Apple’s iPhone 13 event in under 10 minutes

Apple's iPhone 13 event in under 10 minutes

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Understanding Windows Services in Windows 7

This article gives users a concise overview of Services, the built-in programs that run in the background of Windows. As a guide, it’s designed to help everyday PC operators understand the role that services play in a computer’s workings, including what they are, and how they’re organized. It also shows how one can manage services to optimize a PC’s settings and protect it from malware.

What to Expect in the New iPhone?

There are numerous speculations going around about the next iPhone or the so-called iPhone5 regarding the features it might be having. However, the official announcement about the name of the new Apple iPhone is yet to be made public and so are the technology specifications. But still this new phone has managed to acquire most of the media coverage and the interest of techno geeks world over.

What to Do If Your Computer Breaks Down

There is nothing quite as frustrating as having your computer break down for seemingly no reason. A lifetime’s worth of files and documents can be trapped in your computer with you having no way to access them. Instead of panicking, it is a good idea to stay calm and consider your options. Here are some things you should do if you find that your computer suddenly stops working.

Get IT Help From Other Companies

Companies working with large amounts of technology need personnel who can keep track of problems and know how to fix issues at a moments notice. IT does that very job and does it with expertise and precision.

The Things You Need To Know in Cleaning Your Smartphones

While making use of your Smartphone, do you have the habit of washing your hands first or at least wiping your hands with a cloth and a little amount of rubbing alcohol? I’m asking this because your hands may have been exposed to dust or some finger-food. If you don’t, then you must know what best cleaning products you must have ready in cleaning your Smartphones. Cleaning your Smartphone, seriously? Yes, that’s right. We all have to clean our phones.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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