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Hey friends welcome back to Whiskey and Whit, 
I'm whitney and today's video is full of a ton   of Easter diy decor inspiration so stay tuned to 
get you started this year for Easter season 2022   i've compiled some of my best tips tricks and 
projects so that you can get a head start on your   diy projects and before we hop in a huge thank 
you to skillshare for sponsoring today's video now   let's get started so we'll start with a super easy 
project and this is a dollar tree diy this easter   egg garland i was inspired by something i saw last 
year at michael's and it was way more expensive   than how i recreated it so for this you're just 
going to grab some of the dollar trees foam eggs   and these are actually just little ornaments 
for an easter tree and then i also grabbed   a needle something long enough to go through 
the eggs and then some dollar tree jute twine   i went through pulled off the little hangers they 
just pop right out and then i used my needle and   thread to go directly through the center of 
the foam egg you need to use a little bit of   pressure but if you go right down the center 
you're good to go i decided what color pattern   i wanted to do and then i strung it as long 
as i needed it to be to go across my mantel   and that's it super easy it's nice to add a touch 
of pastel also if you would rather have this be   white you could easily spray paint it and also 
if you don't want the glitter getting everywhere   you can just take it outside and spray it with one 
coat of some hairspray and that will do the trick   before this next project i wanted to share a 
little bit more about skillshare who sponsored   today's video i've talked about them before 
but they are an online learning community   that have a ton of video classes that you can do 
at your own pace and really level up your skills   in a variety of different things they've got 
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you want to use those for more of your work life   i've loved being able to dive more into skillshare 
as i've shared it with you guys their classes are   a combo of both video lessons as well as a class 
project at the end i recently did a class called   style your space with emily henderson over at 
hdtv's design star i really liked that and went   back and watched some of the modules again as i 
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and it's specifically curated for learning meaning   there's no ads with that subscription the first 
1000 people to use the link down in my description   we'll get a free trial of skillshare premium 
membership now let's hop back into the projects   now let's make this really cute neutral 
buffalo check easter sign this one was   inspired by a walmart sign that i could 
not find in store last year so i remade it   and the first step was just to remove any 
of those 3d pieces flip it over and paint   the back with white chalk paint now you 
can either paint your own buffalo check   or you can stick some like scrapbook 
paper on there but for my buffalo check   i did vertical stripes in gray and i just used 
some thicker painters tape and peeled that off then after i did my vertical stripes on the sign 
i did my horizontal ones just using a piece of   painters tape to kind of make sure everything was 
spread out evenly and i've got a video that's a   lot slower of a process for buffalo check 
so i will link that down below if you want   to check it out now before i painted you saw me 
quickly mark the tape and i just marked where the   original pieces of tape were just so then that 
way i knew where to put my painters tape back   then once that's dry take your two long pieces 
of tape put it back where it was and paint the   openings black that is basically you telling the 
sign where the gray lines overlap and that's where   with buffalo check your black squares need to be 
then once that dries it's time to make our little   scroll in the center so i just used some dollar 
tree craft paper measured and cut it to size and   i just went off the particular sign that i have 
but whatever size dollar tree sign or whatever   sign you're really using you want to measure that 
and give yourself about three to four inches on   either end because you're going to wrap it around 
like a scroll so you don't want it to be just the   exact size you want to give yourself a little 
bit of extra space at the top and the bottom   so this is all i'm doing here is just going 
through making straight lines and then cutting   so that my pieces are the size that i need then 
i cut on my cricut a little decal that said every   bunny welcome and this was directly inspired by 
that sign from walmart i will leave links down   below to both the original videos as well as where 
you can find free cut files if they're available   then i just took some transfer tape and took 
my little design and put it onto the scroll   if you're worried that your transfer tape is going 
to be too sticky you can just stick it to your   pants you can stick it to you know the 
table just to get rid of some of that   initial like stickiness and that will help so 
you don't rip your paper when you peel it back so then once everything was on my sign i 
took some of these dollar tree doll rods   and used just some hot glue to wrap the top 
and the bottom so it looked like a scroll   and i lucked out i didn't have to 
cut the dowel rods i was just able to   use the size that they came in dollar tree has 
12 inch ones and i believe these are eight inch   so that's the size that i used and that is 
why you're going to want your extra space   so then once that was done i just took 
some more hot glue i stuck it to my sign   i added some jute twine to finish off the 
look and then i also added a little bow   just to give it a little bit more matchy-matchy 
with stuff i already have in my house   the last step was to put back on some jute 
twine to hang it and voila i absolutely love   this sign it's a little bit smaller than my inspo 
sign which actually worked out perfect for me   because i was looking for something 
smaller for that area in my house   i really like incorporating both 
neutrals and pastels for my easter decor up next are these really fun little carrot 
beads i just used some leftover beads   some jute twine and also some rit dye to make 
