Blaupunkt Q-Serie Smart Home Alarmanlage Einrichten (Q3000 / Q3100 / Q3200)

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hello and welcome to this video I show you how to do it set up and operate blaupunkt q3 1200 or kuh 3000 alarm system we also take a look at this online portal as well as the smartphone app get started in the scope of delivery of the scu 3200 day we first have the instructions followed by two stickers for burglar deterrent and a leaflet with information on first set up now it gets interesting because as next we have here the alarm center a small remote control including batteries and a door or window sensor included mounting material one level underneath there is also a camera motion detector a one meter long lan cable fastening material dowels and screws and last but not least, of course, a power supply for power supply of the alarm center which also the integrated battery date so that the system can be easily operated in the event of a power failure works before you start setting up yourself give thought to the location of the alarm center this should be covered as possible and within reach of the router or a LAN socket because for proper operation there is a permanent internet connection required now connect the ethernet cable the central and your router or the lahn box supply the system then with electricity and put the small switch to activate of the internal battery around the green led on the front starts to flash and the central beep twice now you can see the one that appears Go to the website to start the setup there probably don't have an account yet, click the button new user and enter their data there such as username e mail address password and so on and then you will be prompted for the enter the mac address of the alarm center you will find it on a sticker the q3 1200 alarm system is now directly on the control center with your account linked and you can log in with the access data you have chosen log in to the portal or the associated app at any time the app can be downloaded for free for android and ios go for it simply go to the respective app store on your smartphone and search for it secure for home the three led's at the top are from left to right mode status and network on the basis of these it can be recognized directly whether a There is a fault in the system, the system is sharply designed or not and much more the portal is simple and shows the three different modes of the alarm system as well as directly after log-in all taught-in sensors or remote controls are in the disarmed mode disables the entire function of the home alarm system setting options to arm only certain sensors so that you can secure partial areas but not every little thing even triggers the alarm so you could, for example, use the motion detector Deactivate or only focus sensors on the basement window and so on furthermore the mode armed is activated and leaves all taught-in sensors below see the status of the sensors, i.e.

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Whether a door is open or closed a sabotage contact is not properly seated, et cetera and, for example, the camera trigger if the sensors from the starter package are not sufficient more can be purchased and added to the alarm center, up to a total of 40 To do this, the red button on the back of the alarm center must be pressed until the done mode starts flashing green this is the learning mode now, new sensors can be added easily at the push of a button to be added to the space bar the central confirms this with a short sound when all sensors have been trained, the learning mode can be activated again by pressing the red button the menu item automation offers options for a smart home system integrating the sub-item is important here scenarios because this allows certain processes to be created for the standard sensors and cameras here we are now introducing a new scenario so that the pr camera shoots a photo immediately when it detects a movement we send a name to the headquarters for this purpose, one would be a symbol tick the desired camera and then set the condition in This case is about a triggered burglar alarm, we save the whole thing now and then this scenario works if the motion detector if it hits, not only is the alarm triggered, but also a photo directly shot and saved in the next menu item camera access to any connected ip cameras the pr camera does not appear here again on under events you will find all activities of the alarm system displayed each individual arming or disarming each triggering a sensor and also the recorded images of the pr camera are to be found here in the top bar you can quickly filter for certain events via the media, for example all of them so far recorded images or videos to the last menu item settings to call up you have to enter the master pin code the factory setting is four times the 1 then the device list opens, here you can share it with anyone Sensor give a zone number and a name and created it beforehand to arrange scenarios the sub-item alarm center provides access to all setting options for the alarm itself for the various modes the master pin code can be changed here and various users can be created the whole thing works so that a pin code is assigned to a name if you now use one of the pin codes to activate the system or disarming is indicated for the events which user This action has been carried out to create a user only needs a name and a four-digit code is stored in the line to be entered The last item in this submenu lets you do this using the send button customize the notifications you can choose between sms to one phone number which is chargeable, however, e mail and push notifications choose here there is also the possibility enter several phone numbers or e-mail addresses the smartphone app also offers a push service so that you will be informed immediately about certain events now the notice is fallen on the app a few times, so let's take a look at it once at this point using the ios version, you can basically use the app do everything and see what is important for the operation of the system only the settings of the alarm center cannot be changed here We can edit further in the menu item security switch back between the three modes and arm the alarm system and call up the list of the trained sensors automation and camera offer the identical options as shown in the web portal and the menu item event of course all activities of the system or sensors click on an event and you will receive more information displayed on the pr camera, for example, then also the Recordings you should have your cow 3200 alarm system Now successfully put into operation and adjust the settings to your needs can adapt blaupunkt will be happy to assist you with any further questions then I thank you very much for that watch and say goodbye at this point see you next time bye

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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