12 Coolest SUPERHERO GADGETS You Can Actually Own

12 Coolest SUPERHERO GADGETS You Can Actually Own

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Benefits And Risks On Health Of Using A Wooden Hot Tub

If you have ever seen nature, you know its value, and you must desire to experience the silence of nature as well as the appealing scent from the tree’s wood. Now you can share that in a wooden hot tub. However, with benefits, there also are some risks that are to be taken care of.

The Wizard of Oz As an Allegory

When Frank Baum wrote the American classic, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” in 1900 it was a popular book for young people to read. Later in 1939, the story became immortalized as a movie, shot partly in black and white and color, starring Judy Garland, as a young farm girl in Kansas who hits her head in a tornado, and dreams she’s landed in a mythical world of munchkins, witches, a scarecrow, a tinman and a lion who journey to meet Oz, a powerful magician. However, based on a recent MSN article, “Why pennies still exist and other money trivia”…

Fighting Criminals Using Bibles

The Bible is sharper than any two-edged sword, but for Tennessee couple, Esther and Obadiah Lamentations take the Bible as a weapon to an entirely different level. One summer on a Sunday after church, Esther and “Obi” caught a robber stealing from their house. Within seconds, Esther suddenly remembered a joke about a God-fearing woman who told a burglar to stop, and she quoted a scripture reference: Acts 2:38″ while the burglar stopped, froze and ran out of the house.

How Best To Live During The Pandemic And Also As We Emerge From Dark Days

Over these past weeks, I have been wanting to write on HOPE for the ‘Sunday Message’. HOPE has been voiced by many, and I saw a connecting link between Jeremiah Chapter 29 and what we have experienced during the past year – and there is relevant lesson – whilst remembering the text is specific to Israel. Bloom where you are planted. Make the best of these next 70 years in Babylon. Make the best of these next days and weeks, where we live and serve. The Exiles listened to Jeremiah – and we listen to Jesus our Lord and Saviour. Let the Holy Spirit give you more HOPE – not just for this life, but for eternity. Let the Holy Spirit take away disappointment, frustration, and perhaps even anger. Let Him refresh you, for the race set before you – for the next part of the journey.

See the Hand of Almighty God Behind Everything That Is Happening As The Years Go By!

Sin cannot be hidden. “Behold your sin will find you out”. Numbers 32 verse 23. It is not just that your sin will be found out – you will be found out! We do not get away with things. This is a moral Universe – our moral God watches over the affairs of men. The Prime Minister of Israel, Ytzhak Rabin, said this when he was elected – we want to be just like any other nation. Deep down inside they resented the rule of God over them. Saul was anointed king – and kings are costly. Government is costly. Holyrood is costly – but this is what Scotland asked for. The people did not ask for that building and all these costs and expenses – but that accompanies government. See the Hand of our Almighty God behind everything that is happening – and if you are aware of the Hand of God being upon your life, then trust Him for tomorrow – and the day after.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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