MINI LOADER with HER own hands! DIY SKID STEER Part 2

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hello everyone my name is Lucia welcome 
to the second part of the skids steer build   I've already made technological openings 
in the oil and fuel tanks for filters   refueling and fuel level sensor and now 
it's time for the next step with a lot   of connections that I have to put together 
precisely so let's not waste time and start friends to be honest so far the front part of 
the boom arm seems to be the hardest for me   because it contains several main connections 
that affect a lot of characteristics also I'm   not an engineer and I feel lack of technical 
knowledge and CAD design skill so I can't design   the project in advance because I don't have the 
whole picture in my mind and by the way all the   machines CAD programs and controllers are useless 
without this computer and mine needs to see first   that's why I constructed this installation it 
gave me some answers on my questions but there   are still a few left pictures from the internet 
are not too informative so I decided to use a   method that I tested while building my CNC plasma 
cutter it's called find in your city look at the   advantages of the construction and then adapt 
them to your project yesterday I spent almost   the whole day driving around my city in search 
of a suitable model of a skid steer that I could   find in the streets and I found one looked 
at and so it's time for making my own design okay these pipes these ones are parallel this 
one is horizontal so now I can fixate them it's   very important because these connections will 
consist of several plates in different planes   and both connections should be totally identical 
in order for the lift arm to work properly well now it's already not a washtub with wheels 
but finally the shape of the loader started to   define lift arms build might seem easy for you 
but it was a real test of perseverance for me   with all that measuring calculating thinking 
of configuration creating several options of   the design choosing changing and redoing it for 
several times then building two lift arms so that   all the holes were coaxial and so on and thinking 
over and designing the drawings took even more   time and efforts than building according to ready 
plans but so far I do like how the result looks   however there was some annoying mistake on my part you have probably noticed that lift arms look   kind of unfinished the reason is that a plate that 
repeats the contour of adjacent parts was supposed   to be here until I realized that I haven't 
considered a hydraulic cylinder for this assembly   I mean I put it here while making the installation 
that I showed you earlier in this video   but this pipe hasn't yet been sawn off and I 
assumed that I would shorten the hydraulic cylinder   rod by six centimeters and it seemed to fit in 
there well my mind was blown by thinking about the   articulation of all these plates at that moment 
and I just forgot about the exact calculation of   the hydraulic cylinder insert simply forgot 
and now when lift arms are almost ready I   understand that even if I shorten the cylinder 
rod its upper hole will be located here where   I have nothing to attach it to in general I had 
plenty of emotions and all of them were obscene   then I went through all the stages of acceptance 
and finally realized that a solution does exist in   any case I just need to think it over thoroughly 
either way I get comments that say you guys are   waiting for part two so I decided to 
leave that solution for the next video   if you like this video please like 
and subscribe to my channel for more   videos also please feel free to write in the 
comments whether you like my design or not   because I need an outside perspective okay 
that's it see you in the next video bye bye

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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