7 FUNNY DIY SCHOOL PRANKS || Easy Pranks For Back To School!

Stuck sitting through another boring lecture? Okay, Amy. Go ahead and open your notebook to page — Now that’s a math equation we can all get on board with! If you’re looking for some fun pranks to spice things up in the classroom, we’ve got you covered. Remember these from back in grade school? Here’s how you can still have some fun with them today! Take a small wad of Plato and cut it into a square with an exacto knife like this one. Once you have a perfect square, take it into your hands and gently mold it to look smoother around the edges. See? Now drop it into an empty gum wrapper like this one here. Ooh, I could really use a piece of gum. MMM! Strawberry, my favorite! Hey, whatcha got there, Amy? Wow, you’re really good at that! Um, hey! Care to share the wealth, there? Why of course, how rude of me! Ever wonder if Plato tastes like gum? We’re about to find out.

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MMM — Ew, what is this? What the heck? What on earth is wrong with this gum? Ugh! This is awful! Um, Mia? Didn’t anyone tell you you’re not supposed to text in class? Or more importantly, don’t ever leave a yummy snack unattended with Amy in the nearby vicinity. Yup, she’s eating all the cookies – every last one. Hey, Amy, whatcha chewin’ on there? Those better not be my cookies… Aw… no! How could you do that! I was looking forward to eating those all afternoon! That’s it, you’re officially uninvited to my birthday party next weekend, Amy! Ah, another glorious morning! Time to brush the ‘ol chompers! I had garlic chicken last night, so lots of minty goodness is necessary this morning! Wait a minute.

That reminds me… I never had a chance to get back at Amy for eating my precious oreos the other day. And I know the perfect revenge! Take an oreo cookie and remove the filling. Go ahead and squeeze some white toothpaste right onto the cookie so that it looks just like the normal filling. Yum? Put the cookie halves back together and push them against each other. Looks like the real thing, right? Oh, good morning, Amy! Hello! Alright, I’ve got my notebook, and my… Cookies… Say there, Amy! You want one of my oreos? Um, duh! Thanks! Um… this has an odd minty flavor to it, and not in a good way… Quick, somebody bring a garbage pail over here.

This may not end well! This next school prank involves three of my favorite things: Coke Soy sauce and Sprite. But first, let’s mix things up a bit, shall we? Go ahead and pour the sprite into an empty glass. But only fill it about just over halfway. Next, pour in some soy sauce. Yup, you heard that right. Once it turns into that dark color, go ahead and stop. Now, that sure looks an awful lot like a glass of coke, doesn’t it? You’d better do a taste test first, Vicky. Yup, definitely the coke. Once that’s sorted out, go ahead and pour the sprite – soy sauce concoction into an empty coke bottle through a funnel. Make sure to fill it all the way to the top so that it looks like a legit, fresh coke-a-cola. Okay, looks like we’re just about there! Now screw on that cap and get ready for some serious pranking action.

Good luck, Vicky! Hey, Mia, what’s shakin’? Just gonna take out my ice cold coke here… Oooh…that seriously looks so good right now… Hey, is it cool if I snag a swig? Of course! Oh ya, come to mama! Oh boy, hope you’re prepared to sit in the splash zone! Ooh! We definitely saw this one coming! Oooh! That looks pretty bad, man! But the good news? You definitely got your sodium intake for the day, Mia. If you manage to stay awake during biology class, you deserve a medal. And Vicky is definitely not going the pass the exam coming up at this rate. Aaaand down she goes. Oooh, this gives me a fabulous idea! While your friend is sleeping, use this opportunity to give them a temporary tattoo. To do this, use a red pen to create the open wound, and outline it in white to make it look more realistic. Woah! That was a close one. Now to finish it off, add some darker red marks inside to give the blood a more natural look.

WHAT’D I MISS?! 7 + 9 is, uh… Woah, Vicky! Are you okay? Oh my gosh! I didn’t even know seeing blood makes Vicky faint! Double whamo! Well, I guess I’d better help her up. Have you ever been sitting in class when all you can think about is how badly you have to pee? Hey, teacher? Can i please be excused to go to the ladies’ room? Ooh, you know what would make Amy’s self portrait even more excellent? A big old green mustache, obviously! Sure that prank is fun, but why not take it one step further? Take a regular pencil can like this one and dump out all its contents.

Now, take a paintbrush and a rubber band, and attach the brush to the cup. Now pop that cup right into the pencil can. Lastly, take the pencils, brushes and pens and place them all around the cup. Make sure to place them all around the cup and arrange them so that no one will notice the cup of water hiding in there. Now it’s time to watch the trickery ensue! Oh my! My beautiful work is ruined! Oh well, all hope is not lost.

An artist must go on! Let’s see, do I want this pen? Or where’s that small brush I was using? I think you were looking for that one? And spill! It looks like a river of paint just took over your masterpiece, Amy! I can’t believe this! And these jeans are brand spankin’ new! Mia, I’m going to get you back for this! You’ve gotta admit, that was pretty funny! Oh man, all that studying has really worked up an appetite, huh, Mia? Mmm, this lunch is divine. And check it out! Chocolates! Yes! Oh man, that was the last one! Major bummer. Nothing like a bag of carrots to cheer a girl up… Geeze, is this banana from 2015? How old is this thing? I’m definitely not putting this thing in my mouth. Wait, I have a brilliant idea! I’m going to stuff these boring carrots in this empty chocolate box. Ooh, don’t forget about that banana. Seal that sucker up and wait for someone to take the bait! I wonder who the sucker will be today… Oh hey there, Vicky! What’s cookin’? Alright, let’s see what’s for lunch today! I’m guessing, sushi? Or a wrap! Oh.

Apple slices and a sandwich. Thrilling. Say, Mia, what would you say about swapping grub today? Well, I guess that could work, sure! Um, this old banana looks nothing like chocolate! And what’s this?! Carrots?! Okay, Mia, why on earth would you do this to me? Okay, give me my sandwich back. No! But it’s mine! C’mon, I have two exams this week, this is the best thing going on in my life right now! Yes! Got it! You’ve gotta be kidding me! I’m starving, man! Well that’s the last time I’m having lunch with Mia, that’s for sure. I’m gonna get that broad back if it’s the last thing I do! While you ponder on that, Vicki, let’s enjoy some much deserved bloopers! If you love learning about pranks, be sure to subscribe to 123Go’s YouTube page to enjoy all our nifty videos! See you next time, tricksters!!.

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