5 DIY Car Projects to do at Home

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yes Ben hey seven years really you know what social distancing is anymore the healthy mind doesn't wake up thinking it's last day it's its last day stuck at home but I think that's a luxury not a curse I've been letting way too much war zone all right as life is on the brink of either going back to normal or spiraling out of control one thing remains constant that garage project is still not done you know it I know it we all know it and it's time to start getting some good old motivation in the car project department and that's what I'm here to do I'm Alex Alex edifying instagramming today ladies and gentlemen we're gonna be talking about five easy easy do-it-yourself car projects you can do at home right now that you'll say wow those are five easy things to do at home with my car and if you're just jumping into this video all that it means hello it's Spanish come on stuff don't forget to subscribe and if you're looking for fancy fancy wheels for that hot ride keep yourself connected to the old rupey doopy roads and if you're looking for some suspension be sure to check us out of our fitment industries dot-com where we pretty much have everything you could possibly imagine and it allows you to County you can build your car pick and look at the gallery see what other people are running it's pretty sweet so that you don't make the same mistakes that other people have made because you don't want poopy fitment all right that out of the way one of the biggest and easiest car projects to do at home and is also incredibly satisfying is going into the kitchen grabbing your favorite Ziploc bags from the jar don't tell your wife or husband then grabbing a permanent marker and just going out and organizing everything in your garage it's kind of like a spring cleaning for your car in your garage but for your car build in general I don't know when I first moved into my house and it was the best feeling in the world even getting down to cleaning up the old dusty bottles and cleaners and then putting them away is a pretty good feeling once it's all set and done you go through and organize bolts and parts and pieces you throw away those headlights that you've had for three years again you know it I know it we know it it ain't happening buddy if you haven't sold it or unboxed it in the last year it's just time to get rid of it it's like an easy car project that requires no money which is a very nice thing to remember especially in today's day and age is like doing a very deep detail on your car people like you and people like me have a tendency to buy products that we use for a couple to treat times then we put away only to never use again because it takes a good chunk of time to disassemble and clean up the nuts and bolts and all that sort of stuff that you're planning on cleaning all right it's it's it's that's a thing so guess what bet you got all the time in the world to do that right now right Micro detailing is super satisfying and there's a lot of the reason why people love certain cars at shows and meats when you open up an engine ban you see the washers are clean the bolts are all the same color the bumper doesn't have leaves stuck behind the girl it's a satisfying thing but it takes a lot of time break clear does a good job at like cleaning rust remover where you put a concentrate in water then you put the nuts and bolts in there to kind of get rid of the rust that's a fantastic little thing too and on some high temp corrosion resistant black paint onto some bolts and you're pretty much ready to set and fire okay your project will look good and the only thing it really takes is time Wow Alex they seem like all great projects but they're pretty meticulous and I don't know if you know me but I can do something for about 30 minutes before I get bored okay I'm bored and now how cinema now is boy boy boy did a house in I'm in the house boy by the way don't say meticulous that's insulting you probably that's okay it's okay we all get a bit like that which is fair so what's like the free-to-play version of a car project to do while you're stuck at home well throw the old car on jacks take off the wheels and tires that you got from fitmin industries calm and get to inspecting check the brake pads rotors oil coolant windshield wiper fluid mark it all down okay go and do a little Street pickup from your local autozone whatever's needed for fluids rotors brakes cables all that good stuff and spent a day just getting the car up to snuff from things you know you ignored from the previous season super satisfying when you're essentially giving your car the bath bomb treatment of maintenance items which includes that's 17 year old windshield wipers and the MacDonalds smell from inside the car that desperately needs some black ice love absolutely everywhere and an oil change there's a few thousand miles to old after that you can take it out for a drive of social distancing and all that stuff just because you having me on it doesn't mean show you nor your oil changes and another project present isn't much of a project is to go out to your driveway or garage get your car all cleaned up do the old maintenance of it all that good good and then go do a photo shoot take some pictures now most people have a fancy dancy iPhone or DSLR these days but what you can do is if you have Lightroom you can download it on your phone and even from your phone you can take Ross through light Androids already have it because you know Android but this allows you to do your own like mini photo shoot that you've probably been neglecting for months because well video games even though it sounds kind of funky to do a photo shoot with your phone or just something that's easier it's actually a lot of fun and it can be a little bit like a DSLR practice your light painter turn your crash into a set for photos just going out there and taking pictures your pride and joy is really enjoyable and finally one of the last do-it-yourself car projects while you're stuck in Coram poopy is to go through the old modifications that you've done to the car and fix them most of the time and pretty much all the time we install bits and pieces and get them to about 80% there and then stop because boom coilovers around job is done baby let's go you never end up going back to finish the extra 20 percent of the project to make it proper but sure there's something on your car right now that meets one of these criteria if you can if not you can put enough in the comments below you installed it dumped it and that's okay but it's always good to go back in there and make sure that you dial in your suspension maybe like you went in and you got it all set up and then you bought a roller you bought a roller to make your wheels fit that you bought you bought a roller that's it or you wired a radio together but just quick connected everything because you wanted to make sure that it worked and you promised to go back later and heat wrap the cables once everything was good those 16 months ago there are pieces inside the car that were painted with spray paint we were gonna clear them but we needed to get to cruise now they're all gray a little sticky there's some plastic stuff on them the little fuzzy bits come on them and then they just never stop just collecting their air was installed and it just looks baller but we strapped one by force to the trunk for the compressors to sit on I never actually finished the trunk we just prayed nobody asked us to open up the trunk Ani I'm looking at you needless to say finishing touches is what makes a car build so satisfying it makes the car reliable looks good and not be a ticking time bomb if the only thing that you have right now is time it's time to do what you have to do to your car and make it the best little box possible you know I'm saying so it's a car project you're working on right now drop a comment below and of course if you look at perhaps market wheels tires air suspension you can be sure to hit us up over at fitmin industries comm we also have a massive gallery we can go see it other people have done and if you do have an aftermarket car go add your car to our gallery because that's it's fun and we do shoutouts and it's cool and like it'd mean a lot I'm Alex from fitment industries we will see you later Oh God peace

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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