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– In today's gift guide, I'm gonna be going over 10 of my favorite smart home devices for you to consider buying
this holiday season. So stay tuned. (upbeat techno music) Hey everybody, welcome
back to another video, my name is Steve from the
YouTube channel Steve Does, (electronic beeping)
and I wanna thank you for joining me here at So today, we're gonna be
takin' a look at some deals for expanding your smart home.

The best thing about the holiday season is that you can find deals
not only for yourself, but family and friends. And that's what we're
gonna be takin' a look at in this video today. But before we get started, I wanted to let you know
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Now, before we get started, don't forget to subscribe,
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future videos like this one. And with that said, let's take a look at some of these deals. Okay, now a great place to start if you're looking to
upgrade your smart home is your home wifi. There are tons of great options out there, but what caught my eye
is this deal right here. This is the Orbi Pro Wifi Six. And this is a mesh system meaning that the router and the satellites that you put around the house, are gonna essentially create
a blanket around your house to be able to connect all
of your devices together. This one right here is 43% off, or you can save $130 on
this pack right here, it covers up to 4000 square feet.

And is just an awesome grab right here. Next up, we're takin'
a look at the standard, we've got an Echo Dot Fourth Generation, this one just came out last year, but great deal on this one. You're gonna be able to
save 40% or save $20. And if you previously have an Echo Dot, don't forget to take advantage
of this 25% trade-in. You turn in your old
version, get a brand new one, also get an additional 25%
off, so nice deal right there. Next we're takin' a look at smart locks. So the August Smart Lock is one of my favorite ones out there. Super easy to set up and install. This one right here is
going to be 22% off, you could save $50 on this
smart lock right here.

It does come in a couple
of different colors. This one does not have
a keypad on the outside, but it does have an add-on if you do wanna add a
keypad on the outside, if you don't do that, then it's only gonna to be
controllable through the app. Next up, we're takin' a look
at this sweet deal right here. This is gonna be two
Blink Outdoor cameras, and an Echo Show Five. Now this is the new second
generation Echo Show Five. And what I love about
this deal right here, is that you're gonna be able
to pick up this deal for $110. Now, one of these cameras alone, when it's not on sale, it's about a $100.

So essentially, you're spending a little
bit more on one camera, you're getting a second camera for free, and you're also getting an Echo Show Five for free, essentially. With this bundle right here, we're gonna be able to save at 58%, $155 is what you are saving,
and it's gonna cost you $110, I would definitely recommend scooping this one up right away.

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Another thing that I wanna mention with these deals right here, there were deals that I actually included when I made my list yesterday
that were deals yesterday and were not deals today, so I had to go in and replace some things. But that just reminds me that
these deals change quickly. So, if you are takin' a
look at this right now, get these deals before they
either aren't deals anymore, or they are sold out, so
take advantage of those. Next up, I wanted to talk about
the Arlo Pro Four Spotlight. You're gonna be able to save
27% or $150 on this three-pack, this is 2K cameras, they
come with all the goodies, so you're gonna get two-way
talk, color night vision. And the good thing here
about the Pro Fours is that you don't need that
Arlo base station anymore, these can connect directly
to wifi, which is nice. They do come in black and white, so you got a couple of
different options there, but these are some great cameras that are worth checkin' out. Next, I wanted to show
you this guy right here. So we've got the Fire TV Stick 4K Max.

This is the new one that just came out, it's got upgraded hardware
from all of the previous ones. If you've previously
owned a Fire TV Stick, you may have experienced how
laggy and slow they can be. Well they have fixed it in
this version right here, has some upgraded hardware, and this one is gonna be 36%
off, you're gonna save $20. To pick this up for $35
is a fantastic deal, and definitely something
that I recommend doing. Also, you have the option here for saving 20% with a trade-in, so if you have an older version, maybe you can go ahead and do a trade-in to save even more money. Alright, next up is smart lighting, so Sengled is actually
having a deal right now on some smart bulbs. I initially had LIFX in here, but LIFX does not have their deal anymore, So we're jumpin' over
to some Sengled bulbs, I have used these, these are great.

If we take a look down below, you can apply this coupon
code to get 17% off this four-pack right here. So not only are you
gonna be able to pick up four colored light bulbs for $30, but you can also save an additional 17%. Love that deal right there. Next up, we're takin' a look
at the Arlo Smart Thermostat. So this one is not on
sale, it just came out. In fact, it's right
over there on the floor, I'm gonna be doing a review
on this one right here, but this is brand new, it just came out. The reason it is on here,
because it is not on sale, is that it is just such a good deal, $60 for a smart thermostat. Now it's pretty plain on the front. There's not all the bells and whistles that you get from other thermostats, but it's also affordably priced. $60, you're gonna control everything, mostly through the app, you can actually walk
up and control it too. But I just think this is
a great deal right here, and just somethin' that
I wanted to bring up, so, $60 for the brand new
Amazon Smart Thermostat, definitely somethin' worth checking out.

Alright, next up is the Google
Nest Learning Thermostat, so this is their top of the line one, this is the nice one from the Nest lineup, you're gonna be able to save 28% or $70 on this one right here, this is the one that you
can actually turn the knob. It feels good, it clicks, I love this one, this is the one I have downstairs. But this is a good one right here because not only does it
work in the Google ecosystem, but it also works in the Alexa ecosystem. Alright, the last thing that I wanted to bring up and talk about, a smart home vacuum, these are so popular
during the holiday season, there are a lot of brands out
there having good deals on, but I wanted to bring
up this one right here, for the iRobot Roomba 694.

You see here, it's one
of the best sellers, it has got a 4.5 star rating. Fantastic, 66,000 reviews on it. You're gonna be able to get 35% off. So save $95, pick it up for $180, this is a great entry-level robot vacuum. Alright, so that is 10 of my
favorite smart home items. What items did you like out of the list, which ones are you lookin' to pick up? Also, if there's something
that I did not cover on here, somethin' that you think is a great deal, leave it on the comments below
and let me know about it. As always, we're gonna have links below for all of the devices we checked out, don't forget to sign up and
apply for the dream job, win $2500 just to watch
25 Christmas movies, you can't beat that.

Like I said, that ends
tomorrow, December 3rd, so be sure that you sign
up as soon as possible. If this video is helpful,
give it a thumbs up. Let me know that ya liked it. As always, don't forget to subscribe
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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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