Top 5 Single-Board Computer for DIY Projects

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hello world
I am UP Core open your notebook you have ideas you have visions but when you want
to turn your ideas into products it becomes a challenge that's why I'm here
from prototype I help you get to mass production I can do this because I am
the smallest x86 single board computer in the world I'm so tiny that I can fit
in almost any project and at the same time I am powerful enough to take on
just about any challenge you throw my way so let's get busy starting up your
new business I am very small very very small weighing
just 40 grams and 37 centimeters square I am even smaller than a post-it note with
an Intel Atom 1.92 gigahertz quad-core processor 12 core high-definition
graphics up to 4 gigabyte of RAM and 64 gigabyte of storage space I'm a little
powerhouse I'm also green thanks to a scenario
design power of only 2 watts I am strong enough to run Linux, Android
and Windows 10 operating systems if you're an existing user of our previous
UP boards then all your software is compatible with me I'm more than a
single board computer I keep getting more powerful and tailored to your exact
needs through stackable expansion boards that expand my input output capabilities
up to 3 expansion boards can be stacked beneath me making me exponentially
stronger i bridge the gap between a single board computer and a computer on
module let me empower your application from drones to smart homes to the
Internet of Things but helping you to get your product ready for manufacturing
isn't the only way I can help you once your creation is ready sell it at UP
shop a marketplace for innovators and startups being listed in up shop will
give your product visibility worldwide in fact the online up shop is part of
the up community where you and other like-minded creators can share and
design stackable expansion solutions that help you scale up your ideas to new
products I share the schematics of my expansion board online as
open-source hardware and if your innovative design is selected it will be
manufactured and rewarded with royalties there are already tons of things that
can be made with my help hello IndieGoGo we are onion as makers
we use development boards to build all sorts of cool stuff but most development
boards on the market fell short of our expectations they're bulky confusing the
setup and overcomplicated we usually spend far more time reading the
documentation than actually using them to build things today we're changing
that say hello to the Omega 2 – the world's simplest development work the
Omega 2 is tiny at less than a quarter of the size of your credit card it can
easily fit into any project but don't be fooled by its size the Omega 2 is
powerful it is a full Linux computer that's right
this tiny purple thing runs the same operating system that power some of the
world's most mission critical infrastructure the Omega 2 works out of
the box it comes with built-in Wi-Fi and onboard storage so it comes to life the
moment you power it on the Omega 2 is familiar you control it with apps just
like your regular computer we even have an app store so you can discover apps
created by the community the Omega 2 is easy to program in fact you don't even
have to read any code it supports node-red a graphical tool that you can
use to create programs by simple drag-and-drop but if you are into writing code the
omega2 supports many programming languages pick one you're already
familiar with and start building the Omega 2 is called connected so you can
remote controllers securely from anywhere in the world the Omega 2 is
expandable we have created many plug-and-play expansions so adding new
features to your project will look something like this the Omega 2 is
affordable starting at only $5 yep 5 it is cheaper than this Frappuccino we
want to lower the barrier to entry so everyone can join the maker so you see
guys the problem is that the tools for building amazing hardware are just not
accessible for everyone and that is why here at onion we have worked so hard to
make the Omega 2 really easy to use but we need your help to make it affordable
as well so please pack our campaign and tell all your friends we can't wait to
see what the amazing things you'll come up with thank you hi I'm Michelangelo and this is a
powerful desktop computer while this isn't I'm doing a one-on-one and this is
both of them it's a brand new you do x86 and it is
the most powerful maker board ever how much does it cost 89 and this beauty can
run up to free 4k resolution monitors at once so she can do pretty much
everything you throw at it like for example being your favorite 4k image a
play YouTube Netflix coding this beauty runs just everything and you can also
use its extended capabilities to create new interactions like we just did and if
you are in the mood for gaming you can play pretty much every game even the
latest ones on your PC has trimmed them live on the you do x86 also if you are
in the mood for it or gaming you are covered you do x86 is open source open
Android and thanks to the Arduino 101 capabilities is perfect for professors
designers students and makers to lighten up their ideas things like drones robots
or computer vision projects are a piece of cake
isn't that cool whoa and you can also run Android Linux or even become a fully
fledged multi-monitor Windows workstation the other may say
that the force is really strong with you the week's 86 job it's yours you do x86 is a complete and flexible
development platform no compromises it provides powerful Intel quad-core
processor four gigs of RAM Bluetooth Wi-Fi Gigabit Ethernet and the most
common storage options there will be also available lot of Linux distro
windows and Android you can directly program are doing 101 from the main
processor plug shield and communicate with it with Bluetooth Low Energy this is the wino God the wino board is
like your Arduino it's just much smaller and cheaper and has built-in Wi-Fi let's
have a look the wino board features the newest arm cortex-m 0 plus technology
which gives you more speed more space and new features and all this at a very
low power consumption its built-in Wi-Fi module features an easy web-based setup
which makes the device accessible almost anywhere this all together makes the
wino board a perfect basis for your own wireless devices the board layout
combines very small size with a stackable header
this makes the wino board easy to upgrade we provide you plug and play ready
upgrades all upgrades come with open code
examples for your projects so it's possible to use them right out of the
box without special coding to set up your wine award just plug in
the USB upgrade use your smartphone or other device to open the web browser choose your Wi-Fi network and type in
the password the wino board is now connected to your
Wi-Fi you are now able to communicate with the module by any other tcp/ip
device like your phone tablet PC or laptop we support the Arduino IDE which makes
it easy to use your existing Arduino code or one of the thousands of examples
and tutorials out there maybe you would like to use the wine
award to control your home or create your own devices let your internet-of-things become a
reality and get your widel board now hi Kickstarter my name is bruno Sinagua
I'm a professor in the electrical and computer engineering department at
Cardinal Mellon and I'm here to introduce the Kickstarter community with
a groundbreaking project you do you won't combine winning
characteristics of Arduino and Raspberry Pi in one single board the simplicity of
Arduino in managing sensors combined with the flexibility of a microcomputer
based on our our integrated in YouTube giving you a powerful prototyping board
able to run Linux or Android hi I'm Marco and I'm part of the team that
developed the you do board in you do to a RM CPU live side by side with one gig
of ram memory the board has the same pin out as I do we know do a ensuring full
compatibility you do has full HD video outputs with touch display support
Ethernet connections and Wi-Fi module there are two mini USB for programming
and debugging and two standard USB audio and microphone jacks you do also
supports serial ata hard drive and camera input the operating system runs
on micro sd and can be easily switched between Android and Linux hi I'm Andrea and I'm an interaction
designer when we explore the concept behind you do one of our main concern
was the target you do should be for everyone even for those people without a
strong skill in coding and electronics like me for example now I'm going to
lead you through five scenarios to show you some of the capabilities of you do
let's go this scenario is very easy you do is a Linux computer Excel and you can
use the programming language to scratch for Arduino to play with it Android 4 ran smoothly on YouTube board
with a lot of accessories and sensors such as a touch display and RFID reader
through embedded the addict a connection whether you do everything can be a
controller build em plug in sensor to Arduino parts and then file with your
friends to do it open-source teacher can easily use it to teach students the
basic of programming you do is fully compatible with every
Arduino do a shield available on the market like the motor shield urban furniture becomes mark with you do
and it's easy to envision your behaviors and services for the object around you

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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