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the phones tablets and digital assistants in our smart homes still all speak different languages wouldn't it be great to change all that so all devices could talk to each other that's precisely what matter is about a common language for your smart home developed by apple google amazon csa eve and many others matter communicates over wi-fi thread or proprietary bridges but only thread offers many unique advantages thread creates a mesh network enabling devices to talk directly to each other for a smart home network that's reliable and reaches the farthest corners of your home if one node fails the next one fills in immediately the network therefore becomes more resilient with every additional threat accessory threat devices don't need a bridge they only need a border router such as a homepod mini and if any devices are beyond the reach of the border router wall power devices such as eve energy connect to them and link them to your network thread was designed for maximum device responsiveness regardless of the network's size and density all devices are also extremely power efficient for significantly longer lasting battery life eve already has the largest selection of thread-enabled accessories on the market so you can enjoy all the benefits of thread right now and look forward to upgrading to the new matter standard soon that's because thread-enabled eve accessories are already equipped to support matter the future of smart home has arrived

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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