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Hi everyone! It's Crissy from First Day of Home. Welcome to my channel.   Today I'm sharing 10 different Christmas DIY 
projects that all have a farmhouse theme, and   we are going to do a lot of different techniques 
today. We're going to do image transfer, decoupage,   some glass etching. I mean this is really packed, 
so I hope you'll enjoy all these tutorials. Let   me know at the end in the comments which one is 
your favorite. Now, let's go ahead and get started.   For this first tutorial, we're going to take 
a plain wood slice ornament which you can   find at Hobby Lobby or Amazon and this image 
transfer mod podge, which I will link below.   We're going to start by tracing an outline of 
the ornament onto a laser printed image, and you   want to print your image in reverse. I will put 
a link to FedEx where I had mine laser printed.   Once you have your ornament cut, just make sure 
it fits nicely inside the wood slice ornament,   and mark a hole where you will hole punch 
it to put your string through your ornament.   You'll want to apply a really generous amount 
of this image transfer medium onto the front of   your image, and it comes with a foam brush kit 
that I bought.

So I'm linking it below like I said.   And you'll just want to make sure you fully 
cover every edge of your image before you   place it on your ornament. The ornaments tend 
to be different shapes and sizes, so just make   sure when you're putting your image face down 
that it's on the correct side that you cut out.   Then I like to use this little squeegee and 
brayer tool that I will also link below. It   just helps get out all the air bubbles 
and make for a really smooth transfer. Now, you want to wait 24 hours for the image to 

So in the meantime, I found this cute   vinyl sheet at Target Dollar Spot last year, and 
I decided to trace an outline for the other side   of the ornament and simply cut it out and then 
again punch that hole so that you'll be able to   put the string through. This is just a 
simple peel and stick patterned vinyl that I   think is super cute, and it just adds a little 
character to the other side of the ornament. Now, after you've waited a day, it's the 
moment of truth, and I will say you need   to have a little patience for this part. 
You'll start with a damp sponge and just   wet the paper where you transferred your image. Then, 
you'll want to let it sit for about two minutes.   Once you see that image starting to come through 
and it's fully saturated like this, you're gonna   set the timer for two minutes and then come back 
through with the same sponge to start removing   the paper.

Be very gentle when you do this 
so that you don't rip off parts of the image.   If you find that you're having trouble with 
certain spots, you can always re-wet the sponge   and try again or use your fingertips, but again 
you want to be very gentle when you do this. The final step is just adding a cute 
little farmhouse ribbon to the top   and reattaching the jute twine 
that came with the ornament.   I like to tie a knot at the top just so that 
it stays in place and doesn't twist on my tree. I think this would make a cute personalized 
gift for a family member or especially a   couple that just got married. You could put their 
wedding picture on here. So many possibilities!   You can take your other wood slice ornaments, 
give them a quick sand, and then paint them and   use either pre-cut vinyl letters or a Cricut 
or Cameo cutting machine to add some unique   Christmas phrases.

I was given this beautiful 
red paint by PLAID Crafts, and I will link to   it in the description box below. I also have a 
really vibrant green that I decided to paint, and   I'll show you what that looks like with the font 
lettering. So I printed off a couple of different   phrases on my Cameo cutting machine, and I'm 
going to link to some free fonts that you can use.   You might recognize this little font.

It looks like 
Rae Dunn, and it says "Noel." I'm going to link   this font below, but you can find a lot more fonts 
for free on my website. So I'm putting that link in   the description box. I'm using just a little bit 
of transfer tape, which is pretty standard when   you transfer vinyl letters, and using it to apply 
directly onto the ornament. After the paint has   dried, which is about an hour later, again I like 
to add a little farmhouse ribbon as a final touch.   And how cute is this little buffalo plaid ribbon? 
I'll link to this as well in the description box.   In the past I've made decoupage wooden 
spoons, and I'm linking to that video up here.   So I thought it would be really fun to make a 
Christmas version, and I found this little pad   of paper at the Target Dollar Spot one year, so I 
decided to trace my pattern of wooden spoons onto   three different patterns of scrapbook 

