12 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Buying

12 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Buying

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The 5 Golden Rules of Tech

Have you ever had to deal with a rude computer tech? This is a list of rules all techs should follow to avoid losing customers.

Home Solutions to Clean an Inkjet Coder Printer Head

High-end inkjet coder models come complete with embedded ‘cleaner’ software that helps clear the clogs from the printer head. When the cleaning cycle ritual fails to do the magic, you should try some tricks to clear up the clog and keep the ink flowing to facilitate smooth operation.

How to Build the Best HTPC Media Centre at the Right Price

With DVDs phasing out and the rapid growth in online media more and more people are looking to build a HTPC media centre for their living rooms. Good systems are difficult to build and there are many considerations to make when choosing your components.There are three main considerations to make when designing your system.

Gesture Control

We interfaced with the machines using keys for a long time. Then came soft-keys and touch-screen. Now a new way of interaction called gesture control is on the way.

Time Recorders – Their Features, Applications and Benefits

These days, electronic time clocks are much more popular than their mechanical counterparts. There are good enough reasons as to why they have become so much popular. One of the reasons is that the electronic recorders give precise readings and it is far easier to note down the time displayed by them compared to the mechanical ones.

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