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Servus and hello to the very first tutorial of our new version iHaus 2.0. A lot has happened in our new version. We were able to make both technical advances and advances in design. The advances in design are reflected above all in the fact that our app can now be divided into different areas, which makes the app much clearer. Each user can decide for himself how many areas he creates and how he names them. When you are in one area of ​​the app, you can easily switch to the other area by swiping left or right. To rename a section, click the down arrow in the top right corner.

Here you can also change the order of the areas, delete areas and add new ones. We were able to achieve our technical advances primarily through the KNX integration in iHaus. KNX bus systems have been the most tried-and-tested building control systems for 25 years. They enable us to provide our users with completely new features. How KNX is integrated into iHaus, how the devices already integrated in iHaus 1.0 are integrated into the new version and how we combine the different components with each other, I will explain step by step in the following tutorials. I will also illustrate everything again very precisely on the iPhone, the iPad, the JUNG company panel on which an Android version is running, or using a switch. See you in the next tutorial..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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