And I think you're gonna really love   the way this turns out. This is another 
great DIY gift for friends and family.   Again when you're tracing your wooden 
spoons onto the paper, don't forget about   making a little hole so that you can put 
some string or twine in when you're done.   Make sure again to use a hole punch to mark that 
hole, and you may need to trim up your paper just   a little bit before taking your regular Mod 
Podge — I'm using just a Matte Mod Podge here —   to apply to the back of my 
paper and then the spoon itself. I'm going to apply my paper to both sides of 
the spoon and then I'm going to wait about   20 to 30 minutes before applying a top coat. I 
repeated the steps for each of the spoons and   then waited about 20 minutes before applying 
that top coat with the same Matte Mod Podge.   Now in my other video of decoupage spoons 
you'll see I used an additional sealer, so   go check out that video if you want to see 
some other options that are more glossy.   To give the spoons a little home, I decided to take 
this Dollar Tree vase and apply some etching cream.   Now first you'll want to clean off your glass with 
some rubbing alcohol, and then I printed off this   cute little reindeer pattern on my Silhouette 
Cameo machine.

Again I'm using transfer tape   to pick up the pattern and then apply it 
onto the glass. Now here I'm using a stencil   vinyl. This is the same stuff I used for the DIY 
fall doormat that I made, so you can go check out   that video if you're interested in seeing another 
way to use this. But this was really perfect for   glass etching. Once you have your stencil in place, 
you can remove that transfer tape and then use   your brayer again to squeeze out any air bubbles. 
Now the air bubbles closer to the place you're   going to etch are the ones that are most important 
to get out. And then I'm going to give it one more   little cleaning with some rubbing alcohol.

a good idea to use some painters tape just to   cover up other areas so you don't accidentally 
etch outside of the pattern. Give the etching   cream a good stir and then use a bristle brush (as 
opposed to foam brush) to apply the etching cream   to your pattern. You do want to work in a 
well ventilated area and wear gloves when   you use this etching cream because it is like 
an acid, and you don't want that on your skin.   After about 15 to 20 minutes, you'll rinse off the 
etching cream under water.

Again I use gloves for   that. And then you'll remove the tape and stencil 
to reveal your final pattern. I ended up doing two   rounds of the etching cream before I removed my 
stencil, but it's totally up to you. Experiment with   it. Have fun with it. I just think that this made 
an adorable little canister for the wooden spoons,   and I think this would make a wonderful little 
christmas gift for friends and family or a hostess.   Just to finish it off, I added 
a little jute twine cord.   And it is ready to be gifted at Christmas time. You may remember this little pumpkin sign from 
my Halloween DIY video. Well, I decided to give it   a little makeover for Christmas, and I used that 
same paper that I used for my decoupage spoons   and started by first removing that vinyl pattern —
another great reason to use removable vinyl for   your signs.

And then I flipped the pages over 
and drew a little Christmas tree pattern   on the back of each one. I decided to vary up the 
shapes just a little bit. I did these freehand, but   of course, you always have the option of cutting 
it out using a Cricut or Cameo cutting machine. Once I had my shapes all cut out, it 
was just a matter of arranging them   onto my farmhouse sign. And then I used a little 
bit of double-sided foam tape to give it just a   bit of depth and also allow me to remove the 
trees when I want to repurpose my sign again.   To give my tree a little topper I used 
this sticker that's actually made of wood   that I found at Target Dollar Spot last year 
as well as this little "Believe" wooden cutout   that's also a sticker.

So definitely check out 
Target this year and see if they have these again. For the next tutorial, I'm using this Dollar 
Tree charger plate. When I was in a home decor   store recently, I saw these beautiful tartan plaid 
chargers, and I thought, "I could totally make that!"   I was thrilled to find almost the exact same 
material at Hobby Lobby. You could find this   at JOANN Fabric and Crafts or any place that 
sells fabric, I'm sure, because it's such a popular   pattern for Christmas. So I'm going to start by 
roughly clipping it to my charger plate and just   cutting an outline. You don't want to cut too close 
to the edge because the plate has a little bit   of a dip on the inside and you don't want to push 
it down and then see the gold edges. So I'm giving   myself just a little bit of room cutting out 
my circle. It's fine if it doesn't fit perfectly   because we're going to trim the edges later. So I'm 
going to start with some Matte Mod Podge.

