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[Music] shower part of the müllers next door now also have voice assistants where does the poor come from i didn't understand that at the beginning it was super easy say what you want alexa book us a nice trip ok wack One of the language assistants immediately fulfilled the request so we had to amazon alexa also quickly apple's new ipad with siri on it hey siri favorite meal darling gets microsoft's portaner portaner air conditioning android google's new voice assistant google right now enjoy your meal and samsung great on the way we didn't have to worry about anything take care it was like being in seventh heaven be careful what you say yes again i have our daughter with the joint caught what are we doing now clearly the police are on their way what no no but then they were voice assistants kind of weird at extra we want for our wedding anniversary do something really nice what do you beat four while with a gold enlargement on google, peter always throws at women with extremely large wolf please perpetrator google has got it completely wrong no, I have that, no, but the stagnation again what you're falling into head is not out but your tendencies are perverse Bacon does not seem in that tone yes and then we have things on the trash brought they are networked with everything hello Saving now loses all of your money was on his flowers could be on parked in the bahamas brings us back to the apartment otherwise your money is gone but we have now come to terms with the situation We only talk when the power is off like now [Music] you whispered some of us again notice that will not I have now ordered batteries and a webcam i don't need a webcam i already use the landlady on tv and I am at the microwave I laugh myself limp I'm about to piss my pants

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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