Bramka Silvercrest Tuya – jak skonfigurować + recenzja SilverCrest Smart Home SGWZ 1 A1 [Smart Life]

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The SmartHome Silvercrest SGWZ1A1 gateway
is available in the Lidl online store and sometimes also in the
stores of this German network. I'm Greek Welcome
to the channel. You wondered if silvercrest
works with other tuya products. The answer is yes. Silvercrest Zigbee 3.0 ethernet gateway is a device, as the name
suggests, that allows products to communicate with Tuya servers via the
local network and then via the Internet. The gate is available for PLN 119. You can find a link to the Lidl store in the description. The product is necessary or other devices of this type to be able to enjoy the full
functionality of Tuya Zigbee devices. The box includes a gate and a
power supply necessary for operation. An Ethernet cable is also included
, the Silvercrest gate stands out from other similar products thanks to the possibility of
mounting it on the wall. The housing has two handles and a template for drilling holes
in the form of a sticker.

Remember that products, especially
from Lidl, are not always complete. I mean fourth place on the network itself and
customers who search the boxes. I have the impression that they
are looking for some
madness. Other stores,
in my opinion, this problem also applies to my product was complete despite the fact
that the packaging was open. However, the gateway is
installed by connecting it to the LAN network using an
Ethernet cable with an RJ 45 connector. The dimensions of the device are 8.9 by 8.9
centimeters and 2.35 centimeters thick. The whole thing is in a
housing with a total weight of nearly 80 grams. The signed one used the Alice Silver
Bam power cable from the previous movie for this. After more than five gates with an Ethernet cable
and powering it via micro USB, we run the Tuya application. The application
running, add the gateway device. I confirm that the green light is on, the start
should be visible in a moment, we add it
now, the configuration is in progress, the gate will be available and
usable in a moment. You will be able to perform analogous movements presented on the screen
in the Smart Live application.

With this gate, I will also add the SilverCrest rail that you could see in the previous video
to check if everything is OK. Thanks for today and see you
in the next material. See you, bye..

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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