the beads orange i started out by creating a   little faux needle and thread situation so 
i just take a piece of tape and i wrap it   around the end of my jute twine and that helps me 
feed it through all the beads now this particular   set came from michael's and it had a variety of 
different sizes so to get that carrot shape you   just want to start with a large bead and then go 
down to small so i ended up doing five per carat you could potentially not cut them apart until 
you dye them so you just have one piece to dye   but it's really up to you so then once all my 
little carrots were ready to be turned orange   i followed the instructions on the rit dye in 
a glass container used my gloves stirred it up   with an old paint brush and used as much dye as 
i needed to get the color that i was desiring   then i just took some tape i dropped my carrots 
in and stuck them to the side of the bowl just   so then that way none of them fell off the 
jute twine or went to the bottom of the bowl   and i followed the instructions i'm pretty sure 
i did about 20 minutes in the rit die but the   longer you leave it the deeper the color will 
get once you are all good with the color then   i took them out put them on a little paper 
towel and i made sure to rinse them off so   i got rid of all the dye so that it was not 
going to come off of my fingers or anything   so here's what they looked like and then i decided 
to add the top of the carrot with some jute twine   so you can either do green jute twine which dollar 
tree sells i just made a quick little tassel   or you could also use the brown you know 
regular color jute twine for a more rustic look and here's what those different options look like 
these are super fun for different tiered trays   for different vignettes and they're kind of a fun 
take on the farmhouse bead that go really great   with easter decor and here's another dollar 
tree diy this white buffalo check crate so i   created this with some st patrick's day signs 
but you can find these square signs really at   any dollar tree it'll just say probably something 
different i also grabbed some of these create your   own ornaments in various shapes as well as some 
floral foam and some spring greenery and flowers   so the first thing i did was take apart my signs 
and i removed the hanging stuff from the back   and i popped the front part out of the signs i 
was really just interested in that outer frame   and you can discard three of the four and 
then keep one for the bottom of your crate then i also just had some scrap wood on hand 
but you can use jenga pieces or popsicle sticks   i just wanted to have something for the inside of 
the box so when i glued it together it wasn't as   flimsy then i went through and painted the 
outside of every sign as well as my little   pieces to put on the inside everything i painted 
white you could do whatever color that you want   and then i also made sure to paint the back 
of my sign so that could be the bottom then   it was time to assemble so i glued the bottom 
on so all the white pieces were on the outside   and then i lined up all of my other pieces i used 
my wood pieces that i painted and i just did it at   a diagonal so it kind of looked like barn doors 
kind of that farmhouse look just with some hot   glue stuck it together and it stayed together 
really well so then once my crate was decorated   then i decided to do some buffalo check items on 
the outside you could paint these whatever color   that you want you would cover them with scrapbook 
paper you can have your kids color on them there   are a ton of different options but i decided 
to do buffalo check because you guys know me   so i decided to do buffalo check in a pink and a 
purple so for this method you're going to want a   white your color of choice and then you're going 
to want to mix white and the color of your choice   so you have a middle color so i first taped off my 
pieces and painted it with a mixture of white and   in this case purple then i did my horizontal lines 
painted it with the same white and purple mixture   so this is a similar situation as we did for 
the welcome sign up front the only difference is   instead of gray and black you're using a light 
purple and a dark purple so think of it as a light   black and a dark black light purple dark purple 
so then once all those were painted i went through   and just hot glued them to the outside of 
my little crate the final step was to make   a just little arrangement so i cut apart my 
dollar tree florals and filled in the inside   i absolutely loved how this turned out and you 
would not guess that it was from dollar tree   signs you could customize this look really for 
any season and also if you're not big into easter   decor or the pastel colors you could easily just 
switch out the different items for each season or   just do the white crate on its own so this project 
cracks me up every time i see it because i made   this as part of our first dollar tree mystery 
box collab and it's really funny because i love   how it turned out i love the piece of decor but 
it came from something i didn't know how to use   so it was one of these fairy gardens that come 
from dollar tree and i started by cleaning out   all of the little grass on the inside and you can 
just wipe that out a little sandpaper a little   soap and water it comes right out and then i just 
took some gray paint to diffuse the bright pink   flowers on the outside to make it look 
just a little bit more rustic and neutral   then i took a little dollar tree wood ornament 
you could also use their unfinished wood signs   i stained it dark walnut by minwax and then i 
cut out this little decal on my cricut it's a   free cup file i will link it down below so 
that it looks like a little carrot patch   then i just took some reindeer moss from 
dollar tree and covered the whole bottom   of the little fairy garden to make it 
look like grass in a little carrot patch   and then i took some of these infamous 
dollar tree carrots they have them every year   and i just arranged them in a little 
vignette i guess and then i just took   some hot glue to stick them down so that 
they would stay where i wanted them to like i said i was really proud with how that 
turned out i was really thrown for a loop when   courtney at creative on the cheap put that in my 
