ambiHome – die ideale Smart Home-Lösung für die gesamte Baubranche

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By 2023, more than one-third of all
households will use smart home technologies.
This means that smart home is already a must have for new construction projects: ambiHome offers such
a solution. A future proof KNX-Smart Home-System
for controlling lighting, heating and shading. Extensions within
the KNX-Standard are easily possible and completely independent of the manufacturer
The ambiHome system is easy: The user uses common switches for a
convinent and comfortable feeling Within the
clearly structured visualization are many additional functions possible.
The electrician can install everything with ease and plug&play. After a simple planning phase,
our software creates all the necessary code thus the product can be installed plug&play
and works right away. Automated processes
and a fair price makes ambiHome the ideal solution for the
whole building industry. It is easy to integrate into the distribution.
With ambiHome, you increase the value of every property and provide the owner
with a future proof home, additional comfort, security and energy efficiency.
ambiHome – be prepared for tomorrow [Music].

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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