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Hello and welcome to Tink,
my name is Kamal and today we're going to show you what Bosch
has to offer when it comes to safety. When you hear the name Bosch, you might first think of household appliances,
power tools and food processors. But of course Bosch has
so much more to offer. And so, of course, the topics of smart home and smart security have
long been part of the offer. We start with the Bosch Smart
Home starter set "Security". This includes Bosch Smart
Home motion detectors, the smoke detector with integrated alarm siren, two door and window contacts
and the Bosch Smart Home Controller. If you would also like to
keep a closer eye on your apartment or home, you should
take a look at the two cameras.

With the eyes camera you can of course
observe the outdoor area and the 360 ​​degree
indoor camera is for indoor use. Let's start with the most important device,
the Bosch Smart Home Controller. It is the brain of the entire system
and a prerequisite for integrating and controlling the other devices
. The controller is
connected to your router via LAN cable, which allows you to network all other Bosch Smart
Home devices with each other.

The controller is also the
interface to the Bosch Smart Home App. As the name suggests, the 360-degree indoor camera
with 1080p resolution enables a 360-degree all-round view within your own four walls. The movable camera head can be extended and retracted as desired and required
. One tap on the camera is enough and the privacy
mode is switched on or off. The camera becomes active both when there is movement
and when there is a loud noise. It then not only automatically records the registered movement,
but also follows it. Thanks to the integrated microphone
and loudspeaker, two-way communication is also possible. For example, you can use a smartphone to communicate directly with the person
in front of the camera. The Eyes outdoor camera has
an integrated outdoor light and captures all relevant movements
in a field of view of 120 degrees. Images are also
recorded here at 1080p.

Intelligent sensors in the camera can distinguish between people, objects and animals. However, recordings are only made for
really relevant events. In this way, error messages can be avoided, as well as the 360-degree indoor camera,
the Eyes outdoor camera enables two-way communication and can therefore also be used as an intercom. Let's get to Bosch
Smart Home smoke detectors. Its main function is,
of course, to warn against fire. In addition, it can also illuminate the escape route in the event
of heavy smoke formation thanks to the integrated emergency
light. In such a case, of course, a siren sounds,
which goes to work with 85 decibels. You will also receive a notification
on your smartphone. Thanks to the integration into the Bosch Smart
Home System, the door and window contacts that we are presenting can also be used.

Set the indoor camera and Bosch's motion detector as alarm transmitters. Speaking of motion detectors, this combines various sensors
and can thus distinguish between animals, people and reflections based on body size
and body heat. For example, thanks to the intelligent
small animal detection, your pet can continue to
move freely in the apartment without you constantly
receiving notifications or automations being triggered. As already briefly mentioned,
the motion detector can also be combined with the smoke detector
to trigger its siren. So if someone
comes into your apartment without being asked and the motion detector notices it, the alarm will be triggered
if you set it up that way. Of course you will also get a notification on your smartphone. The door and window contact
automatically detects open doors and windows. In the event of a burglary,
the smartphone system immediately alerted. You will also be notified here
and, if necessary, automations will also be triggered. For example, a siren sounds,
the light turns on automatically, and so on. In addition, the door and window contact is also very practical for making heating at home smart.

Because it also controls the smart radiator
thermostats from Bosch with its sensors. The heating is
then automatically switched off when the window is open. And is only switched on again
as soon as the window is closed. One of the great advantages of the Bosch Smart
Home world is the ability to store recorded data without incurring any follow-up costs. You can manage up to 200 video clips
that are in the cloud for up to 30 days . You also have the option of
saving 25 favorite clips that you
can access indefinitely. With many other manufacturers and brands, a paid additional
subscription must be taken out for such storage capacity. Data security is also important to Bosch, which is of course very important when it comes to smart homes. The communication
between the smart home controller and the smart home app is secured by the latest end-to-end encryption methods in accordance with European security
guidelines. By the way, no specialist is required for the installation of the devices
. You can easily install your smart home products
yourself. You will be supported by the app, which will guide you through the installation step by step.

In order to demonstrate the concentrated power of the smart
home world to you, let 's just
"break into" the Tink Studio. My cameraman Chris. He installed and set up the 360-degree indoor camera and the motion detector . I don't know where they are though. The door and window contact
and the smoke detector. We're going to leave that
out in the field trials.

We don't want to worry the neighbors
here. So let's take a look. The watchdog never strikes. Everything is great, just look at me. Okay crap, there's the camera and here's the
motion detector corner too, great. As you have seen in our small
field test, the Bosch Smart Home world works
exactly as it should. With the app, I can now take a closer look at all my burglary attempts and see how stupid I look. If you would like to keep an eye on your home at all times or
would like to make it a little safer in some other way, you will find all the products presented today
in the tink shop at To get news from the smart
home world. Just subscribe to our channel and check out our blog. That's it from us.

If you have any questions about the smart home system, write them to us in the comments below. We look forward to welcoming you here again next time . See you then and goodbye..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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