Samsung Galaxy Book Pro: It’s all about the screen

Samsung Galaxy Book Pro: It's all about the screen

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How to Repair Your Computer – 3 Easy Steps

This article is a guide to help you find the right computer repair service for you. It gives 3 guidelines to help you find a solution, or help you research and learn more about computer troubles. It lists varying degrees of solutions based upon the trouble, and reminds readers to research thoroughly.

Calling All Boomers: Help for Technophobes Is On The Way!

Technophobic Boomers have a menu of opportunities to learn how to use current and emerging technology devices and programs. Start with your grandchildren. Consult your local community college catalog. Take advantage of free workshops provided through your local technology stores. Use technology, i.e., the Web, to learn how to use technology. Join a user’s group, or start your own. Any combination of these strategies will happily launch you into the 21st century cyber world.

Top 5 Most Comfortable Over-Ear Headphones

Music somehow has a way of influencing just how we actually think and feel. The right kind of music can make us feel invincible and let us take actions that would normally be difficult, or at least challenging to us, while the wrong kind can make us feel inferior and sometimes even powerless. And unlike most other forms of stimulants that can alter perception, music seems like a better alternative, considering that we just need to listen to it.

Calling All Boomers: How To Shed Your ‘Luddite’ Label and Embrace Technology (With Trepidation!)

If the terms iPod, Smart Phone, E-Reader, digital device are as foreign to you as Sanskrit, it’s time to venture out to your local small, independent or large ‘big box’ technology outlet. Several approaches can ensure your success into the 21st century cyber world. Start small; apply the ‘less is more’ strategy; focus on a single digital device, based on your interests and goals. If you plead digital illiteracy, and listen openly with intelligence and self-confidence, more than one eager, knowledgeable teenager will come to your aid to educate, advise, and mentor you, assuring that you will happily emerge with just the right tool to launch you into the digital world.

Calling All Boomers! Are You A Technology ‘Late Adapter’?

Admit it. You’re not afraid of heights, (you’ve zip-lined with the best of them); spiders (brown recluses are your friends); in confined enclosures, like an elevator, you’ve been known to break out into a smooth soft shoe). But… let someone approach within a cyber-foot of your private space, brandishing a smart phone, a Kindle (on fire or otherwise!) or one of those new-fangled tech gadgets imbedded in eyeglasses or wristwatches, and your palms begin to sweat, you begin to hyperventilate, and you become overwhelmed with a sudden nostalgic need to stroke your Corona typewriter. Face it! You are, among smug, sophisticated tech circles, relegated to the disparaging category of ‘late adapter’ — euphuism for ‘Luddite’. Or ‘technophobe.’ But don’t lose heart. Although you may never earn the coveted title of ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’, there are several really valid, authentic, almost liberating reasons why you might want to begin considering the possibility that, perhaps, an attempt on your part to embrace current and emerging technologies might be a good thing for lots of reasons.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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