Telekom Magenta SmartHome: Philips HUE Leuchten einbinden

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with the integration of philips you you can turn your smart home into an innovative one The lighting system can also be expanded individually situations are integrated to create the right light atmosphere for the for example, watching TV or enjoying a leisurely meal with friends create the philips you lamps are automatic integrated in the smarthome alarm system they can be activated or deactivated to give a visual signal when the alarm is triggered around the To be able to use philips led s you first have to use the philips you bridge to be installed select the smart in the main menu home app the point settings then tap on add devices It may be necessary to provide your data with the one you are with kiwi com must have registered then follow the steps of the setup wizard select in the manufacturer about himself first from philips and then you brits First connect the bridge to yours using the network cable supplied router then connect it to the power using the power cord and tap continue your homebase will now recognize the philips you brits if the british is not recognized automatically, you can do this via the menu item device add manually using the serial number of the bridge add the You can find the serial number on the inside of the base of the philips school office as soon as the brit has been recognized, it will be listed in the setup assistant as phillips yuan shown tap the ad to continue we now build the bridge with the homebase by using the press the learn button on the bridge now the philips you bridge is with the kiwi con homebase connected you can now connect directly to the to continue setting up your led bulbs click on another device It will first connect again to the manufacturer list displayed here select again philips in the following overview select your philips lamp click on next to connect the lamp must first be connected to the electricity or at the lynx and the e 27, the lamp must be turned into the socket the lamp is now recognized by the homebase, then please select the indicated lamp off if the lamps are not recognized move this closer to the bridge in the next step you can use the lamp to arrange a room new rooms can be created under the menu item rooms if required edit will be added assign for your lamp one suitable designation for example couch lamp living room to make it easier later the setup is now complete and the lamp connected to the smarthome, depending on the lamp type, you can now set the desired color and brightness To do this, select the remote control functions in the main menu and tap Simply select the desired color on the lamp and mark it the only thing you can do with the tip of your finger on the philips lux lamp is the brightness adjustable the brightness can be adjusted with the Slider at the bottom of the app is easy and infinitely variable from 0 to 100 percent can be set the lamp is controlled of course also via the smart home app, it can be accessed easily and conveniently the remote control functions of the app can also be switched on and off lamp also integrated in situations and thus, for example, timed on and switched off your philips you lamps are in your smart home alarm system integrated and flash in an attention-grabbing red in the event of an alarm see the alarm system and situations videos for more information

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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