Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 hands-on: A straightforward upgrade and a price drop

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Much More for Much Less: Amazon Mocks Apple’s iPad Mini

Almost a week after Apple released their new products, including the smaller version of the iPad, the iPad Mini, Amazon created an ad that mocked the newest addition to the Apple iPad family. The ad appeared on the Amazon home page, jeering at the features of the iPad Mini.

Kindle Fire HD: Entertainment At Its Best

The Kindle Fire is a fun teaching aid for children to use. It is a 7″ color tablet that is just the right size for kiddie hands to hold. It can access a lot of reading materials that kids will be interested in browsing through – like ebooks, video games, music, and various apps! There is a new Kindle Fire edition for 2012 with added features that makes it exciting for children to have. This is the new Kindle Fire HD with new features, like Kindle Free Time, so mom and dad can limit the viewing time of their kids daily.

The World of New iPad and Its Accessories

The New iPad is a marvelous tablet PC from Apple and it is designed to meet today’s computing and communication challenges. It has more features than the first and second generation of iPad, so, let’s have a feel of this wonderful device and its accessories.

Benefits To Be Gained By Companies That Use Expert Companies For Their IT Support Solutions

It has been proven that there are many benefits to be gained by outsourcing some tasks and concentrating all of your efforts on your core business. This is very true when it comes to supporting your IT infrastructure as this article explains.

Things to Know About iPhone 5

Apple mobile phones are trackers of how the mobile market behaves and of how they are used. The new iPhone, even if it is not the revolution it was thought to be, gives valuable insights on the state of the field.

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