3d smart home house model science diy project powerful on YouTube!

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Let's look for KinCony's Smart model how to work Power Supply AC110-220V-> DC12V 4 relay control for motor Door motor KC868-H32 relay control board Terminal board connect with switch panel Manual control board for 32 buttons Voice control module Multi serial port (RS232) adapter Video system board for play AVI file in SD card Speaker KC868-H32 Smart Controller use for control MAX32 channel switch DC12V for all device power supply Pluggable relay for control motor of door The motor turns the spindle through a gear Terminal board connect with buttons for manual control You can copy your video file to SD card to play on the TV in room RS232 adapter connect with voice module and manual control board at the same time Voice control by Alexa or Google home speaker 32 buttons for control 32 relay output DC Motor open or close door Connect with all lines Power ON for the smart model All parts power on Download the firmware of controller by computer USB port Turn ON light by mobile phone Turn ON/OFF curtain or window by mobile phone Open close the door by mobile phone How motor works inside Use 2 limit switches for detection position Open close the garage door by mobile phone Open close electric clothes hanger by mobile phone Turn ON the TV by mobile phone Switch TV screen to CCTV camera Turn ON all device by mobile phone scene mode Turn OFF all device by mobile phone scene mode Control every deivce by switch panel Control every device by Amazon Alexa or Google Home speaker

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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