn? It's like he's running. Essie, look. You… you have a unicorn? So hypnotic. Oops. But now I can take the car.

Huh… what to choose. Hmm, I don't know what to play with. Oh this looks good. I'll definitely have fun with these. I'll squeeze the gel onto this straw. And now to blow. It's working, I'm making a balloon. I'll just twist off the straw. It feels just like a balloon. I'll try the blue now. I wonder if it will burst? Oh that felt good. Oooh, whats that? I wish I had balloons, all I have is this candy. I'm so jealous. Wait… I know how to make my own balloons. Phew, this is heavy. Why do you have a microwave? I'm making balloons.

I need to put heat up this candy first. Now to switch it on. That should be enough. I can't forget my straw. I'll dip the straw in the melted candy. And then blow. And the best part is I can eat the balloons. Yummy. Wow, that is so clever. I'm going to try that. Urgh. That does not taste good. We would all love the latest toys, but with a little imagination and some creativity,  you can make your own. We hope this video inspired you to have some fun. Remember to share this video with your friends and don't forget to subscribe to our  channel for more fun videos just like this one..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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