11 Fun DIY School Supplies / Valentine’s Day Special!

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Broken heart whiteout, Cupid’s pencils, glue with a love potion, and love erasers! Watch our new video to find out
how to make creative Valentine’s Day school supplies! Redhead loves Valentine’s Day! She’s ready to decorate the whole school with hearts! But her friend Christy hates all this romance stuff! Even regular thumb tacks
turn into hearts on such a special day! Color a plastic jar with silver acrylic paint. Decorate the cap with a heart shaped bead. Glue the jar to a ring blank. Decorate thumb tacks with heart shaped rhinestones. Put the thumb tacks into the jar. Redhead already has a ring for thumb tacks! Now she just has to wait for her Mr. Right! And attach hearts everywhere! Christy can’t stand this pink cuteness! She came here to study! Let’s attach some serious formulas
with some plain thumb tacks! Redhead is bored! Nothing romantic ever happens at this school! Plus her friend is the number one enemy
of Valentine’s Day! I need to fix this situation! Redhead takes out her Cupid’s arrow case
with pencil arrows in order to give everyone a romantic vibe! Coat a colored pencil tube with acrylic primer.

Take it apart. Color the inner parts with gold paint. Draw a heart on it using a pencil. Cover it with white glue. And sprinkle it with glitter. Paint pencils gold. Cut a colored feather into pieces. And hot glue them to the sides of a pencil
so that it looks like an arrow. Paint a pencil sharpener gold. Cut a heart out of a glittering foam rubber sheet. And hot glue it to the pencil sharpener. Put the arrow pencils into the tube. And put in the pencil sharpener. Hot glue a decorative leather strap to the tube
so that it looks like a quiver of arrows. Redhead aims at her friend
with her lead arrow of love! It’s pointless! The teacher enters the lassroom! Excellent! Here’s our Cupid’s new victim! Watch out, Mr. Sebastian! A love arrow is flying right at you! But our Cupid is very bad at aiming! The arrows stuck in the teacher’s hair! No effect at all! I need to sharpen the arrows
with the heart sharpener! Now Cupid won’t miss the target! Oops! It seems that the arrow hit
the teacher’s ear way too deep! But he’s not hurt! Sebastian pranked the girls! Our teacher took magician classes
when he was in kindergarten for good reason! Now he can also shoot love arrows! Even Redhead’s crayons
are special on a day like this! I hope Christy’s stone heart will become softer
when she sees these bright hearts everywhere! Melt crayon pieces in a microwave.

And pour them into a heart-shaped silicone mold. Make hearts of different colors. Let them harden. Color a heart shaped box with yellow acrylic paint. Trace the lid on a printed crayon label. Attach the label to the lid. And put the heart crayons into the box. Redhead takes out her cute romantic crayons. But Christy doesn’t care about these bright hearts! She’s completely cool with her boring crayons! Your loss!
Drawing with colored hearts is so much fun! Christy is erasing her notes. And Redhead just remembered
that she has some unusual romantic love erasers! Take four big erasers of different colors. Cut a letter out of each eraser. L, O, V, and E. Put them together to make the word LOVE. Redhead invites her friend
to use her letter erasers! So what can I make out of them? Christy assembles a nonsense word instead! Seriously? Was it worth ruining these erasers? Come on, Christy! How can you possibly make four mistakes
in a four letter word? This love fever will make Christy go crazy! Taki a stand against it is pointless! Even Christy’s eraser says “love”.

Christy is gluing some paper! But you can’t just stop our lovey-dovey Redhead! She even turns a regular glue stick into a heart! Screw a glue stick all the way out. Use a knitting needle to scratch a heart on it. Cut off the excess glue with a utility knife. Smooth out the corners. Coat the glue stick with pink acrylic paint. Decorate it with gold self-adhesive hearts. Redhead’s plan is to fill
the entire notebook with hearts and love! And it doesn’t even matter that Christy
can’t stand the look of these hearts! You can’t just stop my love energy! Christy’s notebook has
a romantic print all over it now! Christy is cleaning her desk.

While she’s at it,
she also cleans her friend’s side. All of a sudden she finds
a cute case among Redhead’s things! It’s a heart with binder clips! Wrap thick red yarn around a strip of cardboard. Take the spool off and cut it in half. Twist it and pass it through a jump ring. Move it to the middle. Fold the yarn in half and fasten the ring
with another piece of thread.