pexels photo 5691610

You may   see people suggest using Fabric Mod Podge. That's 
usually when you want to put something onto fabric,   so I thought this Matte Mod Podge worked just 
fine attaching the fabric to the charger plate.   And you want to put on a pretty generous amount 
here and then lay your fabric right on the plate   just making sure it's roughly centered on the 
plate so you don't have one side that's shorter.   And I like to use plastic food wrap just to kind 
of pat it down so my fingers don't stick to the   fabric and then make sure the edges are really 
well glued. So you can just go around each edge,   add more Mod Podge if you need. Then you're going 
to trim off the excess once you're pretty sure   that the fabric is where you want it. Just make 
sure you're not cutting too close so that the   gold doesn't show through. You'll see some of 
the glue coming through but it will dry clear. To make this a whole place setting, I decided 
to take this glass Dollar Tree plate and some   vinyl lettering that I again cut out with my 
Silhouette Cameo.

You can always use the vinyl   lettering that they sell at Dollar Tree or 
at a craft store. And I printed it or cut it   in reverse because I'm going to attach 
the sticky side to the bottom of the plate.   And then we're going to paint over it. So 
you'll see just how amazing it turns out.   I'm using transfer tape to pick up my design, 
so I'm just cutting out a shape that will fit   my vinyl letters. And then we're going to 
again attach it to the bottom of the plate.   This is where that brayer tool comes in handy 
again just to squeeze out any air bubbles.   Before I begin applying my lettering or paint, I 
do like to use that rubbing alcohol again just   to clear any fingerprints off of the glass. 
Then I find it easiest just to kind of smush   the glass on top of the decal and then use 
that brayer tool to make sure that it really   attaches to the glass before 
peeling back that transfer tape.

I think the plate would look 
adorable just as it is, but I   like to add some white chalk paint to the 
back just to really make the words pop. The chalk paint goes on 
pretty thick and dries quickly,   so you have to kind of work quickly 
as you do this. I wait an hour in   between coats, and I ended up doing three 
coats of paint on this particular plate. And here's the final reveal 
of what our charger looks like   with the plate on top. I think it makes 
such a pretty setting for a Christmas table.   You could even add in a copper mug just to 
really set off a beautiful place setting.   If you're a woodworker, or even if you're not, these 
little mini wooden houses are an adorable little   Christmas decor accent.

You can use a band saw or 
scroll saw to make these shapes, but I will also   link to a few different Etsy options that you can 
buy online. I gave my shapes a quick sand and then   used the same chalk paint that we used for the 
plates just to add a coat on the front and back.   I only did one coat since I was going for that 
farmhouse rustic vibe, and then I decided to   paint the little roof of the houses and 
the sides with red and black paint.

This   is the same paint I used for the wood slice 
ornaments, so you can repurpose these paints   for many different projects. And I will link to 
all of the products in the description box below. If you have any scrap wood pieces left over 
you can make little cute Christmas trees or   other accents to go with your little Christmas 
village. I decided to give my houses a little   more character by making a quick little stencil 
just cutting out some window and door shapes   and then stamping them with a little 
foam pouncer and some black paint.   For a true farmhouse vibe, you can use sandpaper to 
give the houses a more weathered look. Then I   decided to add a little bit more detail with some 
white paint to create some little window panes   to set up my little Christmas village I added in 
a few more little bottle brush trees, and then I   found this great faux snow that I sprinkled all 
around to make it look like a little wintery scene.   I topped mine off with a glass cloche, and it 
makes a beautiful centerpiece for the holidays.   It's that time of year for Christmas 
cards, so I thought I would make a   simple farmhouse Christmas cardholder by taking 
just a scrap piece of wood — I think I used cedar   here — and just drilling a couple of holes on each 
side to hang it on the wall in my kitchen area.   I also drilled a few other little holes spaced 
out in between so I could have some strings   coming down that would hold the Christmas cards. 
You may have seen my salt dough ornament video   where I teach you how to make cute little salt dough 
ornaments with your kids.

