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here we are in La Playa, one of the
most desirable neighborhoods in all of Point Loma now we are nearby some of the
best beaches Southern California has to offer as well as great yacht clubs
fishing and all of the fun water sport activities you think of when you're
California Dreaming. Now today we're taking a look inside this multi-level
smart home with multi-million dollar views of not only Coronado Island but
downtown San Diego as well with its own private movie theater and over 3,000
square feet of outdoor living space let's go take a look inside. Good to see ya!
Good to see you Ty! Everybody this is Chase Maher from the Chase Maher group,
tell us about this place we have a contemporary 4 bedroom, 7 bath, smart home
with over 5,000 square feet of living space 3,000 square feet of outdoor space
first I want to show you the savant smart home system we have six security
cameras outside but you can see it from every iPod along in the house you can
see it from your phone when you're in a way.

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An entertainer-style kitchen we have
handles cabinets Italian Carrara marble backsplash, porcelain waterfall counters,
and one of the really cool features of this kitchen is this one and a half and
infuse glass breakfast-table looking over the Yacht Club looking over
Coronado Bay and of course the skyline at night. These are folding glass doors
they fold open very easily they save space they offer incredible view and
incredible air flow. Wow you talk about an entertainers dream
home this is the epitome of entertainers dream this pool table was custom
designed by the superior Institute of design in France it's a beautiful pool
table beautiful space in here you can catch a
movie I think it's time for me to take you up a pool.

Very nice and just like
that the game is over we could have faked it but no staging on this show all
of its real let's go check out the movie theater. Let's do it! So you can do
anything you want in here you can catch a game, you can play video games,
beautiful furniture, you can lay down, you can hang out, you don't gotta go anywhere!
Next we're gonna show the office, BAM! and as you walk in, I mean you got to stop
and pause because you have that view! Again it feels presidential with these
types of views. I got a little surprise for you, so just wait right here and give
me one second.

So Ty, what better way to enjoy the view,
enjoy the breeze, enjoy the lighting than have your own personal gym! This is motivating! I could wake up
whether I'm in a suit or not and come out here, do my little workout got the
bird zone in the background in San Diego Bay and downtown and Coronado and
everything you need right here you have a wet bar right here ties so you can
either workout you can make a drink it's totally your choice, but let's check out
the master retreat! We have a custom floating bed here with LED under bed
lighting, folding glass doors overlooking the beautiful view, ambient lighting,
surround sounds and you really can't ask for anything else. The iPads that are
sitting on the charging stations in each and every room really give you the
brains of the house right at your fingertips. Let's just go ahead and close
the shades. Very nice so everything at your
fingertips. The ensuite master bath is beautiful,
soaking tub, the separate glass shower his and her sides it's really like a resort
this is the type of property that you want to come home to and I can see right across
the hallway there you have a large master closet as well.

Everything you
need is here in the home. BAM! So here we are I mean this is amazing
and you almost forget when you're touring the home because you see it so
often from every room; but really you got to stop and pause because this is not
normal. This is a multi-million dollar view in one of the best areas in San
Diego. I want to show you this cool little lounging nook right here and then
I'll show you the pool area. Very nice! Retreating from the master, you have your,
I call it the lounging nook, really cool piece of furniture here for you to lay
down and read take a nap.

pexels photo 7128995

Oh you're gonna take a nap right now? I gotta try this
out with the trees and everything here. I just feel so relaxed. Well you're working
so hard you deserve a little nap man. Oh man okay I'll catch up with you later! Alright cool! So Ty I know it's nice up there, but are
you ready to come down? I'll show you the rest of the house. You know, I'll make my
way down. So Ty I'm glad you woke up from your nap. I hope it was a great one. Now that we're out here over 3,000 square-foot outdoor space. You have your pool, You
have your sp.

Resort style lounging for your cocktails. You have a custom, with
salt stone barbecue table, built-in gas grill. When you're looking back at the
house, I really want you to imagine, you have folks inside in the kitchen hanging
out, making food, you got people in the pool, you got people lounging in the
chairs, you got music over here on the patio, the barbecues going, the outdoor
patio over here, more lounging, more space for entertainment and shall we enjoy
this couch and enjoy this view? Oh so relaxing! You know that's
the nice thing about this home, and that actually could be another theme of the
home, relaxation. I don't even know if I want to sell this place anymore. Let's
just buy it ourselves. I'm thinking we go half and half, but first chase, we got to
jump in the show helicopter! They're waiting for us; we'll take a look at the
community from the air; we'll fly over the Yacht Club's, the beach, the sailboats,
you just have more fun! Excellent I can't wait for the chopper.

Let's go do it! Alright Chase, here we are above the home! Another great perspective of a great property. Talk a little bit' about the home, now that we can see really how large it is. It's a beautiful property from the air just like it is down on the ground it's
really nestled surrounded by trees you can really tell how unique the the
backyard is. The pool looks fabulous and you really see some really nice real
estate around it, but I tell you what man, all I look at, is this property stands
alone, as one of the nicest in the area and it's really cool being up here. Talk a
little bit about the community, what are the neighbors like? All around every
neighbor that I've been meeting everybody in the area so nice and kind.
The thing I like about Point Loma is the Sun rises on one side, it sets on the
other, you're always getting that natural light, you're always in the sun, you're
always having fun, you just turn down the corner, you have a private beach, you have
the Yacht Club right there and your beautiful areas like Cabrillo and Sunset
Cliffs, OB, you're a short drive to mission;
centralized, but your private and you're in the heart of La Playa.

Who would want
anything more? Now being up here, looking down at the home, I mean it's an
entertainers dream home. We threw an incredible event there last night. It
really gave everybody the perspective and to see the potential with this home
offers. There's 90 people in there, there was music, it was really an incredible
time. Just like you said, it was made for entertaining. And as we kind of mentioned before, but through that event you kind of get the feel of both perspectives of
the home, the entertainment style property that it is, but then now and
even when we were just down inside not too long ago, how peaceful and quiet and
private the home is.

Exactly like you said you have both ends of the spectrum and
it's flawless at both ends. You had to sum this home, this community in one
sentence, I'm gonna put you to the challenge, what would that be? A contemporary smart home nestled in the private and beautiful La Playa with anything
you want all around it. Boom! Great job chase! Thanks so much! Thank you

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