Top 8 Woodworking Tools for DIY Projects

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foreign woodpeckers angle depth gauge   you'll barely notice Woodpecker's angle and depth 
gauge in your shirt pocket but it tackles several   tricky measuring jobs use it to measure the 
depth of grooves box joint fingers rabbits   dovetails mortises and drilled holes accurately 
check the thickness of stock and use the carefully   milled scribing notch in the end of the scale to 
transfer your measurements wherever you need it   when you need to lay out angles just loosen the 
knob pop the blade out of its Square index recess   and adjust to the angle you want several common 
angles are engraved right on the head of the tool   but you can lock it anywhere in between   when you're ready to use it as a depth gauge again 
the blade snaps back into place perfectly Square   the scale is engraved with 32nd inch graduations 
on one side and millimeters on the other   perfect for Woodworkers who have to work 
in both scales your angle depth gauge   comes complete with a wall mountable racket so 
it's always right in plain sight and ready to   go to work introducing jesum's clear-cut stock 
guides unlike typical feather boards for where   you require one set to hold the stock down 
and another set to hold it against the fence   these stock guides control your stock in both 
directions with one tool they adjust very quickly   requiring only one knob to be loosened to adjust 
each guide they have two and three quarters of   an inch of total travel and they can accommodate 
stock to 9 16 of an inch below the mounting t-slot   to adjust your clear-cut stock 
guides Slide the stock into position   apply the pressure that you desire against the 
stock and then lock the knobs you're ready to go   for long-term routing the clamping knobs can 
be tightened with a quarter inch Allen key   clear-cut stock guides are designed to be 
used on router tables and shaper tables   notice how the urethane guide rollers pull the 
stock into the fence and keep it securely in this   position your stock is continuously pulled 
towards the fence the rollers are mounted   to one-way bearings preventing any kickback the 
guide rollers on the clear-cut stock guides are   set at a 5 degree angle this pulls the stock 
towards the fence as it also holds it down Machining and Grain on the short side of a board 
can be difficult even at the best at times and   usually you can't get a set of feather 
boards there to help hold it in position you can machine end grain with 
confidence with clear-cut stock guides   because they hold the stock 
to the fence at the fence as the stock is held securely in all directions 
you can achieve smoother more precise Cuts with   clear-cut stock guides you can easily convert your 
rotary tool into a drill press or a horizontal   tool holder there's a built-in depth stop for your 
drilling applications the max range of travel when   the head is locked into position using the handle 
is two and a half inches or 63.5 millimeters   the head of the tool stand can be adjusted 
on the metal rod the max range of travel is   7 inches or 17.8 centimeters whether you need 
the sand polish drill or route with your rotary   tool the miles craft tool stand has you covered 
this tool stand is ideal for any Workshop these   unique versatile clamps are designed to always 
hold fix and align materials at a 90 degree angle   ideal for many applications including cabinet work 
furniture assembly and framing Jaws are die cast   and plastic coated rear jaw swivels allowing you 
to hold different material thicknesses always at   a 90 degree angle clamp at maximum opening will 
accommodate different material thicknesses of   one inch one side six inches other side uniform 
material thicknesses of four inches both sides   the skill 1.2 amp 16 inch variable speed scroll 
saw is an ideal addition to any benchtop workshop   for Woodworkers looking to make intricate cuts 
and patterns this skill saw features electronic   variable speed control for cutting a variety of 
materials and its foot pedal allows you to always   keep both hands on the workpiece an integrated 
LED work light provides greater visibility at   a variety of angles while its integrated dust 
removal system keeps the line free of debris   for accurate cuts the scroll saw is titling 
16 x 10 inch work table tilts 0 to 45 degrees   for precise Cuts keyless blade change provides 
fast and easy blade changes and on tool blade   storage gives you easy access to additional 
blades a panograph pro model number 1221   with the router bit clear to spin 
freely turn on the router motor   then using the handle the lift and swing 
the router above the work piece position   the stylus over the stencil and slowly lower 
the router to begin routing the first letter it's important to hold the handles 
with both hands when routing as this   gives you greater control when tracing the stencil   work slowly following the outside line of the 
stencil working in a counterclockwise Direction   using small Strokes move the stylus throughout 
the inside of the stencil to clear out the   extra material in your work piece try to 
avoid stops and starts as this can lead to   imperfections in the work piece the slow and 
steady Pace will give you the best results after you've completed the first letter lift 
up and swing your router clear the work piece   before switching off the router's motor when 
the router bit comes to a complete stop inspect   your work piece to ensure the material has 
been completely removed from the letter   to ensure the appropriate letter spacing 
each stencil has locator dots to help the   proper positioning next to each other 
with the router motor turned off pick   up the handle and place the stylus on the 
spacing dot to the right of the stencil sheet   allow the router bit to rest directly on the 
surface of the work piece using a pencil Mark   the location of the router bit on the work piece 
then lift and swing the router out of the way   remove the stencil sheet of the letter you 
just routed and replace it with the next one   be sure to position each sheet in the same exact 
position as the previous to help create straight   work on your finished side lift and swing the 
router back onto the work piece so the bit is   positioned on the pencil Mark then loosen 
the work piece by gently tapping on the end   of the Locking wedges then adjust the work 
piece and the router to the left until the   stylus is directly over the locating 
dot to the left of the stencil sheet   lock the work piece securely in place by tapping 
the wedges into position then lift and swing the   router off the work piece and repeat the routing 
action as you did previously for the first letter   repeat this process for each letter you route and 
when you finish routing all of your letters remove   the work piece and finish your sign as desired you 
can sharpen straight edge tools such as chisels   and plane irons the patented design makes it 
easy to mount the tool correctly in The Jig   first adjust for the thickness then slide the tool 
onto the straight shoulder of The Jig and tighten   a square positioning in The Jig is an essential 
prerequisite to get a square Edge when sharpening   The Jig aligns the tool using its upper flat 
side so it is always parallel with the universal   support two safety stops are included which make 
it easier to use the full width of the Stone the edge angle is set with the angle master adjust the universal support 
until the setting is right   or color the bevel and you can easily 
replicate an existing edge angle okay move the tool from side to side then you will 
get a perfect bevel and even wear on the stone set your parallel line feather boards place them 
against your work and Slide the work piece back   to the setup finger lock them in place and 
you're ready to go they're set with uniform   pressure across all the fingers to Mount Your 
Powerline featherboards to a miter slot install   the miter bar and place them in your miter Track 
by tightening the clamping knobs the miter bar   expands locking your feather board securely 
in position on the in feet and out feed side now Slide the feather board so the setup 
finger is against your work piece and   lock in position your work piece is now 
held securely against the fence and table Caroline feather boards are reversible 
to suit the direction of feet   and the mounting bracket can be reversed 
to allow greater range of adjustment they can even be stacked for greater control bring a whole new level of safety 
precision and convenience to your   routing with Paraline featherboards [Music]


As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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