TOP 3 NEW #KNX Products from ISE 2022 Barcelona – Talking Smart Homes Special

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hola from Barcelona this is a special episode 
of Talking Smart Homes we're here in beautiful   Barcelona scanning for new KNX products the 
novelties on the KNX market so you don't have to   this is the first time ISE is in Barcelona and 
we have to say we like it a lot compared to the   last show in Amsterdam the hall here at Fira de 
Barcelona Gran Vía is a bit more comfortable   a bit more cozy with a lot of co-working spaces a 
lot of places to meet and a lot of places to chill   out the hall is a bit smaller but that doesn't 
affect the offering from the exhibitors   and of course some tapas and little sangria never 
really hurt anybody we've scanned all the KNX   boots and selected top three novelties so you can 
be in touch with trends even if you weren't there   the selection of KNX manufacturers 
is similar to ISE in Amsterdam   with some newcomers honestly given that the last 
live ISE was almost three years ago we expected   a bit more innovation but with this in mind we 
had an easier job of selecting our top three   now let's start with the presentation the first 
product we have selected is the innovative   multi-function push button with rotary controls 
from Tyba Home clean design supreme functionality   is what got it on the list so let's check it out 
we're here with the CEO of the company Tyba Home   Oz Andrews can you tell us about your beautiful 
device and how it works sure so this is Turn 2   it's a room control device that brings convenient 
functionality to the door and we have lighting   scene control so you can have up to eight scenes 
here that configure to control presets um you've   also got independent fixture control here with 
dimming for independent lights or lighting groups   then we move on to climate control where you've 
got set point control at current temperature   you can provide options like fan speeds humidity 
control modes then we've got shades which we offer   shade scenes or independent control of your the 
shades in the space and then finally we have   audio control so volume transport control yeah 
amazing the push button is not only very usable   but it looks sick so what are the customization 
options in terms of design and how does it affect   the price range sure so you can configure the 
device in software to configure all the control   parameters you're controlling in the space it's 
all controlled from our ios app to configure   the pages from a physical perspective we've got 
multiple finishes so we provide black and silver   anodized aluminium then we have a stainless steel 
finish and a bronze finish here as well some of   these examples on the back wall are some custom 
finishes we've created for some of our customers   we also have an optional wall plate here which 
can be used for retrofit opportunities with square   back boxes and we also have our integrations at 
the bottom here for Crestron ,Control4 and KNX   the starting price for turn is 800 euros end user 
well the design and the feel of the product is   really awesome so being a relative newcomer to the 
world of KNX can you tell us a bit more about your   company and maybe something about your plans for 
the future sure so we're a London-based startup   we started three years ago with the first 
generation of our product it was only for   um Cresnet for Crestron and we quickly 
learned that KNX was a huge market in   europe so turn two is the new version of 
our product which now supports KNX Control4   Crestron and lots more integrations to come 
in the future we're very much focused on   designing desirable user interfaces 
and that's what you can expect to come   soon huh thanks for all the answers Oz and 
I hope you get have a great successful fair   and hope to see more beautiful products from Tyba 
Home in the future thank you very much thank you another cool thing is Crestron adding KNX 
support to their Crestron home app now   we've already reported on Crestron home app 
in the last fair in Amsterdam but at that time   KNX was not yet supported so let's check it out 
so we're here at the beautiful Crestron booth with   Andre Goltara the KNX specialist from Crestron 
so finally andre Crestron supporting KNX on the   Crestron home app so can you take us through 
the app interface a little bit yeah of course   so as i said before and being talked for people 
here during those days we are very excited to   show you guys that Crestron home now supports 
KNX so the idea of this system is we can have   a layer of Crestron on the top of KNX device the 
user interface is basically as the same you see   on Crestron home for example here we have 
our weather station connected to the system   you can control KNX lights from Crestron home we 
can have control over thermostats so if you have   any type of KNX thermostats in the system 
they're going to populate on Creston home   and you can even use KNX keypads to trigger 
actions on Crestron home user or any VX system   to switching audio server and video server 
so yeah it's a layer of control with the name   Crestron but using KNX device yeah it looks really 
nice um another thing we were impressed about   is like how easy it is to configure KNX and 
