Best Smart Home Devices & Gadgets 2022 You Must Know

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alexa turn on robot foreign hey don't forget your lunch see you
tonight alexa lock the door don't forget grandpa's coming tonight oh hey siri is the door locked your front
door is locked with a cooling draw bluetooth speakers
wireless charging led lights a smart sleep app and so much
more the sobro side table is designed to help
you live better we started with a mid-century modern
silhouette and paired that with cutting-edge materials for durability
and performance we didn't just build a light into the sobro
we created a customizable lighting system that can create a cozy atmosphere
at night and can wake you up naturally with a
simulated sunrise it's so cool we spent a lot of time on the little
details like the motion activated light bulb that gently illuminates if you get
up in the middle of the night but we didn't just stop there
we also put in a white noise generator to help you sleep more soundly
and an intelligent alarm clock all controllable from the sobro app
we knew from the beginning that we wanted to put in a cooling drawer
that way you can grab a cool drink in the middle of the night or
entertain your friends without having to step away from the action our cooling
drawer is thermoelectric so it's whisper quiet
and uses way less power and the quiet cooling draw means crystal
clear audio from our built-in speakers the side table is designed for your
connected life so we added a wireless charging pad
it's as easy as setting down your phone on the back of the sobro you'll find
ports and outlets so you can connect any type of device
for easy charging we were truly humbled by the
overwhelming enthusiasm from our backers with well over 4 000 people
participating in our indiegogo campaign now that our initial orders have shipped
we are thrilled to be ramping our production so that we can bring the next
generation in smart furniture to the world so oh so you

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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