box but that whole thing was fun we've got a ton   of different videos i will link this particular 
one down below if you want to check it out and   see the other projects that came out of that box 
if you're more of a neutral easter decor person   this is your project these raedon 
easter egg garlands are so fun to make   you just need some unfinished wood beads as well 
as some of these the first step is to take a drill   and create the holes that you're going to need 
to string your garland so i just found a drill   bit that was the right size for my needle and 
thread to fit through and i carefully went through   and drilled a hole in the top and the bottom 
now i learned that by using this little   egg crate it made it a lot easier to stabilize 
things as i went through to drill my holes so i   went through drilled the top and bottom holes in 
all of mine and then they were ready to be strung   then i just took some brown thread and created a 
pattern that i liked between each of the eggs with   my unfinished wood beads and then i continued on 
until my garland was as long as i wanted it to be   my last step and this is also optional if 
you're not a ray dunn fan is i just use the   font amatic which is a free download and i cut 
out different easter words so spring bloom easter   and i just added those to my little easter eggs 
and this looks really cute on an easter display it   also looks really nice on tiered trays you could 
do a lot of different things with this option these pastel strands were one of the most 
popular ones on my channel last year and i   love them so this process is very similar to the 
garland where you're going to take those easter   tree ornaments and just pop off the ends 
and then i used about six or so little eggs   strung them along and then i added 
a tassel on one end which i just   whipped up pretty quickly and then on the other 
end i just painted some of those create your   own ornaments from dollar tree some different 
easter colors and strung them together they are a   nice mixture of whimsy and fun and you can 
arrange them on a variety of different places   and tear trays vignettes etc and 
they're so easy and cheap to make this one is an oldie but a goodie i made 
this my first year that i had a channel   and i use this i break it out every 
year i love this buffalo check bunny jar   it's a dollar tree project so this 
ball jar i grabbed from the dollar   tree and i started by painting the whole 
thing with some white waverly chalk paint then i grabbed some apple barrel paint you can 
also use purple chalk paint but this is just   what i had on hand these are the two colors that 
i use and one of these little ceramic unfinished   bunnies from dollar tree so i used some pliers 
to pull off the little hanger because these are   actually little ornaments so i got that off the 
top and then i used some e6000 to glue my bunny to   the lid of the jar now i got a little overzealous 
and started doing things too fast so you're going   to want to let it dry the e6000 before you do too 
much painting but then i took my acrylic paint and   i painted both the outside rim as well as my lid 
and my bunny as you can see it's sliding so let   your e6000 dry and don't be impatient like me so 
then once that was all painted it was time for the   buffalo check so this is the same just as every 
other buffalo check we're painting in this video   you first want to do your vertical stripes so 
i went around spaced it out taped everything   off vertically and then i went through with my 
light purple and painted those vertical stripes once those were painted and dry i peeled off my 
tape and i put it to the side because you're going   to need it later and then i repeated the same 
step horizontally with some more painters tape once you tape that you're going 
to replace your painters tape   and then paint those squares with some dark 
purple because that's where your lines overlap   once everything's done peel off your tape and 
then i just went through with some sandpaper   sanded on the letters the edges 
and made it look nice and rustic then you just pop your lid 
back on and you're good to go   i love how cute this is and 
that it's a dollar tree diy   speaking of dollar tree diys from that same oldie 
book goodie video is this peeps bucket so did you   know that you can use nail polish remover and get 
these words off of metal things from dollar tree   so i removed the flower and gardens letters 
and then i grabbed some bunny little headbands   and i thought i could definitely use these little 
bunny shapes and i just used some pliers to pop   them off and then if you flip them around you just 
see their cute little tushes versus those eyes   so i just took some hot glue and glued 
them around the bucket in a pattern then i had this really cute 
peeps inspired little basket   i added some greenery put it next 
to my thrifted bunny and voila we'll keep trucking with the dollar tree diys 
this one is a neutral one again and i created this   by using one of these tinsel bunny heads 
that they have every year so the first   step is to dismantle this because all that 
fluff and stuff i don't want for this look   so i cut it all off and i'm really interested 
in the plastic little shape that's underneath   once i uncover that i took some scrap fabric 
that i had in black and white buffalo check   trimmed it to the size and then started gluing it 
around you will have to trim a little bit to get   everything to lay down kind of like a present 
but once you do it will wrap around your bunny   head and you just want to make sure that 
it's pulled tight enough that when you   flip it over you actually can see that it's 
a bunny head versus it looking like a blob then cut off any excess and then i decided 
to give it a little bow and make it a girl   bunny just because that helped clean 
up that little area between the ears   my last step was to take some 
dollar tree burlap ribbon   cut out the inner parts of the ears and hot 
glue it down to finish off the rustic look   and then add a little bit of jute twine to the 
back so that i could hang it if i wanted to this little bunny head is really cute 
on a table like this or you can hang it   up on the wall and it goes really well with 
that welcome sign that i shared off the top   all right we are on to project 11.

