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[Music] hello and welcome back to another rov video this time is going to be featured the tether now i've got a new tether here completely obstruction free with no visible floaties attached to it that's why i call it the snake having a tether with no visible floaties attached to it is quite beneficial because you're not going to have nearly as much impeding objects in the water here on the left side there are no floaties on the right side you see the cable gets tangled up so take 17 to 20 millimeter cable sheathing which gives you more than enough room for your three pairs of thruster cables also your slender video feed line which is usually quite thin high resistance lighting cables and also a tension cord which in itself already provides a little bit of positive buoyancy however nowhere near enough for the entire system obviously so the key to get this to to float is a floaty line these are long cut stripes of polystyrene surrounded by duct tape and you just put as many into the cable sheathing as you want or as you need in order to keep it positively buoyant that's all you got to do now i want i didn't stop there i wanted to make this tether also detachable that's where the unsuccessful story starts so i went on amazon i got myself an ip68 aviation water plug the benefit of having a water plug here is that if you have a detachable tether that's a great increase in mobility you have the tether on one case and the rov on another however this water plug of course only gives you water tightness for one singular cable so you cannot have a bunch of cables sticking out as you can see here the seal only goes around one circular body one cable that is now since i have a whole bunch of cables i need to somehow find a way to figure out to make this into one cable so i got myself a shrinking tube filled it with epoxy and made sure that it was spread around nice and even as you can see here it was a little messy but you know since it's all watertight that did work out when the curing starts to take in you can bend it straight forward and also get the seal of the plug to lock all the way around the singular cable which i came up with here now in a way that really did work however epoxy becomes extremely hard when it cures all the way and any sort of tension that comes onto the cable afterwards like when you use it in the water that tension goes directly into your cables and of course what does happen they crack and also an ip68 water plug is only good for about a meter or two for a couple of minutes and after that as you can see here i went down to 15 meters of water depth water just starts to push in and in the inside it's really not watertight so i had a lot of problems with corrosion in the cables so that completely failed on me so next story back to the basics a fixed tether which is attached full time to the rov i got myself an a car cable or audio cable with seven lights of one square mm millimeters of all copper wiring ofc copper wiring very low resistance in order to get this to work i broke up the cables and every single one of them got sealed up here on the inside of the breakout i used nail polish to seal up the tube in which they were in every single cable was soldered in very very thoroughly and carefully and the outside of the bracket was also sealed off with butyl rubber tape which some of you might be familiar with the sea perch design what you do with the cat cable there and then when i soldered the cables to the engines i also sealed them off with nail polish with clean nail polish and then finally i sealed everything again up with heat shrink tubes problem was this cable with one square square millimeter cables is really really heavy so even with a bunch of auxiliary floaty's i did not i couldn't get it to float so i had to use yet again the floaties on the outside along with the inner floaty line and here you can see that actually didn't work again so i was happy because having a dredging cable on the floor of the lake or the ocean is really no fun it doesn't work and so we went out with a couple of friends with a couple of dogs and had a fun time here you can see the floaties do their job and we had a fun time so enjoy oh yeah stop dumped up getting off perfect [Music] okay miss holly how do you feel after this dive oh a little out of breath huh that took quite a toll on you didn't it but you're happy no you're not okay so oh [Music] [Music] you

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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