Bose Home Speaker 300 vs SONOS One: Battle Of The Small Smart Speakers

hi I'm Karl with apt and in this video we're gonna be taking a side by side look at the bose home speaker 300 and the Sonos 1 second generation these are both currently the most compact versions of smart speakers from each brand and they have a lot in common but there's also some differences that will address to hopefully help you choose which one fits your needs better we'll start off with the design the Sonos is six point three six inches high four point six nine inches wide and four point six nine inches deep the bose is six point three inches high five point six inches wide and four inches deep which makes it more of an oval shape than the Sonos is almost circular shape when you're looking down at each from the top they're each available in a black finish as you can see here but the other colors are a little different bose makes one that's silver and white and the Sonos one is all-white both have touch controls on the top to the Sonos is going to have buttons for playing pause volume control and one for turning the built-in microphones on and off the bose has all of that plus buttons for bluetooth pairing switch into an auxilary input and six preset buttons for shortcuts to streaming services now you may have noticed I mentioned an auxiliary input and bluetooth for the bose and those are two features the Sonos doesn't have bose gives you a three-and-a-half millimeter jack on the back for an analog connection and bluetooth which allows you to stream music from a phone even if your Wi-Fi isn't working or even more importantly listening to a youtube video however there's no hard wired Ethernet connection on the Bose where there is one on the Sonos which can come in handy if the Wi-Fi isn't super strong throughout your home another benefit the Sonos offers is that it's humidity resistant now that doesn't mean it's waterproof so you don't really want to put this in an area where it might get water splashed on it but you can keep it in a three seasons type of room or even in a bathroom with a shower and you don't have to worry about how the humidity affects it as far as sound is concerned here's a clip from peach for you to hear [Music] both offer bigger sound than their size would indicate but honestly I'd really leave it up to the listener to choose which one is better sounding it's a very subjective thing and I don't think you'd be disappointed honestly either way you went between these two assuming you understand what you're getting in a smaller sized speaker highs and mids are really nice on both but bass isn't quite as strong but here's a bigger difference to note you can actually set up to the Sonos one speakers as a stereo pair but you can't currently do that with the Bose this is gonna allow for better separation and an overall better experience of course that part only matters if you're in the market to purchase two of either of these speakers and that also factors into the next difference which is the cost the Bose is generally going to be anywhere from fifty to sixty dollars more than the Sonos per speaker so if you're getting two or more that can add up pretty quickly now the last big difference between these is their apps so nose has been working at theirs for longer than Bose and I think it shows when you use it to me it just seems a little more intuitive I find it easier to set up groups of speakers and search for songs on it but that's not to say that the Bose music app is bad by any means it works really well for all the features the home speaker 300 offers I just don't prefer it to layout as much as the Sonos and again just like the sound it's gonna be a personal preference if you're actually in the Chicagoland area we have both systems on display so you can stop by our store and check them both out so Sonos gives you the option of creating a stereo pair has a slightly smaller footprint and cost less but the Bose has an auxiliary input Bluetooth and preset buttons right on the speaker so any of those differences make one more appealing than the other make sure you let us know in the comments if you have any questions on either one – you can always call email or chat with one of our experts online as always we appreciate you checking out our video don't forget to subscribe if you're not already and we'll see you in the next one

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