If you're 
still with me put a bunny or an easter egg or   a heart or something in the comments to let me 
know we are to do some of these farmhouse books   you need some dollar tree books some stamps 
some jute twine ribbon and ink for your stamps so to create these books i start by getting rid 
of the cover of the soft cover books and then   painting these spines with just a little 
bit of waverly chalk paint and white   as well as a little bit on the top like cover page 
to make it a little bit weathered and crinkly then   i took some buffalo check ribbon and stretched 
around the outside and hot glued it down just   so my books stayed together and this gave it 
kind of a cute farmhouse look then after that   was all set i added some jute wine just to give 
a little bit of texture to that side of the books and then my last step was to add the 
saying you can add whatever you want   but for easter i decided to do he is risen 
and i like to align everything to the left   just so then i know that all 
my letters are going to line up   the stamp set that i'm using as well as the ink 
pad came from michael's i will link it down below   this next one is right on inspired for the way 
that i did it but you could do whatever font that   you want and to make this you just need however 
many letters you have of these little dollar tree   ceramic eggs so i painted all of mine white with 
some chalk paint and then i used the font the   skinny which matches the ray done font which is 
a free download and cut that out on my cricut now   you could absolutely do the same thing with some 
dollar tree stickers so if you don't have a vinyl   cutter no problem you can use whatever font you 
could do some of those rub on transfers as well   i ended up using some transfer tape for my vinyl 
and then i cut them all apart so each letter was   on its own piece and then i applied it to my five 
eggs i went with these dollar tree ceramic eggs   because they set up like this and that was the 
goal is to have them sit and spell out something   so you can go through and you know line them up or 
put them on a shelf or do whatever you would like   to do i used the ones before it to line up the 
subsequent letters just so then you didn't have   them all over the place and then to finish off 
the display i just added some dollar tree carrot up next is a another buffalo check project 
shocker but this door hanger is super easy   to put together with dollar tree supplies 
i did two a yard stakes a wood bunny   a little bunny tail and then their galvanized 
metal words i ended up using one that said   welcome so the first thing i did was break 
apart my little yard stakes i had two of them   and don't go too crazy breaking it apart because 
you'll need these later for assembly and you're   gonna use the back of your eggs for your buffalo 
check i've drilled this technique through this   whole video so we're just gonna fly through this 
this is the video that explains it really slowly   though so i will link the original video so 
you can check that out if you're interested   once you've got two painted buffalo check eggs 
then you could stain your bunny dollar tree has   different sizes and different shapes of 
wood unfinished wood bunnies every year   then i took those sticks that i had left over to 
put the eggs on either side and then i covered the   middle with my little stained bunny added a cute 
little tail as well as welcome with some hot glue   finished off the look with a bow and then added 
two holes at the top so that i could hang it this   looks so cute on our white doors in our house and 
you wouldn't guess that this came from dollar tree   up next is another stained and buffalo 
sign but this one is a smaller one this   is a circle unfinished sign as well as one of 
those do-it-yourself ornaments and to finish off   the other piece i just grabbed some little 
scrapbook paper this came from the target   dollar spot but you could use whatever scrapbook 
paper you have i traced my little carrot and i   cut it out in some black and white buffalo check 
and you could do this same process for any of the   projects that i showed you how to paint the 
buffalo check if you don't want to paint it   just took a little mod podge spread it around 
on the wood and then stuck my scrapbook paper   on and then added a little bit of jute twine 
just to give it a little bit of texture once that was done i just added a cute little 
cricut decal to my sign this is a free cup   file which i will link for you and then i 
hot glued my little carrot to the sign and voila up next is another variation of those cute 
ornaments and another idea you could use those for   so these signs are really easy to make 
over with the same nail polish remover   trick i removed all the world's best teacher 
verbiage from these blocks so that i had   just plain blacks to go with then i used some 
of my little ornaments that i painted with   buffalo check the technique and i just glued 
