Aus Alt wird App: Siedle HT 611 tauschen gegen Siedle IQ HTA

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Make door communication mobile with Siedle:
This is how quickly you swap the HT 611 in-house telephone for a new Siedle IQ HTA
and then start up the Siedle app. First switch off the power supply
before you pick up the receiver in the next step. Then loosen the retaining screw on the upper edge of the housing and remove
its upper part towards the front. For the later wiring of the new
IQ in-house telephone, document the assignment of the colored wires to the terminal designations.
Take notes or a photo on your phone.

You now open the connection terminals
and pull out the wires. To be able to remove the base plate,
loosen the four retaining screws. Before you start installing
the new Siedle IQ HTA, seal the existing
drill holes or cover them. You align the lower part
of the new Siedle IQ HTA in-house telephone at the installation
point and screw it tight. Now wire the connections
using the cell phone photo or the notes you made earlier. The terminal designations are
on the side of the terminal blocks.

Then connect the
required supply voltage. Stow the wires next to the jetty. You plug the upper part of the housing
of the new in-house telephone onto the lower part. You hang up the phone. Finally, switch the
power supply back on. The IQ in-house telephone will now start up automatically
. This takes about 30 seconds. The process is complete as soon as
the flashing buttons go out. Then start up the Siedle app.
You only need three things to start up the Siedle app: the name and password of the desired WLAN,
the smartphone of the future user with activated BlueTooth and
the Siedle app on this smartphone. You start the app and
click “Start setup”. Now scan the QR code under the receiver of the IQ in-house telephone and then hold down the
button with the light symbol for five seconds. The button with the key symbol
starts to flash. You confirm this in the Siedle app. The Bluetooth function is
now activated for one minute; the yellow button with the light symbol flashes.

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In the Siedle app menu,
click on "Establish connection". The smartphone is now
connected to the IQ in-house telephone for ten minutes via Bluetooth. The IQ in-house telephone will now search for
the available WLAN networks. These WLANs are displayed in the app.
You select the desired WLAN, enter the password and
confirm the coupling process. The light button stops flashing, the BlueTooth connection is canceled
and the Siedle app is ready for use. Finally, do a function test. The Siedle IQ is supplied with the user license
for four smartphones. As soon as the first smartphone is connected to
the IQ in-house telephone, you can add up to three more. In the “Mobile Devices” menu item on
the first smartphone, you create a QR code for the next smartphone. Install the Siedle
app on the other smartphone as well. There you start the setup
on the other smartphone and scan the QR code on the screen of the first. Complete
the setup on the first smartphone; the other smartphone is now connected to
the Siedle IQ in-house telephone.

Finally, carry out a function test. You can find more information on installing and wiring
older in-house telephones in the Siedle Service Manual 6 + n technology at

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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