3 Simple, Yet Cool DIY Projects (Part 2)

3 simple, yet cool DIY projects I found this holow brick on the street And I knew I should take it After drawing a line I cut the brick in half I closed the bottom With a piece of foam Then I painted it red We have made a toothbrush holder or a desk organiser I had this cd cake box Full with old cd´s I cut off a piece of plastic pipe And I put a cap on it I left a few cd´s in the cake box to make the bottom more even And last, I slid the pipe on to the spindle We have made a paper towel holder I made two cuts in domino's tile Then I made another cut to break off the center I glued the tile with the cut on top of another one After applying some glue I put in a USB flash drive And last I closed it with another tile Our domino's flash drive Is ready! Thanks for watching Your feedback is highly appreciated

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