them onto the sign it made a really cute set of   three signs that i can display in my house and 
it's another variation you could also stain   them and put them on there paint them white 
or you could paint them just a solid color   here's another super easy idea that you could do 
for decor that fits really well with the farmhouse   vibe you could get an unfinished wood cut out of a 
bunny or an easter egg but the bunny works really   well with this tail i stained it with dark walnut 
stain from minwax and then i added this cute   little kids tail it's a lot bigger than the 
one i used on the sign and it is the perfect   size for this it just looks like a bunny is 
kind of hiding or you can see their backside   up next is another garland for you this one 
is a buffalo check and carrots and so this   process came from just one of these glitter 
signs i pulled off the eggs and used the back   to paint them buffalo check you could easily use 
scrapbook paper as well or you could paint them   whatever color goes with your decor once 
i had my white base coat i went through   and did my buffalo check painting technique 
as i've shown a ton of times on this video   then once i had all those painted i went through 
with a drill and just drilled a quick hole in the   top i ended up actually doing two holes so that 
the piece just laid nicely and flat on the garland   and then i finished off the look by putting 
everything on some jute twine and tying on   some of those dollar tree carrots i buy so many 
packs of those every year because they're all   over my house and they're really good quality for 
a dollar and their perfect size i hang this one   in my bathroom every year from this shelf and 
i absolutely love it all right we are coming   in towards the end two more projects left one 
being this buffalo check sign so this one is a   happy easter sign as well as a bunny sign with two 
carrots that i've seen dollar tree have every year   i start with this easter egg sign and i flip it 
over and do my buffalo check painting technique once that's painted it is so easy 
i disassembled the other side   glued on the bunny head and that was it and i just added a little bit of jute twine 
to hang it up so it could go in my wreath   and it was done one is also a dollar tree 
diy and it is super simple but it looks so   high-end so here are the supplies that i use 
i actually ended up swapping out that bunny   little ceramic piece for eggs and you'll 
see why in a minute so the first thing   i did was take my two plastic little mason 
jars and hot glue them to my little candle sticks   once that hot glue cured i added some painters 
tape so that i could paint the bottom section   of the little mason jar contraption i made with 
white paint so i went through and painted both i had a little bit of an issue with my hot 
glue sticking but the second time it was fine   and then i took some jute twine and wrapped it 
around the base of those to give that a little   bit of texture this is what it looked like 
when i was done and i hot glued along the way then to complete the look i added some reindeer 
moss inside of the little mason jars as well as a   singular dollar tree egg i ended up going 
with the purple and the blue for this look then i added the lids and 
my final touch was to add   two bows with some buffalo check ribbon to 
finish it off and have them match my house and last but not least we are going to do 
a another variation of this garland that i   showed you before this time we're 
going to stain the beads and this   is great because you can stain beads you 
can put them in die you could paint them   so you could really customize this to your home 
decor i wanted to have a set with dark wood so   it would go in one room of my house and then 
i wanted one with the unfinished beads as well   so i went through and just stained some of the 
same beads from michael's and then i followed the   same process with the easter eggs that i got 
from walmart for under two bucks for a dozen   and i ended up going through and 
drilling the holes for all of them then i went through and strung all of my beads   as well as my eggs and then 
i added tassels to the end another idea is you could do variations of both 
the stained beads as well as the unfinished beads   i added a little egg to the end of this 
strand added the words hip hop in the   skinny font and that is a another variation 
of the easter egg garland that you could do   thanks so much for watching let me know 
your favorite down in the comments below   also a huge thank you to skillshare for 
sponsoring today's video as a reminder   the first 1000 people to click the link down in 
the description box as well as in the comments   we'll get a free trial of skillshare premium 
so you can check out and see if that's a good   fit for you also if you're new to my channel 
be sure to hit subscribe so you don't miss   a future whiskey and what video and i 
will catch you guys in the next one bye you

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