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GAH! Shouldn’t there be a brick there? Good thing I never leave home without my tools! Not sure this is the best choice. There it is! My 3D pen always comes in handy. Nobody else should have to trip on this thing. Just a few more lines here… And it’s time to fill ‘em all in! No brick? No problem!! Almost… Ta-da!! Phew! Brilliant.

C’mon… Aw, yeah!! Woah. I’m getting pretty good at this! I’m like a heart genius! C’mon, stay in your lane! What? Stupid slow car!! Go! Go! Go! Ugh, do you mind, Betty?! You don’t understand! Ooh… HEY! Your key! How hard were you hitting that thing?! Ooh! How am I supposed to play now?! This is bad! Hand it over!! It’s mine now! Ugh. Ridiculous! She left her pen! Two can play this game. If you lose a computer keyboard key, Use a 3D pen and make one yourself! Just make it tall enough to match your other keys. Now for the moment of truth… Yes! The game stops for no one!! WOAH!! Betty? You’re back!! Where was I… Betty!! You took my pen without asking! Why are sisters so annoying? At least I think fast! Whatever. Ahhh. Ooh! Looks like my tooth finally came out! Come and get it, Tooth fairy! I can’t wait ’til the morning! Mmm. Gahh!! I’ll never get used to that! Gross.

Get off of me! AHH! Huh? Geesh!! Ahh. Oh no! I’d better do some damage control. This wand’s seen better days. That’s for sure. She’s waking up! Break your favorite dish? Use a 3D pen to fix it right up! This part takes a while, but it’ll be worth it! Border’s done! Now make lines across it, just like this. We’re nearly halfway there, people! Now do the same in the opposite direction. It should look like this! Nice, huh? She won’t even miss the old dish. There ya go. I almost forgot! That’s why I’m here in the first place! I smell a tooth under there… Bingo! Worth a pretty penny, I’d say! Pleasure doing business with you! Aw, seriously?! This is the slowest day ever.

They have ice cream here? My mouth’s watering already… Please say I have cash! I said cash, not trash. What about this thing? I can work with that… Ooh! A customer!! Hehe! Hi there. Hello. Like what you see, huh? Only if you’ve got green. Nothing! No? Then I can’t help you. Ugh, fine. Be right back… Okay. I can make my own form of currency. As long as I have my handy 3D pen, that is.

Perfect! Now for a couple more steps. Looks like an ice cream cone, right? And what goes better with that than ice cream? Can’t forget the strawberry sauce! This thing is making me hungry! Looks awesome, doesn’t it? And this part holds a chain! This is cute!! Good things I made earrings to match!! I’m really feeling confident now! Time to class up my look! Almost got it… You’re back!! Yeah, I’m back all right… That necklace is divine! It’ll match your ice cream, right? Yeah! Just a small one please… Ick, I didn’t say anything about that. Every time… Ahhh. Nighty-night! Can’t sleep with this thing on. Whoops! I’m such a klutz. I wonder what else is down there. Ooh, check that out! If forgot about all this stuff! What’s this? Barbie?! I haven’t seen you in years! Don’t worry, I’m back for cuddles. This is nice… Mmm… Barbie? AHH!! I feel so ugly! I must be dreaming.

I hope so!! Huh?! That felt so real! But creepy Barbie did have a point. I’ll fix you up, don’t worry. Makeover time!! You could use a little work. Starting with your outfit. You like red, don’t you? Just move the pen back and forth. That’s a good length, I think! Super cute! Don’t you feel better already? And you didn’t even have to go shopping! Sweet dreams await! Ahh, that’s good… Sleep well, friend! A new dress? Thank you!! Not pretty enough. Go! I feel so ugly!! Did she have to be so cruel? GO!! That doesn’t look good… Ugh.

Hi there! Huh? Leave? I’m not sure I understand… Oh, didn’t see you there. Come. Okay!! My portfolio. Here ya go. Very interesting. Pretty eyes… Not half bad. Especially for this awkward angle. But boring overall. Nope. Okay… Go! Aw, man. Look at all those fabric patterns! So that’s what she likes, huh? I can make things interesting then!! Start with a line pattern like this. Stop! Now make a new design with a contrasting color. Looks interesting, doesn’t it? But we’re not done yet!! These colors really go well together. And we’re done! Almost… Oh, miss? I’ve come back with new pictures. You again?! Trust me, you’ll like these pics. Oooh. I’ll call you back. Now this is really different! Exactly what this agency’s looking for! Welcome!! Very nice. I can’t believe it! I’m a model!! Wish you had a 3D pen to get you out of a jam? Share this  video with your friends to give them fun tips!! Watch these yet? Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss out on the fun!

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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