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5 Christmas decorations with recycled materials! Amazing DIY Crafts for Christmas! 80 sheets approx 80 sheets approx 2 sheets fold like this Continue folding forming two triangles: one above and the other below Fold again, making sure to form a triangle again You have formed small cones in succession. Try to keep them well distributed use your favorite spray paint decorated with small silver stars Decorate the edge of the cones by gluing small silver stars glued a star to the top Finished! Very beautifull! Fold a roll of toilet paper Draw dots on the roll at a distance of about one cm from each other Equally from the opposite side With the help of a ruler draw a straight line You will form small strips Cut the strips obtained, trying to make so that they are the same Use an acrylic paint to paint the strips Paint the inside as well pour the glue into a small container and prepare the glitter powder Dip the outline of the strip first in the glue and then in the glitter powder Try to make the glue adhere well glitter Decorate all the strips in this way join the strips together and fix them with a little hot glue joining several strips you will form a ball use a small silver cord to form the hook Stop the cord with a drop of glue Beautiful! Get two rolls of toilet paper and a larger roll like kitchen towel Draw dots at a distance of one cm on both sides With the help of a ruler, create lines Cut the strips obtained in a regular way, glue them with a little hot glue Create some petals and join them to form a flower fold the strip in half and form another small petal Join the small petals to the other larger ones Use a small brush to sprinkle the edges with vinyl glue and now dip them in the glitter a small silver cord and the your decoration is ready! Of great effect! With small wooden branches a spray paint or acrylic paint Paint the small branches get some Christmas lights Wrap the lights around the branch and stop everything at the end with a bit of tape Join another branch and continue to wrap the thread lights Cross the branches to form a star Stop each corner with a more or less strong wire Apply a small pine cone or berries Your very bright star !! On a ceramic plate with a permanent marker Draw a snowflake Cover the drawing with a little oil With hot glue, follow the contours of the drawing you have traced Sprinkle with glitter powder and wait for it to dry Here is an extraordinary snowflake of snow!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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