5 Simple Ways to Christmas-ify Your Smart Home

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Hello, I'm Tristan from Smart Home Point. Ho Ho 
Ho, Merry Christmas! Yeah that's… pretty much   all of my Christmas spirit used up there. But I 
still have a little Christmas cheer left over,   and so today I wanted to cover five quick ways 
that you can Christmasfiy your smart home.   (Totally a word).
Firstly, everyone loves Christmas lights – whether   they are outdoor lights on your ultra-Christmasy 
street, or simple Christmas tree lights.   But having to physically turn them ON every night, 
only to turn them OFF a few hours later is…   exhausting. Surely there's a better way? 
Well yes, due to the power of smart plugs,   there is! (I don't know why I've gone for 
a "cheesy infomercial" vibe by the way).
  You can plug all your smart lights into 
a smart plug (or multiple smart plugs),   and then set them to go on and off via a schedule. 
This means that you could have them come on at 5pm   and go off at 3am.

Alternatively you can use 
voice control via an Echo or Google Home device   to turn them on or off without leaving your seat. 
Score! Just be sure to check the maximum wattage   of your smart plug before chaining together 
a million miles of LED Christmas lights and   plugging it into a single $5 smart plug. In 
other words, if your power setup looks like THIS,   and you then plug it into some random smart 
plug, your house (or neighborhood) might   end up looking like THIS. Just kidding – 
sort of. But no, don't overload them.
  Also if you use routines via your smart speaker, 
you can add the smart plug into this. In our case,   in the evenings we say "lights on", and various 
lights around our house come on – and now,   our Christmas tree comes on too.

This is 
because we have added a "smart plug ON" command   to our existing "lights on" routine. It takes 
seconds to do, and it works really well.
  Secondly, smart bulbs can be great 
for ambient Christmas lighting effects   (assuming that you buy color RGB bulbs, not just 
"white" smart bulbs, of course). You can set them   to a range of Christmasy colors – be it red or 
green. Whatever you want. But often you might   want to go a little further. That's where dynamic 
lighting comes in. Apps like LIFX, for example,   have various lighting effects that allow you to 
cycle between a range of colors. This can help   create more of a Christmasy feel that having a 
single, static color all the time. After all,   red is a Christmasy color – but setting your whole 
house to a constant red will seem more like a   horror movie than a Christmas scene! But cycling 
between red, blue, orange (etc) will seem more   Christmasy – so that's why I really like having 
dynamic lighting effects available to me.
  The Philips Hue app also offers this feature via 
the Hue app, under the Hue Labs section that I   covered in another video.

There are a range of 
lab formulas, but the "Holiday Living Scenes"   one is probably the best since it's specifically 
designed to loop around a range of Christmasy   colors. However a word of caution – only the 
full Hue app (which requires the Hue Bridge)   supports this feature, the Hue Bluetooth 
app does not – which is a bit rubbish.
  If this feature is important to you but don't 
want to shell out on LIFX or Hue – which are   quite expensive bulbs – you might want to check 
if the app (attached to your smart bulbs) have any   dynamic lighting effects before buying them.
Thirdly, smart lightstrips can be a really awesome   way of achieving a subtle but powerful Christmas 

It might be that you don't like your   Christmas tree decs – and throwing a lightstrip 
on it will totally improve it. Well, not like   that – but a lightstrip can actually look good on 
a tree, especially if you use the dynamic effects   I just spoke about. Alternatively, you can put 
the lightstrip around (or below) your window – and   this can be a really awesome way of adding fairly 
unique Christmas lighting to your street.
  Fourthly, if you have a smart doorbell 
or camera, you can combine this with a   Ring Chime or smart speaker to play Christmasy 
noises when someone is at your door – or motion   is detected.

In my case, my Ring Chime shouts 
"Ho Ho Ho" when someone presses my Ring Doorbell.   If you're anything like me, you'll totally 
forget that you've set this up – and then   get a bit scared when you randomly hear "Ho 
ho ho" shouted at you from your living room!   But you'll soon get used to it… maybe.
You can also play a different sound when motion   is detected – in my case, we have a train whistle 
sound when our cars pull into our driveway – but   you can of course have a Christmas sound here 

If you don't have a Ring Doorbell or   Chime, fear not. You can do all this in the Alexa 
app too. You can have a routine trigger when   another brand of smart doorbell is pressed, 
or when your smart camera detects motion.   You can then use this to play a Christmas song, 
turn on some lights set to a certain color,   and more. Alternatively, you can set your Echo 
devices to play a range of Christmas sounds   when someone presses your doorbell – doing away 
with the need for a separate Ring Chime unit.
  Finally, pretty much all of us have some sort of 
smart speaker – be it an Amazon Echo, Google Home   or an Apple HomePod device. They all have some 
Christmas features which can be especially good   for children – or childish people like me. Taking 
the Amazon Echo, for example, you can activate   the "Hey Santa" skill or say "call Santa", 
allowing your children to interact with Santa.
  (Alexa talking)
Alexa stop.

Whoops,   I said the "Alexa" word didn't I?
There should also be   a "Bring in Christmas" routine available 
under the Featured tab, which shows how   you can easily start chaining multiple smart 
devices together to make a Christmasy effect.
  In this case, you can control a smart 
light – such as turning it on and set it   to red – then play Christmas music for 30 
minutes, and then make a Christmas sound.   Of course, you can tweak this to do exactly 
what you want instead. As I mentioned earlier,   we have a "lights on" routine which now turns 
on our Christmas lights – and we also play a   Christmas sound when someone is at our front door. 
There's genuinely loads of possibilities here,   depending on exactly what smart devices you 
have – and where they are in your home.
  That just about wraps up today's video. This 
is a fairly brief introduction into how smart   homes can make your home more Christmasy, but 
it's definitely worth diving into your smart   home app – or apps if you have 10 like me – to 
see what other options might be open to you.
  Before I finish, I wanted to say thanks for 
watching this video – and for all the support I've   had since I started Smart Home Point two years 

In the past year, this channel's videos have   had over four hundred thousand views – amounting 
to 1.2 million watch minutes. Of THIS face.   That's awesome. I really appreciate the 
support. I haven't been publishing as much   this year since my personal life has been manic 
– and exhausting – but I'm looking forward to   publishing a whole lot more next year.
But until then, thank you again.   If you enjoyed this video, please click the like 
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Please also subscribe   if you haven't already, and have a great 
Christmas (waaay!) and New Year. Thank you! .

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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