Trim the ends so that you get an even tassel. Fold a strip of satin ribbon and tie it. Melt the ends. Pass beads with letters onto the ribbon. Then thread a tassel. And fasten it with a knot. Tie the remaining ribbon to make a bow. Cut off the excess. Attach the red tassel
to a clear heart shaped case. And add the love charm. Put in pink binder clips. How cute are these pink binder clips! At last, Christy’s heart melts! This heart is more than just romantic,
it’s also useful! Redhead notices that her friend changed! So it means that you’ve gotten
over your Valentine’s Day allergy? No way! Christy won’t give in that easily! One cute heart with binder clips
doesn’t change anything! Redhead notices glue on the teacher’s desk! Using regular glue on Valentine’s Day is a crime! We need to swap Sebastian’s glue
for a magical love potion! Pour stationery glue out of its tube.

Color it with gouache. Add glitter and heart sequins. Take a label off the tube. Pour the colored glue inside. And attach a printed love potion label. Christy agrees to help her friend out! She distracts the teacher
while Redhead changes the tubes! It’s done! Mr. Sebastian doesn’t notice
that his glue was swapped! He uses the potion! And now he’s under a love spell! And the first thing he sees
is Miss Smith’s photo in a school notebook! Oh, she's the goddess of beauty and education! The love potion worked! Mr.

Sebastian is head over heels in love! Look who showed up! Mr. Sebastian’s new love just came
into the classroom to borrow some whiteout! Miss Smith actually looks even more beautiful
in real life than in the photo! Sebastian can’t take his eyes off her! And he gives her his heart! Color two whiteout tapes with pink acrylic paint. Put them together to shape a heart. And trace them on a glittering
self-adhesive foam rubber sheet.

Draw a zigzag so that it looks like a broken heart. Cut it out following the lines. Make two pieces. Attach the foam rubber sheet
to the both sides of the whiteout tapes. Sebastian breaks his heart in half! Because when you love someone,
you can sacrifice anything! Oh my God! Miss Smith asked for a regular whiteout
and not this romantic drama! It looks like Valentine’s Day drives everyone crazy! Our rational Christy needs
to attach a note to her notebook! She asks Redhead to give her a paper clip! But Redhead put all the paper clips
into a soft heart envelope to celebrate the occasion! Cut a square with 6 inch sides
out of a thin pink soft foam sheet. Make 2 ¾ and 3 ¼ inch marks on each side. Connect the marks so that you get a square. Cut off the little triangles at the intersections. Cut an open envelope out of a red soft foam sheet.

Glue it to the pink piece. And assemble the envelope. Glue a soft heart to the corner of the flap. Attach a little magnet inside. And cover it with one more heart. Put in heart shaped paper clips. And close the envelope
with the magnet that pulls them. Poor Christy! She will have a heart attack
from this amount of hearts! But there is nothing we can do about it! She continues to fight her love allergy! Redhead is making
a present for her grumpy neighbor! She’s sure that this notebook
will make Christy believe in love! Draw a half of a heart on a notebook cover. Cut off all pages following the outline. Cut crepe paper of three shades of pink into strips. Cut each strip to make fringes. Open the heart. And glue the fringes
to the cover interchanging the colors. Redhead gives her friend
a present from the bottom of her heart! But Christy pouts again! These love symbols. Ugh, get over it! It seems like Redhead is actually mad at her friend! But Christy doesn’t want to be a Grinch-Cupid
that ruins Redhead’s Valentines’ Day! OK, don’t be mad! I actually like this heart notebook! And she gives Redhead a heart lock with a key in return! Wrap a big pencil sharpener in red light clay.

Shape a heart. Leave the hole for a pencil and the cap free. Shape pipe cleaner into an arch. And attach it to the heart as a lock part. Coat the heart with glue
and abundantly sprinkle it with glitter. Cover it with clear nail polish
so that it stays in place. Wrap red pipe cleaner around a pencil. Shape a heart at the end. Stick the pencil into the pencil sharpener
like it’s a key in a lock. This is so unexpected! Christy, who is a Valentines’ Day hater,
gives Redhead such an adorable gift! A heart lock pencil sharpener
and a magical key pencil! Love actually can work wonders! Did you like our romantic school supplies? Then write in the comments what school supplies
you will bring to school on Valentine ’s Day! And don’t forget to give this video a thumbs-up, subscribe to our channel, and click the bell so that you don’t miss new
unusual school supply ideas on Troom Troom!.

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