Wozu Alarmanlage im KNX Smart Home? Geldmacherei und Sicherheitsrisiken | Smartest Home – Folge 197

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So there is the user virtual led so jammers
that you can then but also the appropriate frequency settings you can then welcome my
ladies and gentlemen today again with the herbert on the subject of security, we had
a lot of material last time delivered to the contribution that we did together because
it was about the topic of burglary protection with a burglary reports center and there was
the question from you do I need a security service a police protection what if very few
of you need and then the question came very strongly if I already can i use systems injured
system why do i need a long time those were the two questions i liked to work it out together
here i just give you the ball, certainly the safety specialist, what are the possibilities
need so that is the woman who always assesses the risk So how high is the risk of a break-in
how high is the risk of a person on a risk if we assess a lower risk or if we determine
we have a low risk in both things it does not really matter whether you have an alarm
system via the phoenix visualization solved the royal box or whether you have bought a
cheap download in principle from now with the system only the function is outsourced
maybe i do a little easier do not have to program anything but the function is actually
identical you have a higher risk assessment so meanwhile or high risk for personal endangerment
or four burglaries then it goes in the direction of certified alarm system with activation
where you then you can get help if something should really happen that I have now understood
the question arises now I already have the networked house anyway, so who is still building
a networked building today that hardly anyone who thinks a little further ahead I understand
the question in the new building it doesn't have if I have a Kalex network now so I have
a bus system I don't have to have anything in general then I can use a logic via a circuit
now I have to say at the same time home server and what the solution is all called the young
basalts the alarm system I already see the addicts anyway I also like it when at home
with comics hurt but also a bus system is injured listen who has the possibility in
logic modules or in the year before you mentioned to use modules gross can also beat these functions
so that's why I see it that way, so if you Königshaus with the appropriate visualization
logic to sit down or to solve it without having known for a long time no advantages now there
are alarm systems these are via radio, i.e.