all the customization options available so   can you tell us a bit more about that yeah the 
way the driver was designed is to make the life   of the dealer easier and how we can configure 
everything so for example we have a web page   that is hosted on our processor and everything 
the user need to do is just add a couple buttons   and gauges and other interface and this 
automatically populates on Crestron home   user interface so it's pretty much what you need 
to have is the object IDs that are coming from   ETS file and once you click you select what you 
want and this automatic to populate on our user   interface it's pretty easy to configure there's 
not rocket science here at all well thanks for   this presentation and final question is Crestron 
supporting KNX a move to increase the share   in the european smart home market and if yes can 
we expect more KNX related stuff from Crestron   in the future well this is pretty cool because 
this driver was developed by us was developed   in home so we are updating the driver once 
we get feedback from KNX Crestron dealers   so that means we are always updating and yes 
we can see more features coming this driver   for example we are just releasing our version 2 
where we're going to be able to have more modes   on our thermostat and yeah you're going to 
see a lot of Crestron home with KNX as i said   there's a lot of KNX device out there it's very 
important for Europe and now we can have KNX on   the top of the layer Crestron right that's for 
sure a very trustworthy system and an amazing   automation interface yeah that really is awesome 
so thanks for all the answers and yeah have a   great fair and hope to see more great stuff 
from Crestron in the future thank you guys so we saved best for last Basalte has killed the 
show again with their amazing Apple-like design of   the booth and even more amazing products now there 
are a couple of novelties from Basalte but we have   selected the new remote control device called Miro 
so let's find somebody to tell us more about it   so we're joined by Brian from Basalte and uh you've 
done it again Brian amazing booth and even more   amazing products so can you take us a little 
bit through the functionality of your new "couch   interface" Miro yeah i like you calling it a couch 
interface it is in fact our own remote control   it is called Miro and it's all made in-house so 
it's all made of aluminum even the buttons are   made of aluminum it features a beautiful OLED 
touchscreen and it actually is a remote control   that can control your whole house like you may 
know Basalte has its own home automation system   called Basalte Home you can of course access that 
on your iPhone or on your touch panel but when   you're in the couch you don't want to get up and 
go touch something on the wall so we created a   remote control where you control everything from 
the touch of hand so ideally you can control your   video you control your music source and you can 
control your home automation as well all within   the confines here of your thumb we have a little 
joystick we have the most commonly used buttons   just around your thumb so the whole idea is after 
a few days of use you most likely are able to use   a remote control without even looking at it just 
like you today are using your your iPhone so this   is a beautiful product that is made by Basalte in 
Belgium oh that's really amazing we also love the   sleek wireless charging station which makes you 
keep the product in in place so you don't lose   it so can you maybe tell us a little bit more 
about it and different design options available   yes of course so so since this is a smart 
remote control with a touchscreen OLED of course   it is a little battery hungry so instead of 
changing batteries we now have a wireless battery   charging station it is inductive charging just 
like you know from your smartphone so by putting   the remote back you know where it is exactly put 
this on your your table this also doubles as a   wireless antenna so for this it's called a mesh 
network we call it Beam that this communicates   to our server and this is actually an antenna an 
amplifier for that so you can use our beautiful   remote control charger it's available in six 
different finishes i'm showing two of them here   being a aluminum in anodized black and a brass 
but we have four additional colors available   well thanks for this presentation and maybe to 
end our last booth report with a look at the   future so what can we expect from Basalte in the 
coming years well the future looks bright I cannot   unveil what's coming but I do invite all 
the viewers to to keep an eye on Basalte   maybe come to ISE next year i know some really 
cool stuff is coming well thanks for this and   I have to say you've done it again we expect 
nothing but the best from you guys and I hope you   have a successful fair and good luck in the future 
thank you so much thank you for listening thank   you Brian and that's it thank you Barcelona for 
the warm welcome and to all the manufacturers   contributing to this special episode of 
Talking Smart Homes don't forget to comment   share and of course subscribe to our channel 
see you next time and until then adios amigos

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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