Turning Scrap Wood into Cash / DIY Projects that sell Quickly

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hello youtube friends and welcome to my channel 
if you're new here my name is deidre from our   upcycled life and i do lots of thrifting upcycling 
repurposing and diy content and today's video is   all about turning scrap wood into cash i'm going 
to show you some diy projects that you can do that   are really simple and really easy and you can flip 
them and put a little bit of money in your pocket   really easy and i also want to thank gold 
cashback for sponsoring today's video   it's a cash back website where you can earn 
cashback on some of your favorite retailers   but i'll explain that a little bit more 
once we get into the video okay let's get   started i never throw out any little bits 
of wood almost anything can be turned into   a sign or a little ornament or 
something that you can turn into cash   i always have a little pile that i can always go 
to to make lots of projects the first project that   i'm going to show you is made from pallet 
wood you can always find pallet wood free   i had this it was already painted black so it 
was going to work out perfect for this project   and i cut them into squares these are going to 
turn into coasters i took them out i aggressively   sanded them and now we're going to just seal them 
up with some an engine enamel now that's the trick   the engine enamel is really really durable so 
you can put a wet hot cold drink on it turns into   beautiful coasters you can tie them up really 
pretty and they sell really well this one i've   added a little tag that i made they're perfect 
for craft fairs and they're so easy to make next project is this scrap piece of wood that had 
a little bit of a live edge on it i had friends   that were building a home i had them save all 
kinds of little bits and pieces for me and this   came from that now i wanted to stress it and make 
it look a little bit older took my hammer really   banged it up took a chain put lots of nicks 
and chunks in it and now i'm gonna stain it   now i found the stain in the whoop section it was 
like three dollars make sure you always check that   section when you're at the hardware store because 
they always have something there that you can pick   up really cheap so now i've stained this and then 
i sanded it down a little bit i'm just adding some   coat hooks to it this is a really easy diy to flip 
make a little bit of money on and it doesn't take   very long to put together and a lot of times 
when i'm at the thrift store i'll buy things   that have hooks already on them just to take 
the hooks off because they can get pricey   and i put this together really affordable and 
it sells really well on craft affairs at your   booth or on marketplace 24 7.


And this was just a 
useless piece of wood that was going to get burnt now these were just some little pieces of press 
board i actually got them from home depot they   have a little box at the back of their store 
where they cut wood that they put scrap pieces   of wood in that you can grab and take for free 
always check there at your lumber store and ask   if they have little scrap pieces of wood that 
you can use these turn into beautiful gift tags   i had some vintage gift wrap paper that i found at 
the thrift store i'm gonna use this to decoupage   onto the tags and they turn into beautiful 
gift tags that sell fantastic and they're at   a really good price point that people can afford 
and they'll spend the five to seven dollars on a   little gift tag that's custom made i find when 
people come to craft shows they always have   twenty dollars in their pocket or in their purse 
to spend so if you can keep your smalls under that   price point you'll sell things a lot easier i 
decoupage these on let them dry now i'm sealing   them up with a little bit of polyacrylic sealer 
and the possibilities are endless with these you   can use custom napkins you can just use napkins 
you can put quotes on them so many ideas and if   you can do all the different seasons and all the 
different holidays or milestones in these tags   you'll definitely be able to have a good seller 
and these are super popular at christmas time now this project is going to prove that i never 
throw anything out these are actually from an   old shutter that was broken i took the slots 
out we're going to turn them again into little   ornaments or gift tags so many possibilities 
with these but they would have been thrown in   the dump and i saved them deconstructed that 
shutter and there's a lot of these in shutters   so you can make a lot of tags and i sell these for 
four or five dollars a piece so when you consider   how many of these are in a shutter and you can 
turn them into four or five dollars a piece   puts a lot of money in your pocket i painted 
just the one side with some homemade white chalk   paint and we're going to do our mod podge reverse 
graphic transfer method on these i've printed off   these quotes they're all on one sheet so you can 
do a whole bunch of these tags all at once this is   available in my etsy store if you have a project 
that you want to use these on you can grab them   afterwards i let the graphics sit for 24 hours rub 
the paper off we're left with a fantastic graphic   on those little shutter slots drilled a hole 
in the top and then we're just going to add a   bead and a little bit of twine and you've put 
together some really adorable little ornaments   that sell really well and these don't have to be 
made with little wooden slats these can be made on   any type of little small piece of wood scrap 
that was probably going to get it thrown out   you can turn into beautiful ornaments and again 
these are fantastic sellers at christmas because   they're under that 20 dollar price point and i 
sell piles of them you'll never look at little   pieces of wood the same again after this video i 
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money so we can buy more diy craft supplies next project is just some scrap wood 
again squares that make really great   shelf sitters another really easy diy to make 
that sell really well i've just kind of rounded   the edges a little bit with my hammer just to 
make it a little bit rustic looking and we're   going to paint it with some black homemade chalk 
paint when that's all dry i'm going to paint some   white homemade chalk paint on top of that and 
let it completely dry and then i took my 80 grit   sander and went all around the edges to make it 
look nice and rustic i'm going to do my mod podge   reverse graphic transfer method with this again i 
love the how this is so versatile and you can do   so many different themes and it doesn't cost a lot 
of money you don't need your cricut you don't need   a stencil you can do so many different designs 
now one thing that you should always keep in mind   is to keep a neutral palette white 
and black you can never go wrong with   and it sells better than using funky colors 
because everybody has black and white in   their home and it can match now i have done a 
couple little yellow ones for a pop of color   because they're fun just to add in 
with the neutral colors here and there next diy is one of my most popular sellers i've 
actually done a video that is completely all about   these breadboards because if you can make these 
you can put cash in your pocket this was a piece   of scrap tongue and groove i cut the groove off 
with my jigsaw and i've got this old cutting board   that i use as a template and we're just going to 
put the cutting board on top of that piece of wood   and then trace out the handle it doesn't have 
to be the exact same width you can make cutting   boards from all different sizes of scrap wood and 
they always always sell really well they're so   easy and so fast to make all you need is a jigsaw 
and a scrap piece of wood and you can put these   together now this scrap piece of pine is going 
to turn into two cutting boards i'm just going to   take my jigsaw and cut out a round where i traced 
with the pencil and we'll finish it up i have   a lot of people ask me about pricing and what i 
like to do is i like to go to etsy find something   comparable and then adjust my pricing from there 
of course every area is going to be different   whether you live in the city or in the country 
so you have to take that into consideration   but that's a good place to start i just drilled 
a hole in the top stained it with a little bit   of my homemade stain which is really easy to 
make i'll put a link below in the description   for that and created these beautiful cutting 
boards so this is just a few ideas of some diy   projects that you can make from scrap wood that 
sell really well and you can make some money on   i hope it was helpful and you got some inspiration 
thanks for watching have a great day and we'll see   you in the next video and if you love this video 
i'm sure you'll love either of these two take care

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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