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Hey guys! We're Evan and Katelyn and today, we're turning these into a side table We did this as part of the Modern Maker two 2×4 challenge and it was… a challenge *hahaha* For materials, we need two 2x4s Glue Shellac and some wax For tools, you need… an entire arsenal of stuff We have links to everything we used below We got the straightest 2x4s we could find, and squared their edges with a planer and a table saw Confession: We bought a 3rd 2×4, just in case we needed it We cut the boards for the top, shelf, and legs of our table So all mine are splintering a little bit We added a backer board to our miter saw, to prevent tear-out, and that helped Aww-yeah! So nice! It's perfect We were so excited that these boards no longer looked like 2x4s that… we forgot to cut enough wood for the legs Cause there's four pieces, four panels Top, shelf, leg, leg… We forgot a whole… Leg So we… uh, reworked the design and kept going We glued up two panels – one for the tabletop, and one for the shelf We ran our panels through the planer, but got some snipe on the ends So we ran them again with boards in front and behind them and it only took about a hundred passes to even it out So.

Many. So many! Next, we mitered the top panel at 10 degrees cause… we're fancy?! We mitered the legs at 10 degrees too, so they'd go out at an angle Next, we cut 10 degree angled dados on the underside of our tabletop We were a bit nervous, so we took it really slow A little bit… A little bit more… TOO MUCH!!! NOOOOO!!! I'm so sad So we were even more careful with our next dado, and we got one more 2×4 to make legs for the first dado Thankfully, the new legs fit, and you can't really tell a visual difference between the two We continued our dado party by cutting some on the inside of the legs for the shelf to sit in Then we cut the shelf to length with 10 degree miter cuts and cleaned up our dados with a router and a chisel Then…

We realized the shelf had warped The good news is we managed to force it into place But the bad news is it took us 15 minutes to do, and our slowest drying glue sets in 10 minutes, so we literally had to race the clock The next day, we unclamped it and gave the whole thing a good sanding *singing*
Sand in the the place where you live *echo*
Sand in the place where you live! To finish the side table, we went with shellac and wax We brushed on the shellac, and did a light pass of 600 grit sandpaper between coats We did this step inside, since it was too humid outside Then we applied a light coat of wax, and buffed it out with a microfiber cloth All the work, and time we put into this little sidetable made this guy so precious to us We, like aren't going to let anyone touch it now No one gets to use the sidetable Hahaha 2x4s may not have been the most practical material for this project But, because their so cheap, it allowed us to experiment, and we learned a lot If you want to see more videos and support our channel, please Like Subscribe and share this video Thank you guys so much! Bye! Haha.

Wait, I need to see through the lens of the camera *inhales deeply* *hahaha* Joobie iIt's not for you! Hahaha! That was awesome!.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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