Diving into Samsung’s foldables and wearables with Mr. Mobile | Engadget Podcast Live

Diving into Samsung's foldables and wearables with Mr. Mobile | Engadget Podcast Live

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Secrets To Saving Your Online Reputation

Anybody can say negative things about you on the web, but what can you do to fight back? Through data mining Google and other search engines collect millions of facts. Some of this data is history that your future descendants can access to find out more about you eons after you’re gone. Unfortunately, privacy and anonymity are now considered old fashion. When, you don’t like what the world is saying about you the only thing you can do is change your name, says CEO Eric Schmidt of Google. While most of us do not want to go to this extreme to find peace of mind, Google’s real-time search engine and sites like Facebook and Twitter continue to expand and it has become necessary to monitor your online reputation…

Understanding Laser Pointer Differences Before You Buy

Looking to buy a laser pointer online for yourself or as a gift for someone else, but having trouble understanding all the technical jargon and vastly different models? Here we look at the main factors when finding a laser, no matter the application it will be used for, so you can make the right choice and find the best laser pointers for sale.

All About Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

For those who love reading they are always keen on grabbing the best deal available when it comes to e-readers. Recently Amazon has come out with the latest e-book reader, Kindle Paperwhite. This new e-book reader seems ideal in some aspects like the ecosystem provided by Amazon and the E-Ink that makes reading more enjoyable. You also get the fully lit front display for making it easier to read in dim light conditions.

Should You Purchase an Android Tablet or Wait for iPad Mini Instead?

Most of the people are keen on buying the iPad. Some are waiting for the launch of the iPad mini. Everyone seems fascinated by the way iPad looks, the display, the features and the technology. nevertheless, fact of the matter is that often the tablets launched by Apple are excessively expensive as compared to Android tablets. So, will it be sensible to invest your hard earned money to Apple tablets while there are tablets by Android that are pocket friendly? Let us find out more about how Android tablets are better buy option than Apple tablets.

UK To Have Fastest Internet In Europe – Cloud Opportunities Ahead

According to Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt, by 2015, 90% of UK Internet users will have broadband access boasting a bandwidth higher than 24 Megabits per second. This would thereby make the UK the best-served in terms of Internet connection in the European region. If you’ve read the news, you’ll know that there is some skepticism (or even a slight opposition) towards this vision but certainly, from my point of view, no matter what the direction will be, it is more than likely that efforts will be deployed so as to increase the bandwidth speed available to the users in the UK – and that means a lot of opportunities.

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