Who is radio, the sensors for the windows
and door openings establish a radio connection to the alarm center that's what you always
say the cell phone only the simple system the retrofit systems are the simple ones systems
since you recently baffled me what not even about the project you told me there is a third-party
radio detection super exciting so with the folders we would of course have to ensure
that the alarm system works under certain circumstances or should actually always work
and have there We built some exceptions for the alarm because, among other things, a damping
detection with radio availability that means we look if something manipulative frankfurt
is being made somewhere so there are only small companies so jammers that come then
have to set the appropriate frequency and then you can set certain ones disturb things
so that, for example, when the motion detectors are installed, no more communication can be
established with now all or we already had something, for example, there is a house being
built then tomorrow is a sick person delivers the work as if by chance on the frequency
and thereby this point is disturbed radio band and b With a normal wireless alarm system
nobody gets it with the one that worked, then in the worst case not with a classified system
we have an external radio detection that means we notice oops there is something because
it doesn't belong and you can send messages accordingly so that you can also ensure that
it works that means I buy myself now at conrad for 10 euros a disturbance so that so and
so many megahertz yes constantly there it can start right away with several frequency
ranges and there I am whole sure then I stand there and then I open the window on the garden
side, if possible, I then only open it because it usually doesn't rise that big an alarm
system doesn't say anything in the worst case and that's why we keep doing that for you
topic in a new building i say in a new building or a renovation the topic of cables yes definitely
bring it so cables are always preferred for us a new building is out of the question but
a wireless system is always awarded for retrofitting because it doesn't fit any other option and
Then we always make a certified system where I can then ensure that it works now when the
neighbor sets up you have now just left of which I grab again I take one step back you
almost sound like this from this security claim that is what you assumed there is also
in the vds there are so different levels and there there is also this home smart home home
class 1 or 0, which is why, in principle, dvds consist of three classes vds class ab
and c it is the highest class, we say banking class, or juwi would we currently have car
collectors together we have Also great to introduce classic house builder area or geo
– a for a house the ag rbi area roughly speaking and there is the color is great around this
process was added to make the easy for the manufacturer or corporate customers but there
are manufacturers now on the home class on jumps the sum for the normal individual from
okay and then there are those who have no classification so I'll be careful that will
always be again confirmed by the police so here in bavaria these criminal police booths
are always set up at various trade fairs, which then inform people regardless of the
manufacturer about security technology under warnings that are sometimes bought from alarm
systems counter-builders or in this price range that they prefer to be the money should
still be saved before you spend something about it then so the places are not set up
very well with real systems and so and there rather presented so that then the customers
so now depend on the manufacturer then we don't have to do anything now we don't give
them any names, we don't have to tell anyone there, i say, the system works with certainty
since basel’s conditions i’m there once so that now no system is bad deer ask who
assess all the risks and clearly this assessment where is what to So pick up where there is
a risk and if I go green the risk assessment main committee s for this are not monthly
and with the medium risk assessment upwards we are an estimate because you really have
to look then what do you need it or how do you make sure that the person or is secured
so i would yes so i have anyway it's almost over and my entry into the smartphones scene
many, many years ago, it was running at that time we still had the alarm system it was
about 2 everything was still very complicated ne there wasn't that much either, so it was
done that way You then took such a signal generator with visual and acoustic messages
and then you simply switched on via an actor.There was a logic behind it because at that time
there was a server there, waiting for us as it was home sarah, so say now with many is
it still the same today as our server at this point and then you have monitored all the
windows and paper contacts and then you have sth in quotation marks he is armed and then
when he has opened the door, for example, the glass breakage sensors have not yet been
implemented in the private area in the home area or given areas but normal from münster
to operate you are there and opened weeks that is fully sufficient and that can now
also our that can power is i always say almost as with a paste solution so already or open
source there are ready-made modules software modules from the company gira which you can
certainly download your app store then has if you have the finished platinum in the home
server then you actually have a similar solution as vans or sony electronic costs still write
down and at least with low risk you get 1 so you can say it is almost moneymaking so
especially for people who are now i say so in the private sector you have to calculate
exactly so a certain area and there is the question of whether I still spend the thousands
on berlin not certified the alarm system where I may not say I have no need for protection
in the sense I see just as well there will also be you then has there i can not have
been and there are all comics visualizations the anal ogen construction sites with it go
or touchpen alaba was not in operation of the function as light fare so I think these
are perhaps thoughts to be clarified only that these were very obvious because now the
question came from you because everything is in the sense of vds and police surveillance
no i would say 99 percent of the people who look here to see whether the electrician whatever
you are or builder you are now probably no need for police surveillance there are quite
a number of people who need and pay attention is yes only then i switch my security service
on and everyone else who says now I want to see what actually happens when I'm not there
then such small solutions are completely okay so for the normal one for a house i have lost
myself so far i also have surfers with me I said yes software solved so much easier
it is okay but then I would not buy it again for additional kittens en but technically
in the house I think maybe we'll show the ones I think of one of the following posts
that again the gira that kira alarm system there is a new system that you can imagine
that there are areas where it has to make sense It is really important that you have
it, but otherwise it would not be a little protection and there is a need for surveillance
a little we see something happens as I said then there is actually everything there I
am then already mine but with my name I can have the topic Not yet with a large branch
and driving that is a completely different category actually it is like that and it comes that
you know all who watch us you know that is really only in exceptional cases yes because
we always have normal customers who are probably building new and then he has questions about
wireless alarm systems berlin workers in the new building why should i go there radio solution
go radio solution if you look at the certified running is always more expensive like wired
solutions apart from cheap online but then the key question is about servers or other
visualizations when you transform from the demo with kira
but i know that part of it and that's good it just makes sense so i can be said of me
i just grew up so that he is ours you too and everything has its justification and everything
its what i say it may be so that was the topic why i need an alarm system i need an alarm
system at all if i can't get anything off we are also happy with a thumbs up italy because
the post was liked and he may write in the comments what recently you are next we have
our specialist mr potential is always when it goes very deeply you look at the comments
what else can you be interested in on the topic and otherwise we look forward to the
subscription further us have not subscribed many have already optimized us and thank you
for watching until next time, ciao

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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