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– We spend a lot of time on this channel focusing on where to
start your smart home, but we rarely talk about
the finished product. Today, we're going to look at
how one smart home enthusiast has used the best smart home tech to create a remarkable experience. Stay tuned. (digital music) Hi again, John Stone,
the DIY Smart Home Guy. Over the past year, I've
been releasing DIY smart home how to videos and home automation reviews. If you're watching one of my
videos for the first time, I encourage you to also check out the rest of the channel videos, since this one is gonna be
focused on the end product. I get a lot of questions about
where to start a smart home. And oftentimes, the question
lurking behind it is, what all can I do? So today I reached out to
Jason Reuter and asked him if he would mind giving us
a tour of his smart home.

If you don't know Jason,
he's the moderator and chief of the Wink Hub group over on Google Plus. I left the Google Plus Wink
group in the description below. So just to get your primed
for what you're about to see, Jason will be walking you through a normal day with a smart home. You'll see how he's brought
together his Wink Hub 2, Google Home Assistant,
Philips Hue, Osram Lightify, Nest Cam and a whole host
of other smart home tech that's tied together with about 120 robots inside his Wink Hub. And other IOT cloud services
like Stringify and IFTTT. So without any further ado, here's Jason! – Good morning, my name's Jason and I'd like to show you my smart home. This is my dog Bella. My home is powered by a Wink Hub 2. I actually have it
plugged into a Wemo plug, that way I can remotely
reboot it if necessary. I have Show Home Plug providing the power to my theater seats. Each one's individual,
it's a great product. The colored lights you're
seeing are Phillips Hue.

I got the LEDs and the Blooms. The Blooms around the seating
are set up on Stringify to give me the high
temperature of the day. Where the LEDs give me
the low temperature. This only happens at 5 in the morning when I get up for work,
it's not an all day thing. Hey Google, set living
room lights to orange. – (Google) Okay, changing
five lights to orange. – Since I have Nest Cams,
which you're watching me on, I have to go with the AI thermostat and I've had the Chromecast for years. They all work flawlessly. Hey Google, what's the
temperature of the living room? – (Google) It's currently 73 degrees. – Nice and toasty, let's
go check out the kitchen. Come on, Bella! As soon as I step into the kitchen, my Osram LED lights under
the cabinet come on. The Quirky Outlink turns on an outlet back here with the light on it. It does say Ohio State, there ya go. There's very useful for crock pots and all kinds of other things.

The Lutron switch over here is powering the lights over the sink. I also have the GoControl
sensor, it's there in the corner. I also have it set up
here in the mud room. So, when you step into the
mud room, the lights come on. It's very nice, Yale Lock there. So, I have this Leviton switch here. I have two of 'em in my home, one in the garage and one here. They work well, they're very reliable. I just don't like 'em
compared to the Lutrons. Hey Google, unlock the door. – (Google) Okay, unlocking the doors at Jason's house of fun! – When the door unlocks, the Osram light here should
turn green, which it did. I have a Go Control tripper there. – (Robotic Voice) I have
unlocked the side door. – (Jason) The voice you just heard is being broadcast by Tasker. Hey Google, open the garage door. – (Google) Okay, I'm opening
your garage door for you now. – Well, it's been fun showing you around. I gotta go to work, I'll
see ya this afternoon. Hey, so I just got home from work.

Let me show you around a little bit upstairs in the daylight, let's
go see what it looks like. Upstairs bedrooms are
using Gen 2 Hue lightbulbs. Over here, to run the fireplace,
I have a quirky outlet. I also have a window air conditioner on the other wall that I use. I'm using this leakSMART
sensor sitting on top there to get my temperatures
to control the robots, so if it gets below X temperature
or above X temperature, it can control them by turning it on. So, over here, is the Pico Lutron remote. It's used in a three way
application, or whatever you want, but this is the top of the
stairs so that made sense. There's the Nest Protect. Let's go check out the basement.

There's a Go Control tripper on the door, that when you open it,
basement lights come on. And they go well with
the Cree 4Flow bulbs, which you probably can't
see very well, but. I have a GE Link bulb over here, really didn't have anywhere
left to put it in the house. I got my leakSMART sensor
down here by the sump pump. On the other side here, I installed the leakSMART shutoff valve. I put it in right in front
of the softener system. Alright so, let's head outside and I'll show the outside
lights and the garage. The two lights on the
front door are Osram. Color changeables. Ignore my daughter's cat, that thing'll probably follow
me all through this video. These are the Osram
Lightify Garden Strips. You remove the plastic stakes and I've screwed 'em on
the deck as lighting. They look really good at nighttime. I have the Nest Cam up
there in the top peak. Open garage door. That's Tasker, it is
performing all the commands by voice through Google.

Works really well. So in the garage, I have a Leviton switch. When the garage door opens, it will actually power
on the garage lights. The Coke Light is also powered on with the Leviton plugin module. There's the Leviton plug. There's the MyQ controller. There's the Leviton switch. It's just an on off, it's not a dimmable. That way it can handle
the load of the LED lights that I have up in here. Excuse the garage, it is
a mess, but it is a garage and that's what it's for. This will be the entryway
on the side of the garage. Here a little GoControl
sensor down there. Alright, I also have
this Quirky Outlink here. This particular one is set
up to run my air compressor. The convenience thing is here
when I open the garage door, if it's open longer than
five minutes, it turns it on.

So then my air compressor
actually kicks on. And when the garage door
closes, it turns it off, killing the power to the compressor so it's not running all the time. I'm standing in the bathroom, and I have the tripper on the door that, when it shuts the lights come on. The two button Lutron
switch there, I love it. It turns on the exhaust fan. And it also turns on a
GE light over the shower, providing a light. It's setup with robots
where if the bathroom lights are on longer than three
minutes, it comes on. And when they're off longer
than five minutes, it shuts off. Lemme go show ya a tripper on
one of my windows real quick, just to see how I mounted it.

As you can see here,
they're a real slim design. I have one mounted on the
glass and one on the frame. That way either window
that opens is triggered, whether it be the top or the bottom. And this here's the entryway. It should be the last room
in the tour of this house. I have a motion sensor
up here on the ceiling. When you walk in, the light comes on. The light is a GE link bulb. Nothing fancy. So this is the end of my
tour. I hope you enjoyed it. I thought I'd let you know
that I have 76 devices connected to the Hub 2, I
currently have 126 robots set up.

I know it's a lot, and
it can get overwhelming. But when it's all said and done, you never have to do a thing. Lights come on when you walk
in the rooms, they go off. It's all automatic. It's the way a true smart home should be. And of course you're got your voice AIs that you can always
speak to if you need to. Thanks for watching, and I
hope you enjoyed this video. Cheers! – Thanks Jason, your setup
is actually very impressive. I really like how you integrated
the Google Home Assistant with your smart TV and the home automation For the rest of you,
don't forget to check out the Wink and smart things and
other home automation groups over on Google Plus.

Thanks for watching,
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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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