Dell XPS 15 OLED review: Close to perfect

Dell XPS 15 OLED review: Close to perfect

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How to Password Protect Folders? – Best Way to Protect Sensitive Files and Folders

Keeping sensitive files and folders safe is a serious problem for many people. Many people think that using the Windows account password will keep others from logging into the computer. Therefore the files and folders will be safe. But what if someone hacks into your system or your laptop just gets lost?

How to Customize Your Browsing Experience With Google Chrome Themes and Extensions?

Being the one of the world’s fastest browser there is no doubt about the popularity and efficiency of Google Chrome. But there are many other cool and awesome things you can do to manage your browser more efficiently and have a lovely customized browsing experience.

Excel Password Protection – How to Password Protect a 2007/2010 Excel File?

Microsoft Office documents allow users to set passwords so as to prevent other people from opening the protected Excel files. Now I will show you how to set passwords to your Excel documents.

Nokia 808 PureView With 41mp Camera and Much More

The latest buzz doing rounds in the technology market is about Nokia 808 PureView. Even though this product has a Symbian based platform but it does offer the user with good camera quality, sound and amazing battery life. However, these are not the only reasons to purchase this product there is much more. Let us find out what is it about Nokia 808 PureView that will attract the user to purchase this mobile.

Choosing The “Perfect!” TV

Is bigger really better? Does size really matter? Should I always go as big as I can afford?

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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