Sinnvolle Alarmgebung bei einer Lupusec XT2+ Smart Home Alarmanalge konfigurieren

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hello and welcome to the third part of our logistics-related part series our experts took is christian morality and today we want to configure some alarm in the previous part we already looked at the possibilities of the forests we just want to go into their configuration today Use application examples for this because the detector would now have learned we wanted to configure a sensible alarm environment now we stand in front of the opening smell of the door sitting on ours The entrance door and the motion detector are located in the entrance area here we could now catch a motion detector announcing arm so once fully activated, the motion detector triggers an alarm with a delay and he also takes the exit delay into account, so we tick the box and confirm this imho mode, he will not give an answer or none then trigger an alarm when the door is contacted, we say when it is fully activated it also runs with a delay at the entrance, i.e.

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When I leave the house and come with me exit delay if i'm at home here i want one right away Burglar alarm is triggered, we then store this for all three homo But you can configure the homo as you like what you have to say about this is the delay times you can see below settings central area settings for the respective areas so deposit the specific painting but for the respective areas here we now have the detector on entrance area 1 so we have to delays 1 let's say set down to ten seconds and also delays when entering per mode to ten seconds as well delay because leaving on 10 seconds We then adopt this setting and now we take a look at the whole thing live test times on as already mentioned, alarm detector configured raised once the motion detector that is now covered so that he does not immediately someone recognizes and second opening alarm now let's assume we when leaving the house, our alarm system is armed so completely sheep with a here we have then we hear the current from the exit delay make the door open go out and make the door now the system is active now we assume we will come home open the door again and now our entrance delay is now running we have ten seconds to deactivate the system or it will happen immediately an alarm in the second case, we said yes, the motion detector is deactivated anyway and the opening detector is also an immediate alarm, here we simply assume that it is that you are at home so you want to move freely in all the rooms that's why we don't focus on poor or completely sharp here, but only on dated 1 here we now also have the one exit delay that we still have can move freely up the system accordingly then is activated that would just be confirmed to us and now we will see in a moment now there will be no delay until an alarm is triggered but the alarm goes off immediately as soon as the detector is activated is opened in the third case we now have our motion detector, which we also call input output configured so we can now do the complete again switch off the system and leave our off and now we say at Income we come through another door which may also be a 1 entrance door But this time the motion detector detects us with the bidder delay time works now the alarm is activated after ten seconds let's go now in the fourth example we will be back to home mode use here we just want to show that the motion detector is now in horr mode is deactivated, so I activate my home mode 1 although the motion detector detects motion, the status is also included here motion is displayed but it does not trigger an alarm so I can also advance Move the motion detector directly and there will be no alarm, however Management in the aftermath of the opening detector lead picture again on the alarm triggered Thank you very much for your attention if you still have any you can miss alarm functions or something is unclear to you, as always post the comments and we will be happy to answer your questions and so that you do not miss the whole series of videos subscribe simply our youtube channel

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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