What is a Smart Home? – ULTIMATE Smart Home Guide 2020: Part 1

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hey folks welcome back to tech tech and more Tech I'm Carlo and this is part one of the ultimate smart home guide for 2020 [Music] now part 0 because went over the entire guide kind of what's gonna be in it and what I'm gonna be talking about part 1 of course is what is a smart home we're gonna make that distinction very clear early on so we're know kind of what we're talking about most will consider a smart home a home where you can control things like you're lied to your thermostat from your phone or from your smart speaker and they wouldn't be wrong but I'd like to create two distinctions there are smart homes and there are connected homes a connected home is what I just described you went out on Black Friday got a deal on some smart lights and I smart thermostat and maybe a smart speaker and now you can turn your lights on and off from your phone or by yelling at Alexa from across the room now don't get me wrong it is life changing to be able to change temperature of your thermostat when you're already in bed or being able to turn the lights off for movie night straight from your phone however all we've really done here is change the interface in which we are controlling to these devices went from you know hitting a switch turn your lights off to hitting an icon on your phone to turn the lights off and this is nothing new The Clapper came out of fast a million years ago and that's essentially the same thing as a smart plug in my opinion to have a truly smart home we wanted to do things without us having to tell it to do anything now obviously these devices can't read our minds but it turns out about 90% of what we do is the same routine over and over again so knowing that smart home devices can react to our behaviors and our schedules and do the things we want them to do without us having to initiate anything these behaviors are known as automations and they are truly what make a smart home smart a quick example is having your lights turn on automatically whenever you come home based on your location we're gonna cover automations much more in depth later on in the guide it's important to note they're not advocating for automations and just for the sake of having automations the whole point of a smart home is that it adds convenience to your life having your lights turn on when you come home is very convenient having your lights turn off in the middle of dinner because the motion detector didn't detect motion not convenient at all my golden role when it comes to smart homes is always add functionality never remove if something seems cool because now you can control it from your phone but you can't control it from the switch that it used to be attached to you have a net loss inconvenience so now we established what a smart home is essentially a home that runs on some combination of automations that react to your behaviors and that do the things you want it to do without you having to initiate any sort of action now this sounds great so far doesn't it like a home from the Jetsons or some futuristic sci-fi movie but before your imagination gets too far ahead of you we're not quite there yet as far as like sci-fi movies go it's more home technology is evolving at a rapid rate and big companies like Amazon and Apple and Google are investing a lot of money to progress this technology but it still means that we are in the early phases of the development of smart homes but in this guide they'll have a good really good idea of what all is possible a smart home and hopefully you'll have some inspiration to go and automate some things in your home to add a little bit of convenience to your life next up we're going to talk about the benefits of a smart home and why someone would want to create one as always thank you so much for watching if you liked the video hit that like and subscribe button this guide will be released on a weekly schedule so be sure that that little notification belt so that you don't miss out on the next part of the guide and until next time see ya

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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