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ambiHome offers a full knx
solution that works instantly and is planned without expert knowledge. It is easily
installed and works plug&play. The components are mostly self
developed hardware and software. Few components and additions are
sourced from brand manufacturers. The following video describes
the ambiHome components in detail. For further information
please refer to the our data sheets. The ambihome 6-way switch-actuator
is a rail mounted device that serves up to 6 actuators independently.
Every channel relays delivers stable 16 amperes
and can also be switches by hand.
The 6-way-actuator is used when the lighting is planned
to be wired centrally. The ambiHome 2-way-actuator
is a flush mounted device and is able to switch up to two devices.
A digital thermometer can be included into the compact housing.
The actor switches up to two devices and is sourced by
two mono relays. There are 4 additional inputs
to detect changes from switches or door openings and also window contacts.
This function depends on the desired implementation of the KNX-programming
and is able to send telegrams on to the bus.

The inputs can also be switched to outputs
to, for example, power a LED as a control light in the switch.
The actuator is used flush mounted indoors and can be
used for lighting purposes with a decentralize knx installation.
For including switched sockets we offer a
16 ampere actuator which has the same
dimensions and specifications as the 2-way-actuator. The ambiHome shading-actuator
combines a switch with the with the shading interface.
The actuator itself and an external temperature sensor
are placed a compact flush mounted housing.

The actuator also has 4 inputs
that can detect changes from doors and window contacts
and, depending on the parameters, can send a telegram to the KNX-bus.
The inputs can also be used as outputs to control, for example, an control
LED in the switch. The actuator is used
to control shading within a decentralized installation.
It is installed flush mounted within the wall
and can only be used in dry environments. The ambiHome switch-interface
offers eight inputs to detect changes from switches, doors and windows. Depending on the parametrization
the actuator can send signals on the KNX-bus. Every input can be parametrized
as an output to for example, user control LED’s.
An external temperature sensor can be included Since the actuator is very compact it can be installed behind the switch
in the port.

The ambiHome KNX-multisensor combines
temperature, movement, brightness and humidity in one device
for the individual room. It has an additional input
to include a smoke sensor with a potential free output.
If installed in a central position, the sensor detects the
information and provides these to the knx system.
The multisensor is supposed to be installed in port measuring
60 millimeters. The device is fixated with magnets
at the screws of the port and is thus easily installed. The ControlBox is the main component
of every ambiHome system and provides the visualization.
If an internet connection is present the visualization can be reached
over an encrypted VPN-connection from outside of the house. The visualization can be used
by providing the username and the password. With an internet connection
an alarming function can be provided. There can be for example an alarm
if a window was opened unexpectedly. For this, reed-contacts are necessary
at the desired windows. If the owners doesn't want it system to be reached from
the internet, they can turn off the VPN-connection
by pressing the VPN-button on the control box.

The system can than only
be reached over the internal network An internet connection also makes
remote maintenance and updates like changing the parametrization
of individual actuators. Further information can be found in our data sheets..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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