DIY Kitchen Island on a Budget | DIY Kitchen Island Makeover | Kitchen Makeover Part 1

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hey guys welcome back to the channel for those 
of you who don't know me i'm glenda chavez and   i am standing in the soon to be diy kitchen 
island now i wanted to build a kitchen island   that was both functional and cost effective to 
the space this is actually video one of a two   part video series where i'm going to be making 
over this kitchen so if you want to learn how to   add a kitchen island to your space on a budget 
let's go ahead and get started i started by   removing the touch out of the way to try and get 
a better visual of the space i'm not keeping this   cabinet but it just hasn't sold if you missed 
that furniture makeover i'll have a link for   you down in the description but let me know if i 
should try to redo it once more to see if it sells once the space was cleared i moved 
on to measuring and taping off what   i believe to be a good size island for my kitchen now there are so many options when it comes to 
prefabricated unfinished cabinets so you could   customize this to fit your kitchen and needs 
you can also use wall cabinets not just base   cabinets as well i will actually be using 
wall cabinets for a built-in entertainment   center i have planned for the upcoming 
new year so be sure to stay tuned for that   i chose to go with a basic base cabinet 
that came with four doors and two drawers   thank you i measured and cut 1 by 4 primed pine 
boards for the bottom baseboards and   secured them to the cabinet with some brad nails i used 1×3 quarter inch poplar boards to 
trim the rest of the cabinet out and attach   them with liquid nails before 
securing them with brad nails i then measured and ripped down some beadboard 
paneling to go right in the center of each side   now you can have this pre-cut at your 
local hardware stores some places will   usually do it for you if you come with your 
measurements and let them know what size you need to make sure that the paint 
finish would be as flawless   as possible i went in and caulked all of the seams for the nail holes i used dab premium wood filler   i removed the doors and drawer fronts 
to prepare for the painting process i first primed with kills 2 formula with a   foam roller on all of the raw wood 
including the beadboard paneling i wanted to make sure that the doors 
had as smooth of a finish as possible   so i set them all outside and spray 
them instead of using a foam roller   if you don't have a sprayer using a foam roller 
in combination with a good synthetic brush   should be good enough but the finish won't 
be as smooth as compared to being sprayed if i was doing a lighter color i would have 
definitely added two coats but because i am   using a black color for this island i 
felt one coat of primer was good enough   the color and paint i am using 
is limousine leather by bear   in their cabinet and trim collection it is a 
water-based enamel that acts as an oil-based paint i ended up having to do three coats on the 
base cabinet and two coats on the doors it was time to tackle the butcher block countertop 
after placing it on the cabinets i couldn't decide   on whether to cut back some of the overhang or not 
i asked you guys over on instagram and 86 percent   of y'all said for me to cut it back however 
there was a couple of y'all who suggested i   leave it as is to as not regret it later on 
and if down the line i still didn't love it   then i should go ahead and cut it back then so i 
decided to leave the butcher block as is for now after my manager helped me clean up we would have 
filled a small imperfection on the countertops as we waited on that to dry i went 
ahead and drilled my hardware hose   and installed the new hardware for 
a nice contrast i went with gold as you can see i tested several stains 
outside on the underside before bringing   the countertop inside i asked you guys to 
help me decide on which one looked best   as i was torn between two colors in the end your 
votes came in super close but 52 percent of y'all   voted for the natural color 
so that's what i went with i sealed the countertop with very thin 
oil based polyurethane in a satin finish   there are several options for finishing 
and sealing butcher block countertops   including food safe options i decided on 
the oil-based poly for the best durability   after applying two coats and 
sanding in between i was done let's remember what we started with and what we created don't forget to stay tuned as i tackle 
the rest of this kitchen makeover get   subscribed so you don't miss out and 
turn on your post notification bell   i hope you found this video helpful and realize 
that if i can create something beautiful from   something ordinary then you can too i love you 
all be kind and i'll see y'all next week bye

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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