I decided to use the   same recipe and just cut out some star shapes with 
some holes to put the strings through. This just   gave it a little farmhouse character, and it only 
takes a couple of hours to bake these in the oven.   I then painted the little ornaments in a 
chalk white paint. Again, I'm using the same   chalk paint I've used in the other tutorials 
in this video. And then I used that same red   striped farmhouse ribbon to make kind 
of a hanger for my little card holder   and simply tied a knot on the other side 
so that i could just put a nail in the wall   in my kitchen and hang my Christmas 
cards to enjoy all season long. Before you tie the second knot, it's a 
good idea just to measure your space   and make sure your card holder is 
going to hang at the right height. Next, you'll want to take some twine like jute 
cord really anything that will fit into your   pre-drilled holes and then you'll tie a knot on 
the other side so that your strings are going   to hang down.

Then you can clip your Christmas 
cards onto them. I did a mix of stars at different   heights here, and i just ran my jute twine through 
the salt dough ornaments so that they would face the   front. If i had to do this over again, I would 
probably paint both sides of the ornaments   so that if they twist and turn, you'll see white 
on both sides. You'll see I just hung the salt dough   ornaments at different heights on each string, and 
I had about four different strings hanging down   total. Here's a look at the card holder hanging 
in my kitchen. And you'll see how those strings   tend to twist and turn a little bit, but once 
they're weighed down with cards, it'll be fine.   I believe I got these little clothes pins at 
either hHobby Lobby or Target, but they are perfect   for this little farmhouse card holder.

They just 
add a little touch of festive decor to your card   holder. It's a great way to display all of the 
cards from friends and family for the holidays. For this last DIY, I used a mason jar and that cute 
pad of scrapbook paper from Target Dollar Spot, and   I started by tracing out an outline of the mason 
jar lid and then cutting it out and gluing it with   hot glue to the top. I then decided to go ahead 
and seal the lid into the outer rim of the mason   jar because I'm not really planning on using this 
for other projects. I have tons of mason jars in   my cabinet.

I don't know about you. And then I took 
the red striped farmhouse ribbon and measured it   around the edge of the lid. I did have to trim it 
down just a little bit because it was just a bit   too wide, so you can always do that as an option 
as long as your ribbon is not going to unravel.   And then again, I just used hot glue to 
attach it at a few spots around the rim.   For the mason jar itself, I used that 
same chalk paint that I've used in   other tutorials in this video and then just added 
a couple of coats, waiting about an hour in between.   And once I had it coated completely, 
I decided to roughen it up a little   bit using some sandpaper so that you 
could see the lettering coming through.   And then I took some of the green paint — the same 
one I used for the wood slice ornaments — and added   a few little holly leaves.

Now, you can paint by 
hand or you can find some great paint markers,   which are a little bit easier to use and get a 
little more precision. But I had fun doing it by   hand, and it took me a little while to add a quick 
pattern of holly leaves all over the mason jar. I was then able to take the same red paint 
we used on the wood slice ornaments and go   ahead and add a few little berries to go with the 
holly leaves. It kind of looks like mistletoe to me.   And I added these all throughout the mason jar. 
And then the final step — just to add that extra   little touch of detail — is to add these little 
white dots. It kind of makes the berries look a   little more three-dimensional. And that's it! So you 
can use your mason jar as a little hurricane for a   LED candle. I use this little votive LED and put it 
inside, and when the lights are off, it looks really   cute.

Another option is to use it as a candy cane 
holder or for other little candy especially for a   hot cocoa bar. And if you haven't seen my video on 
hot cocoa bar ideas, I'm going to link it up above.   And here's a final look at our DIY Christmas 
decorations. We had a mix of Dollar Tree DIY   projects and others that are literally only 
five-minute crafts you can do. So I hope you   enjoy experimenting with these and adding some of 
these projects to your Christmas decor this year. Well, I would love to know which of these crafts 
you might try this Christmas season, so let me   know in the comments. And if you liked this video, 
I always appreciate you giving it a thumbs up.   I hope you'll consider also subscribing 
to my channel by clicking the button below   and then ringing the bell so you get 
notified every time i post on YouTube.   I'm really excited to bring you a lot 
of inspiration for the holiday season,   so I hope you stick around and watch 
some more.

I'll see you next time!.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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